Glycolac 60% Peel


4.48 out of 5

Combination of Glycolic (25%) and Lactic (35%) acid for the benefits of both in a single peel to target stubborn skin conditions, such as acne and sun damage.

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With a combination of Glycolic (25%) with Lactic (35%), Glycolac provides hydration and tone improvements of the Lactic, with the increased collagen stimulation of the Glycolic. It is generally well tolerated because the Lactic and Glycolic work on different levels or the skin.

How Does the Glycolac Acid Combination Peel Work?

The Lactic Part…

Lactic acid occurs naturally in human skin as a part of normal metabolic processes. In normal skin, it helps to maintain the acid mantle of the skin at a pH of 5.5 to 6.0. Also, Lactic acid has a natural moisturizing effect on the skin; it draws water molecules already present in the skin towards the surface, and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, improving and modulating the functional barrier. Lactic acid also works to increase the thickness of both the epidermis and the dermis by stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, leaving the surface of the skin looking younger and smoother.


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The Glycolic Part…

Glycolic acid is a powerful exfoliant that works primarily underneath the skin. Glycolic acid speeds up the body’s exfoliation process by “loosening” the cellular bonds between dead skin cells, thus breaking them apart and causing them to “disappear”. The small glycolic molecule is also able to penetrate beneath the outer layers of skin and stimulate collagen growth underneath, thus eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Just Some of the Benefits:

  • maximizes functional acid levels and solution pH within FDA guidelines for non-physician administered peels
  • provides superior exfoliation due to glycolic acid
  • improves hydration due to lactic acid stimulating glycosaminoglycans production in epidermal and dermal levels
  • less irritating than a pure glycolic peel
  • improves collagen synthesis and remodels existing collagen
  • improves elastin fibers in dermis
  • encourages cell renewal
  • improves the appearance of skin discolorations by dispersing melanin granules more evenly in epidermis
  • increases ceramide levels in stratum corneum

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30ml, 100ml, Roll-on

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i can't believe they sell this
Nov 23, 2012 by loves cake too much

i'm a licensed esthetician with 7 years experience and i can't believe this is available to non professionals. this is a very strong acid peel and, in the wrong hands, could potentially damage the skin. if you really know what you're doing, it's a great peel and gives great results. but it's not for use by the general public and there are no instructions on how to neutralize this or regarding aftercare.

Thought it was going to be more intense
Nov 15, 2012 by VickiG92

This is kind of weird but this peel wasn't as intense as I expected it to be. I originally started out with Skin Laboratory's Salicylic Acid 20% peel and that burned my face the first time and then settled down and peeled a lot. Over the span of about 3 months, I did the Salicylic Acid peel about 6 times, each time increasing the amount of time for the product to stay on my skin. Now I upgraded to this Level 2 Glyco/Lac peel and it doesn't give me an intense burning sensation at all. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe my skin has become more resistant after the salicylic acid peel. I thought this glyco/lac peel was going to be more intense being that it is at a higher level than salicylic acid. Hopefully this glyco/lac peel will show results. I just applied it for the first time. I will update this review in about 2 months after I am done with the whole process and then upgrade to a level 3 peel. It's amazing how I moving through the levels like this, I used to have extremely sensitive irritated skin. These peels have definitely helped slow the growth of my acne and faded much of my scarring. But don't think the scarring will go away over night b/c it won't. These peels should be done on a schedule, I do it every 10 days. You should always follow the exact instructions with these peels, don't stretch the rules at all. I did the first time with salicylic by reapplying a peel 3 days after the first application and I had horrible scarring from the peel for months. It finally went away after about 6 months of using every scar cream and natural solution in the book! It was a horrible time for me, I didn't even want to look in the mirror. So make sure you follow the directions, if you do then it will work fine for you but if you don't you can cause serious damage to your face, REMEMBER THESE ARE ACIDS YOU ARE PUTTING ON YOUR SKIN. BE CAREFUL.

Strong stuff-it's the real deal for me
Nov 15, 2012 by Jane A.

I am a 44 year old pale white woman (lol, it's the truth) with sensitive skin.. and I still get acne. Light freckling, but mostly I stay out of the sun and that has helped my skin stay in pretty good shape. I am trying this product after using the Glycolic 35% peel and alternating with the Salicylic 20% peel. I used those off and on all last year until this fall. I wasn't noticing a tremendous difference other than acne reduction from both of those products. I also use a 2% Salicylic acid treatment every night to manage my break-outs. I have used the Glyco Lac 60 4 times, a week apart each time. It is more of a gel than the other two products that I have tried, so it is easier to apply. I don't really do anything beforehand, because my skin "takes" this acid well enough on its own. I started at 2 minutes, then 3 minutes, and this last time, 4 minutes. It is hot, burns like fire. Especially for the first 60 seconds or so. Then it seems to calm down. My skin is red and puffy for a couple of hours afterwards-and this last time, I had distinct little burn/blister marks on my right cheekbone and forehead. Ouch. Will go back to 3 minutes when I do it again. It definitely leaves me with a layer that dries out and flakes off starting about 3 days after a peel. I even use moisturizer and everything-it still totally dries out my face and peels it down. Interesting stuff. There must be such a huge difference in skin types. I notice that they do not list the smaller bottle of this stuff right now, which means they have probably sold out temporarily. But there were well over 100 reviews on the smaller bottle listing. And many of those people claimed very little peeling or discomfort. Some did though. I would hate for someone to read one of those and then really burn their face off with this product. It could happen. This is much stronger than the Level 1's. I guess I would recommend starting out prudently with this product. It is hard core for me. And I graduated up to it from lesser Level 1 products. You can misuse this and end up looking like Samantha did in that one Sex and the City episode. I think my face would be a total wreck if I left it on any longer than 4 minutes-red and peeling for days. But I do notice my lines around my eyes are decreasing. And my darker spots from acne are going away quickly. I will continue to use it. :)

Powerful peel for a great price
Oct 30, 2012 by K. Vanesian "queenksv"

I've used this company's level one product and was very impressed with the results; its Level Two product is even better. However, use caution when first applying the solution. Start with the least amount of time recommended, then build your way up to the maximum time recommended. My skin is very sensitive and I have no problem using the glyco-lac/60 at all.

Lactic 35% &Glycolic 25% Combo Gel Peel
Oct 11, 2012 by Adria V.

This is actually the first Glycolic peel I have purchased that gave any results. After just 6 days of use I am starting to see a significant difference on my old acne scars, which have almost vanished.

Unsure of how I feel about this product
Oct 09, 2012 by brandi in louisiana

I am 31 years old with what I would consider to be average to above average skin, sometimes a little dry in places but with very few blemishes, no visible wrinkles- I'm often mistaken for being 10 years younger. I am allergic to almost all sunscreens, but have (thankfully) recently found sunscreen that contains titanium oxide doesn't make me break out. Unfortunately I have some freckling and sun damage from childhood summers spent in the sun (without sunscreen) and have been looking for an economical way to get rid of that damage. After reading reviews on this product I decided to buy a bottle of Glyco-Lac 60 and give it a try. I have previously used glycolic skin pads so skipped right to the level 2. On my first application of the gel I was able to leave it on for about 90 seconds, after reading reviews I didn't want to leave it on too long. I followed the instructions not to peel or pick or do anything to my face for 4 days... nothing. My skin still looked the same normal dull that it looks when it really needs to be exfoliated. Finally on the fourth day I decided to exfoliate with some baking soda since it is gentle and the least abrasive thing I could use. I couldn't really tell any difference afterward other than my face being normal looking after an exfoliation, no amazing stunning results to be found. 10 days after my initial peel I decided to give it another try- I wasn't expecting miracles and realize that things don't always happen overnight. Second application I applied and left on for 3 minutes, and again waited with the same results as before. No visible skin improvement at all, which is a little bit disappointing. On the 5th day I decided to use a new product that a friend told me about which is??BeautiControl BC Spa Resurface Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel??I used the Beauticontrol peel pad to wipe my face in a circular pattern, which I could "feel" scrubbing (more so than just a normal face pad). I left the product on my skin for 20 minutes which is the maximum recommended time and when I rinsed my face I could immediately tell that my face was softer and smoother. I was absolutely amazed. Is it possible that the previous 2 weeks of glycolic acid peel had "prepared" my face for the other peel? Maybe, and I will definitely continue to use the glyco-lac peel gel that I bought until it is gone but the Beauticontrol will be my "go to" for peeling and refreshing and fingers crossed, reducing discoloration.

Effective--sensitivity varies a lot, so do test it prior to usage
Oct 02, 2012 by KD Allen "me"

I bought this for my daughter (20, combination skin, occasional flare-up) and decided to test it on myself (50, on HRT, with extremely oily skin and occasional acne) first. I have incredibly thick, oily skin--good, which keeps my skin well-moisturized and looking very young. Bad, though, because I have all the problems associated with young skin, plus a couple of age spots and many large pores. As a frame of reference, I have used AHA/200/Salicylic products in the past, like the Alpha-Hydrox 12% souffle, a 15% Glycolic mask, as well as a home microdermabrasion buffer (Olay) and a microdermabrasion cloth, the kind used in plastic surgeon's offices. All have given good results, but some better than others (see later in review). So I had all my treatment tools ready--a clock with a "second" hand to count the seconds, the baking soda and cool water mix, the gauze pads, a sink full of cool, running water, a shower, and witch hazel astringent. The witch hazel is suggested as a pre-treatment to remove surface oil from the skin. I pulled back my hair and pre-treated with witch hazel. I poured the solution into a flat dish, dabbed the pad in, and started at forehead as suggested, went to one cheek, then onto the other, finishing with the chin and jawline. All this time I kept a sharp watch on the clock and monitored my tingling tolerance. At one minute, my forehead felt nothing, but my cheeks and chin, as well as nose, were really feeling the pain. So I began rinsing those quickly, and at 1 min 30 secs the forehead was hurting a lot so I rinsed that, and continued thorough rinsing, then went to the water/baking soda mix, splashed that on for about 10 seconds, then I popped into the lukewarm shower. My facial skin felt really dry in the shower (do not use any cleansers!) After that was done I moisturized. It is now 30 minutes later and my skin definitely looks better, smoother, more even-toned. It does still sting a bit, like that sunburn feeling, though, and shows a light pink tinge. In terms of intensity, it is slightly stronger to the results I had with the microdermabrasion cloth and 15% mask, and even more intense than the 12% souffle, and much more intense than the Olay microdermabrasion puff. I am really surprised that it took only 1 minute to start to feel such strong tingling, considering I do not have sensitive skin. This product does work, so I suggest monitoring intensity closely, especially the first time. Also, if you pre-treat with witch hazel or alcohol (even stronger), both of which strip surface oils from your skin, then it will definitely affect (shorten) the time it takes for the product to work. Okay, 45 minutes later, as it took time to write and proof this review, and the stinging has pretty much gone away, as has the pink tinge, although my face still feels dry and tight. I cannot imagine increasing the strength of this product; I would rather leave it on longer and monitor the time. My friend has had acid peels in a surgeon's office twice, and although the peels have gone deep and been quite effective in dealing with wrinkles, boot have left her with white splotches (uneven pigmented areas) that I, personally, would prefer to not have, at the cost of doing a lighter peel such as this, and tolerate a few more wrinkles.

Highly Recommend
Sep 16, 2012 by Ronni

This product greatly improved my sun spots and fine wrinkles on my face. On first use I left it on for 1 minute, but found the next morning that I didn't see much affect. Two nights later I reapplied and left on for five. It definately tingles, but is bareable. I rinsed off with a water and baking soda mix to neutralize it and followed up with clinique spot corrector. The next morning there was definate fading. I hope it continues. I did find it also brought out a few pimples that were under the surface but they dried up and were gone in a day. Great product.

Whoa!! Impressed...
Sep 06, 2012 by Jersey Mom

I am a 31 year old female with acne on my chin; I wake up pretty much every morning with a new pimple and if I don't have one in the morning then I can certainly count on having one by the end of the day. I also have scarring from having acne on my chin since I was 14 and scarring on the sides of my face. My skin is very oily and sensitive at the same time. I have tried absolutely every kind of foundation and every single one breaks me out. Hence, I'm not left with much to cover the mess on my face. Proactiv keeps it under control, but doesn't solve the problem completely. I've use some Glycolic peels in the past, with decent results...but this one really delivered. Tried it for the first time last night and my skin is glowing today...less oily and my pores look smaller too. I also had one of those huge, painful pimples forming under my skin and when I got up this morning, it was as if it was already clearing/drying out. I usually need to blot the oil off of my face at least 3 times per day and only had to once today and that's because I was outside in the humidity. I didn't find the stinging to be bothersome; to me it felt as if my pores were being cleansed from the inside out. My face felt so clean afterwards. I was able to tolerate the full 8 minutes the first time, as was my skin...but I am also someone who has done chemical peels before and I'm very into skincare and makeup products, so I've just tried many products on my face overall. Of all those products, this is the second one I've written a great review of.

Sep 05, 2012 by Demi

I started peeling shortly after finish using my esthetics course, I became addicted! Lolz. Nonetheless, I have the occasional pustule and micro-comodones, so I ordered this product hoping it would help with those issues along with minor hyperpigmentation

Aug 14, 2012 by jacki

This stuff worked the first couple times I used it but I made the mistake of leaving it on 7 minutes (it says up to 8) and it burnt my face really badly. It is excellent for spot treatment but it is extremely harsh for my sensitive combination skin and I would definitely recommend starting off with a less abrasive peel.

Used It Last Night
Aug 05, 2012 by Zoiii

Hello, I have brought this a few days before it arrived pretty fast..!! the very next day..!! its actually my very first chemical peel i have some scaring on my face due to acne which i have been getting since i was a teen ager (now 24) i have a fair complextion but very uneven n dull as well as dark under eye circles..!!I have used this peel accouding to the directions and left it on for 2 min.. then rinsed very well for a long time..!! my face has tingling n burning effect which lasted a few hrs and was left with red spots on my face ..!!I really dont see any diffrence in my face exept for those ugly red spots on my left cheek n chin i hope thses spots go away soon and i hope this thing disnt burn my face..!!! WILL Continue to edit this if i see any healing

Overall good product
Jul 31, 2012 by Wendy H

Having tried TCA in the past and been burned pretty bad, I decided to try several steps lower. This product is overall way better for someone newer to chemical peels. I am bi-racial with medium brown, moderately oily skin. I have some minor scarring from acne that ended around 7 years ago.I agree with some users on some complaint. For my first use, I ensure the areas it would be applied to had not been tweezed/shaved/exfoliated 3 days prior (I believe the instructions recommends 24 hr). My skin got red in some areas of my skin that had negligible irritation until the acid was applied. My first application and some of my subsequent applications caused me to have minor break outs, made up of 4-5 small, rash-like pimples. The worst I have had is 2-3 areas of localized outbreak. It is almost always on my lower cheek/jawline and/or chin. It is really unpredictable whether I will see an outbreak or not, as I've done it with no outbreak several time. This is an acid... I would not put it on my face right before picture day". I also find that when I have accidently scratched an area that was in the pre-peeling stage, it would be slightly hyperpigmented compared to the rest of my skin.My pores are far more refined, and the acne scars cannot be seen unless looking closely and carefully if I'm wearing a concealer. Other than the discoloration from scratching, which I was able to get rid of in 4 peels, this is a fairly good product. Wear sunscreen, try not to scratch or pick, especially if you have the small rash breakout.

One of the best decisions I've made
Jul 27, 2012 by Reviewer_X

I decided to forego the $65 treatments (with tip on top of this...uggh) at the spa that I was getting every-other week in order to try the same treatment at home. I knew that Glyco-Lactic acid peels worked with my skin before buying this, as I'd seen dramatic improvements in scar removal, tightening, pore size, and tone from the spa. What I didn't know was how easy it was to apply and remove the peel at home. It was just as easy or easier than applying clay masks. The money I am saving by buying this product is truly incredible, and another perk is that I have the ability to spot-treat.One thing that wasn't clear before buying was how much of the bottle is used for a single application. Suggested amount is 3 ml. I used even less, so I'm looking at a good 12 treatments from this single bottle.

I like it
Jul 24, 2012 by Keri Ryan

I've used this product twice and I like it---once you get passed the smell. My skin felt smoother after I rinsed it off. The next day, I did received compliments on my face. That's pretty good for my age !! LOL I personally think that the bottle should come in a darker color, since knowing that acids do better in less light !!!

Gentle Peel
Jul 15, 2012 by Tamara J. Mullens

I'm 53 years old with Rosacea and sun damage. I felt a difference the very first time I used this peel! I left it on 1 minute. The second time I used it I left it on 3 minutes and can see a difference!

Jul 10, 2012 by yvonne

I bought this as it seemed like an all-in-one although I do have sun damage as well as acne scars. My skin texture after finishing the 30ml bottle is much smoother, fine lines all gone as well as my deep frown lines which I hated to the point I almost had

Not if you've been spoiled by med spa peels
Jul 02, 2012 by kimikojo

This peel has a slight sting, not as much as when you get a peel at the med spa. I've had Jessner peels done before and this peel packed about a 3rd of the sting and zero peeeling. I got it with the intention of exfoliating a fairly new dark acne scar on my neck along with 206 4% cream. I have medium olive toned skin. It didn't make it any better or worse but I have only used it 3 times so far. It hasn't made any overall improvements in the rest of my skin either. Going to try a stronger peel and/or back to the med spa!

May 25, 2012 by A. Cooper (Elizabethtown, IN)

I like this product. It helps maintain my stubborn acne (although i still have some after using the peel for some time) and I have also used it on a belly button piercing scar which has helped lighten and smooth the skin. I wouldn't call it a miracle prod

May 24, 2012 by Momma Roach

I bought this peel because I have a problem with blackheads and large pores.This helps both. I love this peel.Its gentle enough to use twice weekly but still gets the job done.I own a microdermabrasion machine which I also purchased from Amazon and I use this peel after I use my machine. I leave the peel on for about 5 minutes (my skin can tolerate it)then wash my face and apply sunscreen. Blackheads on my nose are gone, pores are almost non existent.Doesnt irritate and you dont have to hide out after so your skin can peel like you do when you use a TCA peel.Great deal. Excellent product. You will see a difference in your skin after two uses.

Great product.
May 19, 2012 by JJR

This product really does what it is intended to do. It's a bit stronger than the Level 1 Glycolic 35, so I would only leave it on for 5 minutes or less unless you can tolerate it.

May 18, 2012 by E. Haines (Laguna Beach, CA)

It arrived a day earlier than I expected. I applied it for three minutes, rinsed with a ton of water then neutralized it with some neutralizer pads I already had. My skin felt absurdly soft. I am looking forward to trying it again in a few days.??

May 16, 2012 by ZerpaBOT

Just received this in the mail 2 days ago and have completed my first "peel". I have tried sal/glyc peels in the past, but decided to go with the glyc/lac peel this time. The sting/tingling is completely bearable compared to others that I've tried. I only left it on for a minute just to be safe, and I tend to have sensitive skin. Better safe than sorry, right?I have combination skin, and medium-dark spots from sun damage and pimple scars. I have a few problem pimples here and there, Caucasian, mid twenties, female.This peel is light enough to not freak out when you put it on your face, mild, mild, mild tingling. The next day I had no redness (only left it on for a minute!) but I felt my skin was smooth and more 'comfy' feeling. No peeling yet, and the directions say that you may not peel at all, but to exfoliate a week or so after the application.So far so good! I will update when I do my next peel in a week.

tames the acne
May 03, 2012 by blacam

I use this stuff when my acne flares up and I get a huge breakout despite my daily acne facial cleansing routine. Just 1 peel and the acne goes down. Love it.

great results!
May 02, 2012 by las

I had great results with this product. I am 27, and am starting to see my first lines around my mouth. This really improves my skin tone & texture and makes the lines less visible. It also makes my face radiant and fresh looking. My pores look better, I have less blackheads & less breakouts. I'm hooked, but also thinking about trying something a little stronger next time now that my face has adjusted to this peel. Highly recommended!

not working for me good as other people stated
Apr 29, 2012 by BrumetJ

Maybe I was expecting to much I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and I can see maybe 10% impr in my face, my scars are still there no peeling with this product.

Great Product. Would buy again.
Apr 13, 2012 by A. Zobel "amzobel"

For the past year my skin has been extremely dry and not absorbing moisture. I am a 40 yr old Asian American who has had great skin for years, then it suddenly changed. I started to get extremely dry under the eyes and started looking older than I should. I went to an aesthetician that prescribed me skinceutical products. They helped a little bit but a week ago my eyes puffed up and under my eyes were like prunes. They would not absorb any moisturizer. I drink a ton of water and have a humidifier on (live in Michigan). I looked like a scary monster. I planned on getting a peel done at a dermatologist in a couple of weeks but this could not wait. I came across this product that talked about exfoliating and drawing moisture into the cell. I came in a day and I applied it immediately for 1 minute as the direction said to start slow and build up. In one application my eyes became more taunt and hydrated! My husband noticed immediately. I could also tell when I went to put on moisturizer that my skin felt soft. I would HIGHLY recommend this product. There was no down time and it only tingled a little bit. I am so glad I found it. I will update in a couple of weeks.

Works great for acne...not sure on wrinkles and dark marks.
Mar 19, 2012 by jboogie

I have to say I have noticed a huge improvement with my 'adult acne'. I hate those words, lol. I primarily bought if for fine lines but I am amazed at how it has reduced not only the number of breakouts by like 90 percent. But also the duration...they are gone within a day! It also works pretty well at lightening the dark circles under my eyes and I see some increased toning in my face and neck after applying...this doesn't last that long though. We'll see how the fine lines and dark marks go with further use. But just the fact that this has reduced my breakout so dramatically will help the dark marks caused by acne tremendously. I have used it 3 times so far, 5 days a part. 1st time for 1 minute, the next time for 2 or 3mins and the last time for 4 min. My skin is sensitive so I was def feeling it after 4 minutes!! I rinse with water, then with baking soda & with water(mixed well so it is not gritty)and with water again.

Mar 15, 2012 by C. Whaley (Fairview Heights, IL)

Love this product! I'm 52 years old and have rosasea along with dry, super sensitive skin. Left the product on 6 minutes with NO STINGING at all but did have a slight sunburn effect the next day. Amazing results, fine lines less noticeable, skin tone more

Mar 02, 2012 by moxxie

help balance, even ,and slightly correct my skin

Great peel
Feb 27, 2012 by ctemple1026

I suffer from eczema on my limbs and torso and severe dryness on my face. All my skin problems are fairly new, and I have been searching for a product or regime that will ease the uncomfortable and sometimes painful dryness I experience on my face. Initially, I stopped cleansing my face with my normal face wash and decreased my cleansings to once at night. I began using Josie Maran's argan oil cleanser which did not seem to help. Then I tried the oil cleansing method- a mixture of caster oil and apricot kernal oil- to clean my facial skin. This method relieved some of the irritation, but my skin was still extremely dry even after applying a generous amount of moisturizer (Dr. Grandel PhytoCare AZULENE CREME). My next try was Glyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel -30 ml/1 fl oz which did not seem to help but actually make my skin worse. After my second use of the chemical peel, I started using this Emu Oil. The emu oil has no scent and absorbs into the skin better than other oils I have tried. It has been the only moisturizer that has kept my face from having that tight feeling for nearly the entire day. After the second application of the chemical peel and the daily use of the emu oil for less than a week, I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin. The peel helped remove the patchy, red dry skin and the emu oil has made my skin feel fabulous for the first time in months. My skin is so soft and smooth, it's incredible. I would recommend the use of both Glyco-Lac/60, Level 2 Gel Peel -30 ml/1 fl oz and Emu Oil Pure Premium Australian - Powerful Skin and Hair Moisturizer to anyone suffering from extremly dry skin.

Feb 26, 2012 by M. Hayda (Wappingers Falls, NY)

I just used this stuff YESTERDAY at 4am and I got several remarks on my face at 10AM!!!! My face looks AND feels so much better and smoother in just ONE application! Can't wait to do another next Saturday :)))))??

Feb 24, 2012 by R. Bruhn (Grayslake, IL)

As always great service from Skin Laboratory-product arrived before estimated delivery date and was delivered in perfect condition. I have used a variety of skin peels from Skin Laboratory, the Glyco-Lac/60 is a great combination for my skin. It seems to

Not as strong as I would have liked...
Feb 20, 2012 by AA

I have been using this product pretty consistently for the past 3 months. This was my first at home peel, so I did a lot of research on what solutions and % would work best with my skin issues. I am mid 30s, medium skin tone, dry and sensitive skin, with a lot of areas of sun damage and hyper pigmentation.I went with the latic acid combo because reviews and recommendations said it was best for dry skin and dark spots.I have used it about every 5-7 days.My skin feels absolutely amazing after I finish the peel. Very smooth and radiant. Started with leaving it one for only a minute, then have increased to 4 minutes. A little itching, not much stinging, even directly after a microderm abrasion. No frosting at all, very little redness on face, no peeling. (My neck and chest however, which is super sensitive, turned very red, but disappeared quickly.)Dark spots are only a little lighter.I think this is a great peel to start with, to prep skin for something a little more intense.Overall, great product, makes skin very smooth... I do love using this on my hands! Will be ordering a level 3 or 4 next round.

Feb 19, 2012 by A. Williams (New York, NY)

I'm African American my skin wasn't that bad but it wasn't perfect either after using it my skin is soft cleared the few bumps I did have and spots my skin feels n looks better than it has when I was a young girl (I'm 27) I did a chem peel at the dermatol

Great 1st time Chemical peel
Feb 16, 2012 by DawnL

This peel has made such a difference in my skin. My skin was dull, uneven, and blotchy. Plus, I was breaking out terribly due to being pregnant. You would not believe the before and after pictures. After just four weeks, my skin is dewy, even, and fresh-looking. AND no more breakouts.

Feb 11, 2012 by Layla Jane Anderson

Cost effective, and just as good as any salon can deliver.It doesnt hurt for me but i did start with a LVL1 product first.I highly recommend this- it leaves my face very smooth and was worth every penny. I use it less than once a month.It makes a HUGE difference in the quality of my skin. I did over use at first as i was over zelous. Now that i use it less often it helps to keep my skin fresh and smooth, if i use weekly i get red and blotchy and gross. Find what works for you and do not overexfoliate. Highly rec!

I don't see any reviews for strech marks
Feb 11, 2012 by Alexa

But this stuff works better than anything I've ever used. Literally a stretch mark miracle! I've been using it for about two weeks now and the marks have faded from pink to white and the dents in my skin are not nearly as noticeable! Amazing! I use it under my eyes too once a week, my circles are finally fading!

This really works....!
Feb 10, 2012 by a0188279 "Engineering Mom"

I have been using Murad 2% Salasylic acid every night for years and although that works, this stuff does the job faster. I left it on for 1 minute with just a little stinging. The next time, I left it on for 3 mins. It made my pores tighter, my skin softer, and definitely exfoliated, although I never had visible peeling. I know it works bc it cause me to break out in a couple of spots. With regular use this should be find to keep my skin clear. It is not too harsh and I can up the exfoliation by applying it twice a week or leaving it on for up to 5 mins.I was skeptical at first, but after trying it for a couple of weeks now, I love it. I am definitely getting a spa-level lunch-time type peel with this product, at a much more affordable price. I highly recommend it.

Works for tone and quality - not wrinkles
Feb 02, 2012 by CC

While I bought this to help the wrinkles developing under my eyes (grad school) and it hasn't, I'm still giving it five stars because the quality of my skin has improved dramatically. I have always had problem skin, haven't been out of the house without makeup on in a very long time. I've been using this product once a week for about six weeks now, and last week I noticed my skin is incredibly clear and smooth. I really recommend it for that reason alone. It's also MUCH more mild than some other peels and doesn't cause your face to peel excessively. I've used the strong salicylic acid peel and it just isn't practical to use if you have a job and don't want people to see your face peeling off in sheets. This peel produces better results without the pain and hassle of a prolonged peel. Great!

Jan 29, 2012 by Mr

This worked fabulously on my sceen. All my acne is gone. It did sting a little but nothing that isnt bearable.

Jan 26, 2012 by T-MAC

I've had peels at the dermatologist's office before so maybe that was the problem. The strengths of these peels definitely do not compare. No tingling, no nothing. I have to step up the strength or maybe use an unbuffered version I guess.

Great Products! Will Refill!
Jan 19, 2012 by shoelover

I bought both 1)Lactic 35% & Glycolic 25% Combo Gel Peel (Professional) and 2)206+ Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) as I was new to peels and wanted to try them on my sensitive and blemished skin.I started using only the Lactic 35% & Glycolic 25% Combo Gel Peel once every two weeks to allow my skin to get use to the peel, starting with 3 minutes and increasing to about 7 minutes (depending on individual). Initially, I suffered burns around my nose areas as I didn't know how to adjust the amount. As my skin get used to the peel, I found that it really help me rid my black heads around my nose.As my skin began to get accustomed to this peel (about 1.5 months later), I began to alternative between this and the stronger 206+ Gel Peel which I use on my melasma (using spot treatment). This peel was able to reach deep under the skin of some of these spots and after a few days, they begin to peel off like dead skin.After about nine months alternating both peels, I have had comments that my skin now looks clearer and lighter.Caution - always moisturize well after each peel. Follow up with hydrating masks the first 1-2 days at the least and sse strong sunscreen after each peel. Good Luck!

Dangerous Product
Jan 14, 2012 by KS

I have had professional chemical peels and have done some at home peel/exfoliate products in the past. This product is dangerous to use and I am still suffering the results 6 days after I used it. It burned my skin (left it on the 4 minutes suggested)....not discomfort while doing it. I did not go near my eyes with the product. Hours later, both eyes were puffy, one was actually quite swollen underneath and bruised with reds and light purples. The redness and puffiness has finally begun to subside (6 days later) The worst part is that the swelling accentuates the creases and lines around my eyes and the skin around my left eye looks about 20 years older than I am (I am 47). I highly recommend NOT buying this product.

Pleased with results
Jan 10, 2012 by Heidi A. Charlestream "H.A.C."

Overall I'm pleased with this product. I've been using it in the hopes of getting rid of breakouts in my cheeks and to fade hyperpigmentation from old zits. I have fair skin which is not oily at all. Every time I get a pimple it will leave behind a red mark whether I pick the pimple or not. If I don't pop my pimples they seem to take forever to resolve, although I am trying very hard not to touch them. The morning after my first use (1 minute) my skin looked great; marks looked lighter, pores looked tighter. However, in the following day my skin felt like it was flushing oil out and then I underwent a bad breakout. However, it resolved itself and it seems like when I do get a pimple it resolves more quickly and the marks fade more quickly as well. I followed the regimen of beginning slow and working up, but once I made it to five minutes I decided to try something new. I could feel a zit forming under my skin, so I dabbed on some of the product with a Q-Tip and left it on overnight. The next morning the zit had completely surfaced with a giant white head; gross! But I was able to squeeze it very gently and get all the junk out, and then I dabbed the spot again with a Q-tip dipped in product. By the end of the day I had a tiny red mark that looked like it had been healing at least a week. So now when I feel zits forming I do my Q-tip process and it helps a lot, plus I'll dab some on old marks to help fade them in-between full peels. I decided to purchase the saliyclic acid as well because I think the glyco/lac may not be enough to kill my zits, although perhaps it hasn't been long enough.

Jan 03, 2012 by L. Ludwig (Elon, NC)

The product was as described and it arrived promptly. I do not have problems with burning like some other people. I plan to continue using this peel to see how well it does on my face. I got it for my acne, and it seems to be slightly helpful. My acne isn

I dont see any improvement?
Dec 30, 2011 by versace

I wanted to give this a month or so before I commented on what I thought, I got it around the 1st week of Nov and I have been using it once a week, I dont really see a difference at all in my face? I did have a zit on my lower cheek and I spot treated there, I dont know hopefully it looks okay but it didnt today...also around that area it looks like I fell and scabbed my face, I noticed that happened in another area last time, and the 1st time this patch by my eye got dry and started peeling then I got another patch by my nose, I dont know I dont really see an improvement yet?

Dec 26, 2011 by Lindsay

I noticed an improvement in my skin texture after only one application. I think this product is a keeper and I will reorder when it's all gone. It also came very quickly to Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). I will be telling my friends about this site for sure

Dec 26, 2011 by E. Gregg-Garcia (Chicago, IL)

I love this peel. After each application I apply ,generously, good face cream. My skin looks great. My skin started to look spongy and less firm before I started using this peel. It has given my skin great results even after only two applications. Ladies,

Dec 21, 2011 by A. Rudoff (Los Angeles, CA)

GREAT seller and SUPERB product! I can't believe how amazing my skin looks after just a few uses! I will definitely shop more and come back again thank you- my skin looks AMAZING! Just in time for the holidays!??

4.4 5.0 240 240 I've always wanted to try a peel but not salon prices. If you follow the instructions.. I noticed a slight difference . I would recommend using this during the winter months. Durin Glycolac 60% Peel