Skin Laboratory manufactures a line of aggressive, results oriented products with specific protocols that target all skin types and improve a variety of skin conditions. Savvy consumers, who are no longer willing to age gracefully, are demanding solutions to maintaining a youthful looking appearance and many of these consumers are finding solutions with Skin Laboratory products.

Professional Skin Care Products

As we get older, cell turn over slows down, causing the accumulation of dead skin cells and debris around the pores making the skin look dull with fine lines or promoting bacteria growth exacerbating acne conditions and rosacea. Further, free radical damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution, sun exposure and poor diet deteriorate collagen production. Wrinkles and a tired appearance of the skin are a result of a breakdown of collagen’s protein network that provides the structure of the skin.

So what is the best approach to take and what is the difference between drug store and cosmeceutical products and are there any benefits to professional treatments, such as lunch time peels; glycolic, salicylic and lactic peels? Even though a department store product can factually declare that it has AHA, BHA or other active ingredients, their effectiveness has to do with the pH of the product, the delivery system, whether the product is buffered and the allowable volume of these active ingredients. There are definite limitations to over the counter products, whereas with many professionally supervised products, ingredients and procedures are more aggressive and therefore results more visible and measurable.

The upside of many department store products is that they do in fact, cleanse, tone and moisturize and may be more luxurious to the touch, smell and look more exciting, creating a consumer experience that has, in and of itself, good value for normal skin with few problems. However, when faced with skin conditions such as rosacea, aging skin and fine lines, acne and hyperpigmentation, the consumer would be wise to choose products with active ingredients that actually can make a difference.

Here’s where fancy packaging, pretty fragrances and frothy creams may fall short. Once the consumer understands the difference between professional grade and cosmetic skin care they can decide for themselves so they can choose products based on their needs, skin conditions and desired results.

SKIN LABORATORY – Scientific Skincare maintains that active ingredients in their skin care products and peel treatments help to jumpstart collagen production, reduce free radical damage and exfoliate dead skin cells clearing the pores and stimulating cell turn-over producing a younger looking, healthier and more vibrant layer of skin. Once these procedures balance the skin, the need for heavy moisturizers for example, which often can’t penetrate topical dead skin cells is minimized and the texture and tone of the skin is greatly improved. Many acne conditions clear with continued use. For more information go to


Founder, The Skin Laboratory