Most people worldwide suffer acne, with symptoms ranging from very mild facial acne to very severe body acne. Doctors are asked the question “how do you get acne?” every day. With too few solutions and expensive medications being offered as an alternative, people often turn to home remedies in the hopes that something will get rid of acne. Unfortunately, not all remedies work as everyone has different skin.

An apple cider vinegar acne treatment, applied for a number of days, can provide much needed relief to many. Be patient when using natural remedies, such as vinegar or oils. It takes a bit more time for natural remedies to work; however, the end results are better and longer lasting. When you use organic remedies, you boost your immune system to fight future breakouts. Your skin appears healthier and more radiant after using all natural ingredients versus processed chemicals.

When trying to understand your affliction, first and foremost, remember that the condition of acne may be caused by genetics. There is only so much control you can have over that issue. With that being stated, there are certain lifestyle and hygiene changes that you can make in terms of diet, exercise, rest, and personal care that can make a significant difference in the severity of your acne symptoms. Understand that you can exercise immense control over your acne, but this will only come with dedication and consistency.

To stay acne free, make sure to drink eight cups of water a day as water hydrates the body, sheds dead cells from the body, and prevents pores from collecting dirt as easily. Monitor how your diet affects your condition and then try to avoid foods that trigger outbreaks. There is evidence that a diet high in sugar or dairy can increase acne flare ups. There is also a connection between consuming milk and the severity of acne problems. Fried food sources can also increase acne in most people.

Always take extreme caution when using prescription medication for acne. Some medicines have negative side effects, so you will want to weigh the risks with your physician. Sometimes acne is better off being treated naturally, rather than dealing with the harmful side effects of the prescriptions.

If you are an otherwise healthy woman with serious acne issues, consider asking your doctor if birth control pills could facilitate the problem. Birth control pills help regulate your hormone levels and most breakouts are related to hormone fluctuations. The regulation of these hormones through birth control pills can potentially reduce the number of breakouts you suffer.

Going organic is on the tip of everyone’s tongues nowadays. You may find that apple cider vinegar acne treatments will make you say “where did my acne go?”, rather than “how do you get acne?”, and you may finally break free from the pharmaceutical cycle for good.