Changes to Make Before a Chemical Peel

Before a peel you will want to make sure it will be safe and effective.  Here is a list of what changes may be necessary before you have a peel.

  • Medications
    • Accutane:  You must stop using Accutane for 6 months prior to using a chemical peel.
    • Retin-A:  You must stop using Retin-A 2 days prior, and 2 days following a chemical peel.
  • Sun-Exposure
    • Sunburn:  Never apply a chemical peel to skin that is sunburned.
    • Sunscreen:  Make excellent use of sunscreen while using chemical peels.
      • Sun Avoidance:  Alternatively, you can simply avoid the sun altogether.
  • Skin Cancer
    • Chemical peels can interfere with skin cancer screening.  Do not use a chemical peel if you have any signs of skin cancer without consulting your physician.
    • Regardless, you must contact a dermatologist if you think you may have skin cancer.

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