Getting Started

When can I expect results?
Are the results permanent?
Can I use a peel while I'm pregnant?

Application and Usage

Do I need to use a neutralizer with your peels?
Will your peels irritate my skin?
Can I do a peel on other areas of my body besides my face?

Skin Care Routines

Is there any downtime required after doing one of your peels?
Do I shave before or after the peel?
Is there a routine I need to follow so that I don't damage my skin?

Expert Tips

What is the difference between a buffered and unbuffered peel?
Can I use peels along with microdermabrasion?
I have a spot that has turned dark (or white) after I used the peel, what do I do?

Product Questions

What are the pH levels of your products?
Are your peels manufactured in the United States?
Do you test on animals?

Shipping & Customer Service

What shipping options are available?
Do you ship internationally?
How soon is my order sent out after I place it?