Top Customer Questions

Getting Started

[toggle title_closed=”When can I expect results?” title_open=”When can I expect results?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] As you start to perform regular facial peels, it is likely that you will experience breakouts. While this can be frustrating, it is not necessarily a bad sign, and when first starting the regimen this is quite common. The cleansing process scrubs your clogged pores that are embedded with dirt and dead skin cells. As the top layers are removed, this congestion inside the skin may emerge in the form of blemishes. The entire process takes several weeks to purge the skin, but afterwards skin should be noticeably smoother and cleaner. Make sure and avoid irritating the skin, if you notice some redness or irritation, just wait a little longer between applications, or shorten the duration. Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts. Please try to be patient during this time. Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a “process” which takes some time to work. Keep the skin moisturized and protect the skin with sunscreen.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Are the results permanent?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] The results are real. Subjects had an average thickening of collagen of 20% after a period of 6 treatments performed weekly. If you completely stop, the collagen will slowly return to normal, so maintenance procedures are necessary to maintain the best results.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Can I use a peel while I’m pregnant?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] There is little, if any at all that is absorbed through the skin, which would cause it to enter into the bloodstream. However, our product has not been tested specifically on pregnant women. Like all products, if you have any questions about its use during pregnancy, please consult your physician prior to use.[/toggle]

Application and Usage

[toggle title_closed=”Do I need to use a neutralizer with your peels?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Many companies sell neutralizers with their peels, are often somewhat irritating to the skin. Our peels are designed in a way that neutralizers are not necessary. Washing the face completely with water is sufficient to neutralize the peel. If you would like that added assurance, you can make an easy neutralizer at home. Mix 1 Cup of Water and 1 tablespoon of Baking Soda. This can either be mixed in a bowl and applied to the face, or some customers have said that they’ve put the mixture in a small spray bottle and then used it to mist the skin. After the peel, you will need to apply a lotion that is light…not really heavy or greasy. And use a sunscreen to protect the newly revealed skin.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Will your peels irritate my skin?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] When used as directed you should experience little or no redness, however if you leave it on too long, it is possible to cause excessive irritation. This can be avoided by doing a test application on the forearm, leaving the product on for no more than 30 seconds to 1 min the first time. Everyone’s skin is a little different, but generally it is very well tolerated with no downtime. If excessive irritation occurs, flush with water. Wait 10 to 14 days before doing another treatment and reduce the application time.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Can I do a peel on other areas of my body besides my face?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] If you want to cover larger areas of the body, you should treat different areas on successive days, rotating sites to cover the entire body. Our Salicylic acid product contains a similar active ingredient as that found in aspirin. If you are allergic to aspirin you should not use our Salicylic peel. Although very little is absorbed through the skin, you should not apply to more than 18 square inches of the body a day. It is safe to use our products on most areas of the body, including the neck, chest, arms, legs, back, and stomach. We do not recommend using on more sensitive skin, such as the under arm, breast, scalp, under eye, and lips. The Glycolic and Lactic peels can be applied to the entire body without fear of toxic results. However, due to the inconsistency in the thickness of the body’s skin, it is difficult to apply the product all over the body and achieve consistent results. For this reason we recommend using the method of alternating treatment sites on successive days with all our peels.[/toggle]

Skin Care Routines

[toggle title_closed=”Is there any downtime required after doing one of your peels?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] All of our peels are superficial peels and require no downtime. That being said, we wouldn’t recommend doing a peel right before a big event or vacation. Because most vacations involve some level of sun exposure, we recommend doing the peel after you get back.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Do I shave before or after the peel?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] It is up to you whether you shave before or after a peel, but we recommend only doing one within a 24 hour period. So basically, if you did one Monday, wait until Tuesday to do the other.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Is there a routine I need to follow so that I don’t damage my skin?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] The application process is simple. You would apply once a week for a 6 week period. Unless you are using the HQ or BHA, because those peels are to be applied once every 10-14 days until you have completed 6 treatments. This generally takes 2.5 months to complete the 6 treatments. At the end of the 6 treatments, you want to stop use for 1 month. This month break is important, as it allows the skin the time it needs to regenerate. You don’t want to remove the layers quicker than what can generate. After the month break, you can begin another series of 6 treatments.[/toggle]

Expert Tips

[toggle title_closed=”What is the difference between a buffered and unbuffered peel?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Some products which contain Hydroxy acids are neutralized by adding salts to the solution. This decreases the free acid available in solution and increases the pH. Unbuffered means that the acid has not been neutralized and is available to do work. An unbuffered peel is much more effective than a comparable buffered peel, but also can potentially cause skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin an unbuffered peel is not recommended.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Can I use peels along with microdermabrasion?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] The general rule of thumb for using a chemical peel and microdermabrasion is physical before chemical. Microdermabrasion before using the chemical peel. You want to allow a day or two between, so you don’t over irritate the skin. Too much exfoliation in a short period will do more harm than good to your skin.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”I have a spot that has turned dark (or white) after I used the peel, what do I do?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Discoloration of the skin is usually a sign of irritation. If you notice it during a peel, immediately remove the peel and apply 2% hydrocortisone within 24 hours. This will speed the healing process. Also use moisturizer and sunscreen. [/toggle]

Product Questions

[toggle title_closed=”What are the pH levels of your products?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Level 1 Salicylic/20 has a pH value of 2.35. Glycolic/35 has a pH value of 1.7. Lactic/35 has a pH value of 1.9 Level 2 Glycolac/60 has a pH value of 1.8. Lactic/50 has a pH value of 1.6. Level 3 Glycolic/50 has a pH value of 1.5. Lactic/70 has a pH value of 1.4. Level 4 HQ/BHA has a pH value of 1.3.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Are your peels manufactured in the United States?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Yes, we proudly manufacture all of our peels in the United States and purchase all ingredients from US distributors.[/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Do you test on animals?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Skin Laboratory does not test on animals nor do we advocate it. We believe an effective, safe product can be formed without having to test the effects on animals. [/toggle]

Shipping & Customer Service

[toggle title_closed=”What shipping options are available?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Priority shipping within the US is $4.95, with a delivery time of 3-5 days. Express shipping within the US is $18.95 with a delivery time of 1-2 days. Express shipping also provides a tracking number. [/toggle][toggle title_closed=”Do you ship internationally?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Yes we do! International Priority Shipping is $18.95, with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Tracking is not provided with this shipping method. International Express Shipping is $34.95, with a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. Tracking is provided with this shipping method. We recommend using this form of shipment for International delivery. [/toggle][toggle title_closed=”[toggle title_closed=”How soon is my order sent out after I place it?” border=”no” style=”white” hide=”yes”] Shipments are made Monday – Friday. Orders that are placed before 2:00pm CST are processed and shipped the same day. Any order placed after 2:00pm CST will process and ship the following day. Any order placed after 2:00pm CST on Friday will be processed and shipped the following Monday. This includes items that are shipped using the Express method.[/toggle]