Glycolac 60% Peel


4.48 out of 5

Combination of Glycolic (25%) and Lactic (35%) acid for the benefits of both in a single peel to target stubborn skin conditions, such as acne and sun damage.

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With a combination of Glycolic (25%) with Lactic (35%), Glycolac provides hydration and tone improvements of the Lactic, with the increased collagen stimulation of the Glycolic. It is generally well tolerated because the Lactic and Glycolic work on different levels or the skin.

How Does the Glycolac Acid Combination Peel Work?

The Lactic Part…

Lactic acid occurs naturally in human skin as a part of normal metabolic processes. In normal skin, it helps to maintain the acid mantle of the skin at a pH of 5.5 to 6.0. Also, Lactic acid has a natural moisturizing effect on the skin; it draws water molecules already present in the skin towards the surface, and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, improving and modulating the functional barrier. Lactic acid also works to increase the thickness of both the epidermis and the dermis by stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, leaving the surface of the skin looking younger and smoother.


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The Glycolic Part…

Glycolic acid is a powerful exfoliant that works primarily underneath the skin. Glycolic acid speeds up the body’s exfoliation process by “loosening” the cellular bonds between dead skin cells, thus breaking them apart and causing them to “disappear”. The small glycolic molecule is also able to penetrate beneath the outer layers of skin and stimulate collagen growth underneath, thus eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Just Some of the Benefits:

  • maximizes functional acid levels and solution pH within FDA guidelines for non-physician administered peels
  • provides superior exfoliation due to glycolic acid
  • improves hydration due to lactic acid stimulating glycosaminoglycans production in epidermal and dermal levels
  • less irritating than a pure glycolic peel
  • improves collagen synthesis and remodels existing collagen
  • improves elastin fibers in dermis
  • encourages cell renewal
  • improves the appearance of skin discolorations by dispersing melanin granules more evenly in epidermis
  • increases ceramide levels in stratum corneum

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 240 reviews
by Faradeh on Blank Product Name
Works good- be carful

I've always wanted to try a peel but not salon prices. If you follow the instructions.. I noticed a slight difference . I would recommend using this during the winter months. During the summer, you need to be diligent about using sunscreen ... Also don't leave it on longer than recommended.. You can burn your skin .

by bliss1121 on Blank Product Name
Glycolic 35% is better

I used the Glycolic 35%, I love this product, the results were amazing. When I finished the bottle of Glycolic 35%, I wanted to go up a level, I ordered the Glyco-lac/60. I found the Glycolic 35% to have much better results. I am now going to try a higher Glycolic only peel. If I don't like the results, I will stick with the 35%

by Virginia on Blank Product Name
Good. Good!

The most important thing is to be aware of the management of acid in the face. Having all the elements needed together on the table. When you feel the burning sensation should remove it even if you feel you can hold your skin shows signs of redness. Immediately remove with cotton and neutralizer. Having a close watch to see the time and to vent some element in the process. All skins are different. At the end lit but notice the more sensitive skin is normal, best done at night. This peel is not particularly strong tolerated. Use lightweight sunscreen to prevent skin staining. That is my experience. If you use salicylic acid acne better. If more acne appears is not the fault of acid is the acne that was under the skin layers by removing these. Was already there waiting to get out. Wait a week at least to repeat.

by nrmclaren on Blank Product Name
A bit strong for my skin

I really want to like this - I think it does a good job exfoliating. However, it is a bit too strong, I think, because I tend to get excema after I use it. I have to be very careful with what i use, and this was just not good judgement on my part.

Awesome Product! Get's The Job Done!

This is a awesome amd effective product. The peel is great for beginners not too harsh or aggressive. However proceed with caution and allow your skin to become accustom to the acid... Also make sure you rinse well with tepid water and follow up with neutralizer. I prefer to use my own moisturizer blend afterwards.

Love this peel and love the free gift and lovely note

I was so pleased to receive a mini size peel to try. I used them both and they made my skin look outrageously clear, even, glowing and not irritated. I am sorry but I think its too much time to leave separate reviews, esp if you are a big shopper like we are. It was very kind to add a free gift with purchase, it makes for return business and the thank you note is so appreciated. KIndness gets you everywhere with me. I just think we should be able to write one review to save time after all we buy and aren't obligated to review so when a seller gives great product, packaging and a gift with purchase plus a kind thank you, why not let me say so in one recommendation? 🙂

by brooklt on Blank Product Name
It works

I was worried about buying a combo peel but I love this one! It works, no downtime and it leaves my skin feeling smooth, visibly more vibrant, more evened tone and with less fine lines. I'm a 31 year old Caucasian female with no prior skin problems, just looking to combat the aging process and with this peel I am winning! woo hoo!

by mimi dygert on Blank Product Name
good product

you must be consistent. Use this only after using a 10 % , then a 30 % . Good product.

by Claudia on Blank Product Name
Glyco/Lactic Acid

This product is GREAT! I highly recommend it. I will continue to purchase from this company. The acid is potent enough to go deep into the skin and it does not burn you. It does sting, but it does not burn.

Lasts forever.

I recently returned from Ireland, where my skin broke out like crazy! A series of peels and the Exposed system have gotten my skin back to normal. I follow the directions, and perform six peels in 4 weeks twice a year. This bottle will last me 18 months. I started with the gentler, Glycolic Acid 35, but switched after I finished the bottle, because my skin could handle it. I'm in my mid-30s, and have oily skin with a little acne. It seems to cause a little bit of a breakout, but, afterward, my oil is under control for months, so I do feel like it helps my acne overall. Will it keep wrinkles at bay? I guess time will tell.It burns right away, but doesn't leave me red or anything. However, be careful! I was easily handling 4 min peels, and thought I could bump up to six. At 5 min 20 sec, my face was on fire, so I bailed, and was very red, and developed some scabby streaks. Now, I keep it to 5 min.

by ZenMama on Blank Product Name
Very good product

A good general peel for experienced users and professionals. I use this product on myself and in my spa. Neutralize well and apply heavy moisturizer after use

by Jonathan Signor on Blank Product Name
Decent results from the first time.

This is my first time using a product like this. I really enjoy the fact that after the fact, my skin looks youthful and plump. I work in the cosmetics industry, though, and I have to wear makeup every day, so I only allow myself to use this when I can afford to let my face breathe free for a consecutive 24 hour period. That being said, even with doing the peel about twice a month, I do really enjoy the effects. My face just seems smoother and softer. I haven't noticed any pore reduction or scar lifting, but I assume that it'd take a more heavy-duty product to do that, since I have old acne scars and huge pores on my nose. Aside from that, great starter Glycolic, I've recommended this to many people. Would give five stars if I saw a bit more result. Also, this small bottle seems like it would last about six months, if used weekly. Really not bad for the price.

by Myshka on Blank Product Name

I've done professional peels (with a 7 day down time), light peels with my monthly facials and then for years, did Salycilic 20% on my own as needed. Salycilic 20% by Skin Lab used to make me flake a little around my chin and stung pretty good. This peel is more of a cellular level peel. I kept it for 8 minutes without having to fan at all and there was no redness or peeling afterwards. Repeated every week for 3 weeks and have definitely noticed that skin is smoother and tighter. No down time, no stinging, no redness - what's not to like? However, if you have an occasional pimple, it won't nip them in the bud like Salycilic does, so I will still keep it on hand. Right now, beginning of December, before the holiday parties, I am getting my glow on and stepping it up with a peel once a week, then 2-3 days later adding microdermabrasion crystals to my face and of course, using Clarisonic. You CAN glow on a budget no worse than anyone who spends $500 on it a month, drives back and forth and sits waiting for appointments listening to yappy receptionists. Give it 3 weeks before your event, get this peel, find a 8oz jar of microdermabrasion crystals right here for $13 and stock up on generic Clarisonic brush heads on Groupon (yes, they are excellent, I can't tell the difference except for the extra cash in my wallet) and give your face, neck and decolletage some much needed attention.

Thanks a million bunch !!

This Gel Peel and other products from Skin Laboratory helped me being able to face myself in the mirror without makeup and think that my scars aren't that bad for the first time, and I've had acne scars since my early 20s and this is some 20yrs later. Ty!!

Love it, Love it, Love it!

I am so pleased with this product that I've just ordered another bottle. After just one application I noticed softer, smoother skin and tighter pores. I've been using it weekly for 4 weeks and the improvement continues. My skin glows, fine lines are diminished, deep lines are softer, red spots are almost gone and don't get me started on turkey neck. I really didn't expect much as a 57 year old former smoker who lived in the sun. Wow, what a difference! Do follow the instructions, use a fan brush for efficient application and minimal waste, prep with alcohol and don't panic when it stings because it does. I should say that with 4 minutes I have never had any down time.

by onnica on Blank Product Name
Pleased so far!

Hi All. I only gave this four stars because I have only used it one time. I like how easy it was to use. I like that the tingly sensation did not escalate to any scary burning. I like that all I needed was a piece of gauze to apply it. The directions were really clear and explained any questions I could think of. Also told me what to do as well as not to do before and after to avoid negative issues and negative results. I am African American with dark skin. I was told tha the TCA peels could darken already dark hues and that this was a safe alternative. Actually,I found this easier then the weekly clay mask that I use. I am so glad that there are multiple uses in just one bottle. I mean sixty dollars for one facial and you are encouraged to have several!Who can keep up at those prices? My skin is in fairly good condition. My issue of great concern is the marks on my nose from wearing glasses. I wear contacts for the most part but still have to use readers throughout the day. As a result I have hideous dark marks. I try to cover them with concealer but I do not want to wear foundation everyday just for these two marks. I'm hoping this peel will resolve this issue as well as improving the overall appearance of my skin. If I get the results in the reviews I will most certainly be happy. I have not noticed must of a difference yet but I have had some flaking that must be minor peeling. I'm so excited to do do my own weekly peels now. I plan to do one every 7 days. The directions say to wait at least 5 days. I will adjust according to the reaction of my skin. I will update these post too. Peace and Blessings.

by cwgff on Blank Product Name

Good product and performs as suggested. I followed the instructions and had nothing but positive results. Makes my skin look so much better a fresher. I alternate with the salicylic acid and have had fine results. I have aging skin and in my 70's. Nice to see such well performing product on the web. Prevents me from having to visit salons to get the same outcome with horrible prices.

by Vernita T. on Blank Product Name
Less Burning than the others

I do like the fact that I can leave it on little bit longer than my other peels and I does what it says it's suppose to do. Just give it time.

Good for sensitive skin

I've used such products before, but they were a lot stronger. This one seems to be really mild and doesn't burn at all, however doesn't effect much.So, it's just fine for my sensitive skin, not perfect but works

by claudia on Blank Product Name
Good quality

I work in the industry of medical aesthetics, and i used this stuff , leaves skin fresh, expect peeling though...

by Buddhabelly on Blank Product Name
It Significantly Reduced my Melasma

Since my last pregnancy, this 'matured' mama developed melasma on the face, mainly on the cheeks and on the upper lip. I could live with the pigmentation on my cheeks, but the 'mustache' was entirely unacceptable. After 2 summers of embarrassment (the pigmentation is triggered during the warmer months) and failed remedies which included an OTC fade cream with 2% Hydroquinone, I started using the Glyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel this spring. I started with 1 min, then 3, then 5, then 6. I spaced plenty of time between each peel, like 3 weeks, to allow my skin to recover. My face got slightly red but my skin always came out smooth and beautiful after each peel. About 3 months after I started the treatments, I did one peel for 8 minutes. Oh boy, my face burned, got really red, and the skin literally peeled. I took a long break before using the peel again. During this summer, I could tell the mustache was trying to rear its ugly head again. I went back to peeling every 3 weeks or so. But this time I added an exfoliating scrub between the peels. Summer is almost over and my mustache hardly made an appearance this year. Of course, I made sure to wear sunscreen EVERYDAY before I left the house. The sunscreen was homemade and it contained >15% zinc oxide. If I knew I was going to be outdoors for awhile, I wore a hat. This product really helped me to keep my mustache at bay this summer. I should mention that the peels mainly worked on the melasma on my upper lip, not so much on the cheeks. The peels have reduced some of the pigmentation on the cheeks, but they are definitely still there.As a side note, I accidentally left the peel on for 10 minutes and my face didn't burn nor peeled. Go figure. :/

by Victoria seaward on Blank Product Name


by Cococay on Blank Product Name

It really didn't work, I didn't see any changes and I used it multiply times as suggested yet the spot on my leg looked the same.

by A. Mak on Blank Product Name

...i have leather skin and it's just not going to work. i have hyper-pigmentation and scarring from sun damage, acne and ezcema. i wanted to get rid of or lighten the scarring. i've spent a good two months doing weekly treatments. i felt the tingly burning sensation but i have yet to see results. sigh...

Excellent for acne

Just a tiny bit of a dab on a pimple with a Q-tip and that zaps it into submission. Most times one application at night is all you need to take care of it.

by Audrey on Blank Product Name
Good product for the price

I purchased this product to help with my melasma, I use it with a hydroquinone product from my dermatologist. The peel is amazing at cleaning the pores out-- blackheads are virtually non-existent with this product. It does make the sensitive areas a little red and irritated. Follow the directions and the time allowed to leave on your face-- trust me. 🙂 Overall great product for the price.

by Patsy Hooten on Blank Product Name
Professional strength!

This is truly a professional strength peel. Be careful using this at is very effective, perhaps too strong and effective!

by Lucimery Felix on Blank Product Name
I don't like it.

I founded that this product did not peel my skin as I expected and the dark spots is steel the same.

by TJswan on Blank Product Name
Using this for years

I love this product! I used to have acne, and had to discontinue use while on Accutane, but have since resumed using on a weekly basis. I'm 36, and my skin looks better now than when I was in my 20's. This does not dry you out, but will make your skin sensitive for a day or two after. Just be sure to ease into it. Start out w. 1 minute then advance up in time - over time. Instructions are included, if you follow them, you'll be fine.I don't use an applicator to apply, I just pour a little out on my two fingers and apply in sections (its about the consistency of baby oil). I found that applying w/ a cotton ball or other applicator was just a waste of product. More stayed in the applicator than got on your skin, then just went into the trash can. I think one $20 bottle lasts me a year!

by ts twain on Blank Product Name
Removes dead skin but needs neutralizer

It will remove dead skin very well but water doesn't neutralize acid (as the directions seems to say). You MUST use a skin neutralizer (a base--go back to basic chemistry). Buy something like 'Acid Neutralizer Skin pH Balance' on amazon WITH this product.

by toogood4aol on Blank Product Name
Step 2 of Skin Lab's peels...

I bought this after I used the Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml peel. The Salicylic nor this product have gotten rid of my black heads yet (I've been using for months) but they do give my skin an overall smooth feel and reduce the amount of pimples I get. I do still get some but not like I used to. I hope in time this product will eventually get rid of my black heads.

by J. Olson on Blank Product Name

This works although it doesn't make my skin peel, I may use too much moisturizer ahead of time. I never used lactose but have used glyco peel. You can feel it working!!!

by urmila on Blank Product Name
overall good product

I got this product bcoz I have acne since I was teen n til now I'm 29 now,I had lots of acne marks red and brown spots ,I have been using this product once in week I started from 1 min n I did til 5 mins ,every week I saw changes happening ,my acne reduced, not completely gone ,n my marks have also faded 70% product is not harsh it doesn't peel any skin,I use sunscreen spf50+ after the peel far I like it hope it clears my skin totally.I gave four stars bcoz its not made my acne vanish completely .overall good and safe peel to use at home every week.

by Fairej on Blank Product Name
Great product to start

Delivery was right on time. Dark bottle as described. I have spot treated and have already seen results on my acne spot scarring. I'm a sensitive skin and the 35% lactic and 25% glycolic def is a fit for my skin. The skin labatory, I think I'll be ordering more after my skin adjust to the level of peel. Also, when ordering off line especially acid peel; I was a lil apprehensive but now after I've seen the results just in a day with one swipe of the mixture ill be placing another order to the higher grade. This mixture of lactic and glycolic is a safe way to start peels.

by Amanda B. on Blank Product Name
Good results

This is the 1st peel I've ever done, professionally or at home. I was pleased with the results. It did take a good 3 treatments before I saw any results. And I am all about instant gratification so that was a bummer. BUT.. I'd rather be safe than screw my face up. It does stink horribly bad, but as I've always heard and said "being beautiful isn't without some pain and suffering"!

by Valerie on Blank Product Name
acid peel

This works as it says. I have had acid peels in the past at a dermatologist office, and this gave the same results.

by Charlene on Blank Product Name
It's okay

I guess I don't know what I expected with this product. I've used it once a week for 2 months now and at first it works great by shedding the dead cells and giving me a refreshed look. The last 2 times I've used it it has burned a little more, but I haven't noticed any difference in skin appearance. Maybe it has done its job as far as it can go for me, and my results have plateaued. I will still use it because it is a great addition to my skin care routine. And I hope to see more results over time on some darker scar spots and skin pigmentation. My tone has evened out more since using it. I think it might need more time to really do its job as perfection doesn't happen over night. I think it is a good price, and a good product. But not 5 star worthy *yet* as I seem to have hit a plateau phase after only a few uses.

Very Happy.

I purchased Glycolic Acid (30%?) from another seller, about a year ago, used it infrequently and ran out. I wanted to try something new. I am 51, have a photo shoot next week and want to reduce some lines, exfoliate and plump up my skin.I like this Glyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel very much! First off it's gel, so its easier to use without running or waste. I didn't find it too intense for my skin and I'm very pale. I applied it on my face, neck and back of my hands (with prepping my skin with alcohol or witch hazel) for about 4-5 minutes, started feeling tingling, and removed it with a solution of water and baking soda on a paper towel. That sizzled pretty intensely, but not too much.It works great at plumping, my skin is healthier/younger looking after 1 application. I did it again the next day, same amt of time or maybe a minute or two less. No problem. However, I won't use it again for another 4 or 5 days. I feel that would be pushing it as my skin feels a little sensitive. Moisturizing is very important, it feels as though I have a slight sunburn, but not much in the way of redness, no peeling. Just plumper, slightly sun kissed, and more tightness, less visible wrinkles. I highly recommend this!

by jeannien on Blank Product Name
Glyco-Lac/60 gel peel for hyperpigmentation spots and overall brightness

I have been using this peel once a week for 4 weeks now. I don't see any big differences but I didn't expect to as this isn't supposed to be a peel that makes you flake off. I use an alpha hydroxy acid 10% daily as a lotion so my skin is somewhat used to some acid. This peel starts to tingle after a few seconds but nothing bad if you're used to it. The first time I did the peel, I had a timer and left it on for one minute then rinsed. My skin never got red but I could tell that it had been working. The next times I left it on a little longer. I only had one spot flake and peel but I think I just got too close so my sensitive under eye area. I'm careful about that are now. I can tell that it has been working on my dark spots. I went in to this knowing that I wouldn't see miracle results over night. My skin feels nice and soft and using this and a compound cream that my dermatologist prescribed for me for the dark spots has definitely lightened them up. They are still there, and I worry that with warm weather coming and my spending more time outdoors they will get darker but I'm happy to know that this product along with the cream can do some good to help and affordably at that. I would love to do laser treatment for the spots but that's just not in my budget so I will stick with this.

by SC Garden Gnome on Blank Product Name
Good stuff.

I think this is good product. I have noticed a decrease in fine lines. I wish it would work better on my sun/age spots. But I have not been as consistent as before. This is my second purchase of this peel. It works for me.

by C. Haskins on Blank Product Name
Very good product

I have been using this product since october 2012 it is now march 2013. I did take a break after using the product for 3 months straight because I did two 25% tca peels at the beginning of Jan and the middle of feb. More about that later.I followed the directions by washing my face and then using alcohol to further take off any dirt. I applied a couple of layers with a bush and let it stay on maybe 2 minutes at the most to start. I did this every 5 days and quickly moved up to about 3.5 minutes. I would on occasion notice that area of more damage namely two unusual freckles, probably solar lentigos, and the left side of my neck would react to the peel more. I also would occasionally get little tiny scabs around my upper lip and and to the side of my mouth where my skin is most sensitive. After about 2 months i was able to move up to 6-7 minutes.Generally I am fair complected with a few freckles and fine lines. I have dry skin and hormonal acne with some scaring on the side of my neck with discoloration due to sun damage on top of the scaring. It is worse on my left side due to driving. Very quickly I felt my skin was smoother and absorbed moisturizer better. I noticed my acne was not coming out as frequently which is great. I doubt 3 months was long enough but the discoloration on the sides of my neck, where there was scaring and the skin seemed rougher wasn't really changing much. This may be the most difficult part of my skin, so I did the tca 25% peel. I feel the glycolac was an excellent primer for this. I also use REVIVA, 10% Glycolic Acid Night Cream, and Atopalm intensive moisturizing cream. I am about to be 44 and am noticing a bit of looseness to my skin near the jaw line from certain angles. I am hoping that this product and the TCA will help firm that over the ensuing months. It is my understanding stimulating new collagen from the breakdown takes longer.The TCA peel did more to remove the scaring on the side of my neck with the hyperpigmentation. After two TCA peels it seems to be about 50% better. I plan on doing 2-4 more hopefully over the next year. However I do notice that the glycolac seems easier on my skin now that it is healthier with fewer areas of sun damage. But I believe it is still useful in my skin regimen weekly for now. This has been a great product for me. I wish I had it 10 years ago.

by Kathy on Blank Product Name
Skin never looked/felt better

I have been using the glycolic 35% with good results and was looking for something a bit stronger. I love the glycol-lac 60, my skin has never looked or felt better. I started out at 1 minute and worked my way up to about 5 mins. I've had issues with a

by Janet Fairbanks on Blank Product Name
Great peel!

This peel has a bit of a bite to it;but if it didn't it would do the job. Took a few days to peel but really gave a good plumping to the surface of my skin.I did not leave it on long the first time.

by Laura on Blank Product Name
Sensitive Skin

I use this and the salicylic peel from this company for exfoliation because I cannot use any manual exfoliation due to skin sensitivity. Both peels are wonderful and worked better than I expected. I cannot be sure which peel is the cause, but the areas with eczema problems are less sensitive and my skin is so much calmer overall.

by Valli on Blank Product Name
Gel Peel works great

I have been using this peel for a few months now and can notice a difference with the quality of my skin. I would reommend this product to any it was recommended to me.

by cdrum on Blank Product Name
very nice

good product for sensitive skin types or people who don't need heavy exfoliation. Most of the clients I use it on say it very barely tingles. It is not a "strong" peel. So it's good if you want something, but want to be safe...

by Delores on Blank Product Name
Glyco Lac/60 level 2

This product is good. I have combo skin and this product relieves the oiliness w/o drying. It does have some stinging, but I didn't experience any real discomfort or redness afterwards. I used another type of peel before and this one is better

by J. Pierce on Blank Product Name
It's a strong peel and it produces results

The only drawback is the burning. It really does sting upon application, though it doesn't cause a rash or irritate the skin after rinsing (copious, copious rinsing). I keep the timer next to me and count down the seconds until I can splash it off. I do find it does provide a good light peel, but I dread the sting so much I do not perform it as regularly as I should. I used to use an alcohol and glycolic acid liquid on my face at night, with a much lower acid content, but I worried the alcohol was hurting my skin. This stuff could hurt you if you don't prepare and handle it with respect. Buy a dropper to measure the liquid with--you won't need very much each time. Buy a fan brush for application, and pour the liquid into a clean container that you can get the brush into easily for application and using all the product. HAVE A TIMER, and start at the shortest time of exposure and build up to longer times. Use sunscreen after or it's an entire waste. It's a great thing to be able to do at home rather than have to pay expensive spa fees for.

by ellis on Blank Product Name
Satisfied with results

I use the 60% once a week and and prefer this regime to my prior routine using the 10% daily at night. I enjoy the mild stinging, and the radiant look afterwards.

by emmaline on Blank Product Name
It's ok

I've been using it. I think it's doing good things for my skin. I don't really have problem skin so there wasn't anything to clear up. My skin gets dull so I was hoping this would help and it doesn't. Doesn't burn much at all. My face gets a little itchy. I don't leave it on for too long. I don't see any startling differences after I use it but that might just be my skin.

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