Glycolic Acid 35% Peel


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Glycolic’s small molecule slips between the epidermis and stimulates collagen growth beneath the skin to minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
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Glycolic/35 is one of our most popular peels. It is a professional strength peel that is safe to use at home with generally no downtime! Glycolic acid generally causes little or no visible peeling, so it can be used without worrying about going out in public.

Glycolic Acid: The Workhorse of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Glycolic Acid is a superficial peeling agent that is made from sugar cane. It is often considered the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA). With repetitive and continuous use, improvement to skin tone and texture occurs. Once inside the skin’s cell, glycolic acid will serve as a catalyst for the formation of new collagen which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin’s surface. It’s small molecule allows it to slip beneath the epidermis to reach the collagen fibers below and results in 15%-25% thickening over 12 weeks. Glycolic acid has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma, actinic keratosis, acne, and oily skin, as well as other cosmetic uses.

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At-Home Peels, the Skin Cleansing Wave of the Future

Our peels provide you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of professional results at home, for a fraction of the cost. The 30ml and 100ml bottles are best for full facial applications. For specific areas, or spot treatments, we recommend the Glycolic 35 Roll-On.

Proven Effective

Clinical research and patient treatments clearly prove that AHAs are effective in helping to keep the skin clear and healthier. The research also confirmed that the majority of AHAs have larger molecular structures that do not penetrate the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) without high concentrations and lower pH levels. Glycolic Acid is the most adaptable and beneficial AHA. Its tiny molecular structure allows it to penetrate the epidermis to accelerate the body’s exfoliation process. It “loosens” the glue that bonds the cells together, allowing thickened and dead cells to “disappear.” The end result is smoother skin with better coloration, tone and texture. You will see improvements in cell renewal, firmness, texture, reduction of fine lines and increased moisture levels.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath.

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30ml, 100ml, Roll-on

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Glycolic Acid 35% Peel SKU UPC Model
Jul 18, 2011 by B. Rascona (Burke, VA )

I spent the weekend educating myself before doing my face. Just do not want a disfigured face because I was too eager to apply it. I did test an age spot on my chest and could not believe how difficult it was to see after. This is a spot that has driven m

so far so good
Jul 15, 2011 by Denise

I've only used it 3 times so far and have increased the time with each application starting with 3 min's - 8 min's. 3 minutes did little or nothing but the last two applications left my face feeling slick and smooth. Very little irritation if at all. It's still alittle early to tell but I am optomistic and being someone who typically skeptical about facial product, I do believethis is going to make some nice changes in my complexion.

Radiant Skin- Good Starter Peel!
Jul 13, 2011 by Adrienne B. Johnson "Adrienne2582"

I am a Professional Esthetician (Facialist) and I REALLY like this peel. I honestly have experienced MUCH stronger peels, but this is one that I can use regularly. Some peels out there are WAY too strong and make your skin red and raw. This one makes my skin glow, breaks down blackheads, and smooths the skin's texture. I literally gave myself this peel an hour before going to a friend's birthday party. My skin looked especially fresh and healthy! As a professional I recommend people put a teensy dab of vaseline in the corners of the nose and mouth before applying the peel to avoid any after flaking/dryness of the skin in those spots. You also MUST wear SPF when undergoing peels (peels make you more sun sensitive). Be VERY cautious with waxing...don't wax and peel on the same day. When you're done washing your peel off you MUST apply a good layer of moisturizer and eye creme to replenish your skin. My only complaint, is that this peel is a little bit runny so I would recommend buying a nylon fan brush to apply this which gives you much more control. Overall it is really a great product and was worth the money. I am going to try a higher concentration next (my skin can take it)!

Jul 09, 2011 by caramalntlkt

I use this peel along with others on a rotating basis. I am a light complexioned african american female with acne & scars and very sensitive skin. After much research I have used this in combination with the lactic and salicylic acid peels, ON SEPARATE O

Jul 07, 2011 by J. Whitehead (APO, AE)

This product is a great level of glycolic acid to start with. I use it every 4 days. I started with 3 minutes, then moved to 5, now I am on 10 min. My skin is smooth and toned. My lines are starting to become less obvious. I also like that it is a gel bec

Re-texturize your skin!
Jul 02, 2011 by jenM

This is a good product if you have mild acne and somewhat oily skin. I have some major acne, but I still saw some benefits from this product. It definitely made my skin feel smoother for a few days after using it. And it does help some pimples come to the surface as well as dry out some that may already be at the surface. Just make sure to put a good sunscreen on for a few days after using this as well as a moisturizer for at least a couple days. Unfortunately, my skin is in need of something that will give it a good peel and really go deep, something that not even a stronger formulation can do for me. But I would use this product weekly in between using a deeper peel just to maintain.

Wish I'd Bought a Stronger One
Jun 29, 2011 by Tamara P. Thomas "NY Sassy Shopper"

Overall, it works well. Much better than the GlycoLac I first bought. My skin has lots of dark spots from breakouts, especially under my chin. This does a better job at helping fade the marks than my DDF Glycolic Toner and I can leave it on longer than the GlycoLac without running screaming for my sink. I have the neutralizer, but I don't even need it for this peel. I only wish I'd bought a stronger concentration. Caveat: I don't recommend this if you've never had any kind of peel. I've been getting professional peels for ages and I'm an old hand at this. This review is for people like me who have experience with professional peels. Please don't use this unless you have previous experience with peels, this is a professional strength product.

No extraordinary results... yet!
Jun 27, 2011 by lettherainfalldown1

As I'm reading all these reviews, it seems like this product is more effective and works faster on acne & scars...neither of which I (thankfully) have...I do have some fine lines that I am trying to minimize (I want to avoid botox/fillers at all costs)...I've used it for a couple weeks (once a week, 6 min @ a time) and haven't really seen any improvement. That being said, I realize that skin takes at least 6 weeks to completely turn over, so I am hoping that the promises these reviews rant about do, eventually, come true. I'm going to keep at it and will hopefully be back with a glowing review in a couple months! :)

Jun 26, 2011 by E. Brennan (Norwalk, CT )

I've been using this once a week for the past two weeks and definitely see a difference in my skin. Since I don't have sensitive skin, I usually leave it on for the max of eight minutes and haven't had a bad reaction. Highly recommend.??

It really does work.....
Jun 21, 2011 by Christina Renee Graves

It worked for me. Ive had it for a few days. But I was a little afraid to try it out...I mean, c''s acid...on my face. But I worked out my fears. I am a dark-skinned african-american. I never used to break out really. but I recently began using a new moisturizer that broke me out something serious AND made my pores appear big enough to sprout whiskers. So last night, I applied the Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel with a cotton ball...and left it on for 1 minute. It stung....but as long as I concentrated on something else for that minute...I got through the stinging. The sting actually lessened the longer it stayed on. But I washed it off right after a minute. After I practically drowned myself in the sink to ensure I had all the acid off and made sure my entire face was neutrilized, all I felt was a slight tingle. I applied some soothing cream and a new moisturizer and went to bed. I woke in the morning...with NO break out. Smooth skin, all though, a little drier than normal. But SMOOTH. And my pores??? Can barely see them. Its absolutely amazing. My skin is soooo smooooth. My break out eliminated...overnight. And I usually have really oily skin but my skin seems balanced. I havent had to use my oil blotting papers today OR apply extra moisturizer. Perfectly balanced and smooth. I WILL continue to use this!

Love It
Jun 20, 2011 by Anthony Reed

Stop paying a dermatologist or "beauty spa" all of your hard-earned cash when you can use this to minimize wrinkles! I've used it twice so far-- every two weeks, as recommended-- and can already tell a difference. It does NOT create miracles. Deeper wrinkles do not go away. However, it's greatly minimized part of my large (and deep) forehead wrinkle and helped significantly with others. There's absolutely a noticeable difference. By the way, the burn is not pleasant, but it's tolerable... and what's nice about this is that it's up to YOU how long it's on. Even if you can only leave it on for less than a minute, using this product is still far more economical than anything you'd get done elsewhere.

Worked on My Sun Damage!
Jun 13, 2011 by JayRay

I had dark areas from over exposure to the sun including a very embarrassing "mustache". I thought I would give this stuff a try before I spent over 1000 on a laser peel. I took several months, but I only leave it on for 10 min once a week at the most. The dark spots are gone. Really - this stuff works.

Known carcinogen used in this product
Jun 11, 2011 by ChrisAnn Brunsmann

propylene glycol is a colourless, volatile, flammable liquid produced by fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates. Alcohol is frequently used as a solvent. As an ingredient in ingestible products, alcohol may cause body tissues to be more vulnerable to carcinogens. Mouthwashes with an alcohol content over 25% have been implicated in mouth, tongue and throat cancers. Note, the forms of alcohol used in cosmetics are not necessarily those used in alcoholic drinks, and may be much more dangerous. I wish they would remove it from this product as it goes directly into the skin during the peel process.

glycolic acid -love it
Jun 06, 2011 by Denise

I use the glycolic acid about 2-3 times a week. It is the only product that can help my skin look better, it keeps your pores clear and small and gives your skin a better skin tone. I am using a 15% glycolic acid facial cleanser everyday but using this product in between makes it even better without drying my skin. I love it and wouldn't use anything else.

Jun 06, 2011 by N. Agnew

The Glycolic acid is great! BE CAREFUL, it is very easy to burn your skin, as I've done that at least 5 times. I recommend using vasline around the sensitive areas (under eye, mouth creases, under nose and near eyebrows) to ensure none of the peel gets in

Jun 01, 2011 by K. Jansson (Fairfax, CA )

Item came quickly and packaged well. I have used this product three times since its arrival. It has a slight burning, tingling feel, but nothing severe. No skin irritation at all. I do not have problem skin, but I have noticed a decrease in pore size. I h

Likin' It
May 28, 2011 by Bri

I really like this peel, and it has become a weekly treat for my skin. I like this because I have SUPER sensitive skin and dermatological peels make me peel so badly that it has the opposite effect on my skin. It is strong enough yet gentle enough for me. HOWEVER, I made the mistake of applying this one tim after I washed my face with my Clarisonic. Don't do this! It made the product too strong and burned the skin by my eye. Don't underestimate the power of this peel. I love it, but use with caution!

May 28, 2011 by A. Reese (Melbourne, FL )

Love the product, love the service. I'll order again. I had an annoying mark on my face from a laser procedure and it just would not go away. After using the glycolic peel 30% twice, the mark had nearly completely faded, was no longer slightly raised, and

It has worked wonders for me
May 24, 2011 by M. L. Williams

I have just completed my third treatment and my skin looks amazing. I admit I do have great genes but I am middle aged and my skin began doing the "middle aged hormonal freakout thing." I had some fine lines, hyperpigmentation and micro comedones that needed to be dealt with.This product has helped me deal with those issues. I used the 35%. My skin is thick and oily so I left it on for a total of 20 minutes. I did not burn and I never actually "peeled". A couple of my problem spots did flake a little but that was it. I followed each treatment with a generous slathering of Dermalogica Power Recovery Masque and got incredible results.The microcomedones are gone, the appearance of fine lines and pores has been reduced, my skin is smooth, and the hyperpigmented spots are lightening. My skin has a nice healthy glow.That is all I wanted from a glycolic peel. I can't wait to see what results the next three treatments yield. I am very pleased with my purchase.

May 23, 2011 by F. Allwood (KENNER, LA)

Just now I have only used the Glyco-Lac/60, and one time. It was great for the first time. I only left it on my skin for 1 minute, and my face feels great. Easy to apply with the recomended brush, and as soon as you rinse it, you can see the difference. G

May 20, 2011 by Jody from Wisconsin


It works!!!
May 19, 2011 by lmcatherine

This product is mild and very effective, from my perspective. I have noticed that after using it for a bit, i have no reaction any longer with the burning sensations that would last for a few short minutes. My skin texture is clearer and more visably softer looking than before I started to use it.

Glycol Peel
May 17, 2011 by L. Mulvey

An excellent product. When used as directed - worksvery well. Good, fast delivery. I recommend it to allmy friends!

May 08, 2011 by K. Garrett (Brooklyn,??NY)

I've ordered from this seller quite a few times already and have had nothing but pleasant experiences. My orders always arrives well before the anticipated delivery date, and the condition is pristine. I look forward to doing business with them many more

10 years younger
May 07, 2011 by JMW

At 51 my face was starting to show my age. Crows feet around my eyes, deep ridge wrinkles in my forehead and between my eyebrows. I started with the 35% solution for 6 weeks working my way up to 10 minutes. After my 2nd peel my ex-husband looked at my face and said I looked 10 years younger and wanted to know if I was injecting botox! That's how great I looked. The 3rd day after each peel I could see incredible results. I don't have any wrinkles or lines around my eyes at all anymore. Even the dark circles under my eyes are less noticeable. The deep creases in my forehead are way less visible. This stuff is amazing. Now all my friends and the ladies I work with are doing it. I'm using the 50% solution now hoping to further reduce the creases in my forehead. There was no peeling or redness with the 35% solution but I do have redness with the 50% solution. It goes away overnight however.

Works Great!!!
May 06, 2011 by Jack-E

I have used this product 4 times, so far and there has been a dramatic difference in my hyper-pigmentation. My scars are much lighter now.

May 05, 2011 by E. Devaney

I'm not usually the type of person that writes reviews, but I feel I need to in this case! :)I have never used such an EFFECTIVE product in my life that actually delivers *exactly* what it says it will!I saw this peel had so many 5 star reviews... I thought I'd give it a try & I'm jolly *delighted* I did!!!This glycolic peel is worth every penny!!! I have spent thousands of dollars on products trying to get the results that this peel gives.... Only if I had known about this sooner!! :DI have used the peel x3 times now & i continue to be *dazzled* by the results!!!I have had very problematic skin with cystic acne since I was 13, my skin went so crazy at one point (I actually had a solid beard of cystic acne on my face & neck) & had to go on two rounds of accutane :(The main thing I was really hoping for with this product is that my skin would be more radiant, less acne, faded scarring, firmer skin, less fine lines on my forehead, smaller pores, (I know I'm asking ALOT) :DBut it's *EXACTLY* what I got! :) I'm NOT exaggerating!!!! I actually think my skin appears plumper too!!!I'm absolutely *OVER THE MOON* with this peel & will be most definitely be continuing using it!!!I get *super* excited the day I get to apply my peel .... After i use it.... I actually can't stop staring at my skin in the mirror because I'm just so *AMAZED & DELIGHTED* with the results!!! :)I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product to everyone!!!Hope this helps you lovelies :)

May 02, 2011 by dora

I experienced no peeling. For me the acid is not strong enough to make my skin peel. After I use it, it does leave my skin looking brighter the day after.

May 02, 2011 by R. Ugalde (Pasadena, CA)

When I opened the top of the envelope i cut the top of the instrucion manual. Please fold it in half or use abigger envelope next time!!!??

May 02, 2011 by S. Rautiola (Michigan)

The Salicylic Acid works great to clean my skin -- leaves a fresh look and keeps pores cleaner than anything I have used over many years.??

Glycolic Acid 35% Review
Apr 29, 2011 by brandeg

I have tried this twice now but I have not seen in great results. I did notice my skin seemed to be very soft but that is it. I left it on for 6 minutes with 2 passes the first time and 8 minutes with 3 passes the second time. It did sting both times so it seemed like it was working. Maybe I need something stronger?

no difference
Apr 28, 2011 by taxinjazz

I have been using this product for 7 weeks now and I have worked my way up to 10 minutes. I have to say I have noticed no difference in my skin. It is a little red for a day or two but that is it. It's a waste of $20 plus for me.

Apr 27, 2011 by Tonya

Great peel for moderate hyper-pigmentation. Regular use produces excellent results. I get compliments on my skin all the time!

Apr 25, 2011 by J. Dollar (SC)

SUPER PRODUCT! Previous reviews are correct, saw immediate improvement after first treatment. No irritation and have very sensitive, fair, eczema type skin. I am still very careful because, products like this should be used with respect and caution, as wi

Apr 24, 2011 by N. Remy (IL)

Hasn't worked at all; according to the past reviewer I feel no tingling at all...maybe it's a low dose for me (i'm a light-skinned african american) and i thought a low dose would be right but I might have a bad batch or something??

very pleased !
Apr 23, 2011 by my two boys

I have only used this product a few times and already I have noticed a difference in my skin. It appears smoother and tighter. I have had ALOT of sun in the past and this seems to help with the fine lines.

Glad at last!
Apr 22, 2011 by baddawg

I have been looking for a glycolic acid for a while now and was thrilled when I found this one. I have used 35% peel Glycolic acid a while ago and, once I learned to use it properly, it worked wonders. This product did the same. The very first time I used it, my rough face smoothed out-- soft to the touch (like a baby's bottom). I use it more often and for a longer time, because I know what to look for and my skin is accustomed to the product's processes. My daughter (18) however, uses it as instructed and finds it does what she needs it to do.

Good peel
Apr 17, 2011 by S. Warner

This was my first time using a peel, I left this on for five mins because it took that long to feel a tingle. I have used store bought glyco products in the past and this was stronger but I got the same results. I am satisfied with this and look forward to continued use.

what a surprise!
Apr 16, 2011 by Steph

i have recently started using this in addition to other skin care products i purchased on Amazon. My skin improved so much and looks amazing, even better than when i used to get professional treatments and facials, when the price is about 100 times less! i usually deep clean my skin about three times a week with a facial scrub and brush. and i use the glycolic gel peel once or twice a week. REMEMBER to use sunscreen and moisturizer every day. The result will surprise you as it did to me.

glycolic acid 35% gel peel
Apr 16, 2011 by litdimples

I used the glycolic peel the first night i received it, I left it on for 4 minutes and was amazed at the results the next morning. My skin was smooth and the pores just seemed to be smaller. First i thought it was just my imagination and wishful thinking, but after the second application four days later, my skin looked even better. Great product, just follow the direction.

Apr 16, 2011 by K. Mestousis (Houston)

I had no problems with the seller, they were great. However, I don't really feel like the product is very good. I'm not sure if I should have purchased the 50% peel or if the product line isn't very good.??

Great results!
Apr 15, 2011 by Jean

I'm glad I read someone else's review where they warned to take it off as soon as it started to burn. If I had kept it on 1-2 minutes, I would have been in trouble. Skin came off in sheets, like a sunburn, and was flaky for about a week. Now, my forehead is as smooth as glass.

Good product to use at home
Apr 14, 2011 by Dog5lover

This product really seemed to make my tired skin look better after a few uses. It was much gentler than I thought it would be; I have very sensitive skin and had no irritation from it at all. I used it exactly as the instructions recommended and am happy with the results. The results are sublte and take a few weeks to notice, but I do see a difference. I would definitely purchase this again. It's so much more affordable than having a chemical peel done in a dermatologist's office!

Fine, so far!
Apr 13, 2011 by Linda Carlson

I've only used the glycolic acid three or four times, and I'm only up to about four minutes (adding one minute with every application) far, no problems, and very light peeling that left behind lovely skin. I did use a Neutrogena cream after the first minute-long application, but have not in subsequent applications---but I've been using a different, milder peel from the same company for about 15 months, so I think my skin is conditioned to acids. I think it's very, very important that you do the skin test on an arm before trying it on your face, and that you start carefully, with short applications and none of the acid near your eyes or mouth. Besides the directions that come with the peel, consider using Google to track down more instructions and warnings.

Apr 13, 2011 by A. Marshall (Utah)

Product arrived as expected; however, w/ regard to packaging, I used scissors to cut the packaging open and later realized I cut through the instruction pamphlet. On the flip side, there was no unnecessary bulk in packaging and I think that's the bigger i

Love it!
Apr 12, 2011 by eve

This is a great product, especially if you have not had a peel in a while (or ever)..... Its not too much as far as strength and peeling.. really happy.. I'm 46 using it on up and coming lines and it is working wonders... got rid of some BIG pores... Thank you Amazon for sending it via rocket ship.. got here in no time...xoxo

Glycolic Acid 35%
Apr 11, 2011 by Heather

Item arrived fast and certainly works. I have been using for about 1-3 min on my face and stomach (stretch marks from a pregnancy) about 1-2 times per week for about a month now. My face shows clear visible improvement in skin quality. So far nothing on the stretch marks, but they are very pronounced, so if I see any improvement at all I would expect it to take longer.Be sure to use sunscreen whil using this product. I have a wicked face burn from being out for a few hours in the spring.

Apr 08, 2011 by D. Franzella (San Bruno)

Great service received item on time! I have had professional peels but just in a couple of minutes I burn with this Glycolic Acid. I think I will go back to the professionals. I may look like a snake for a few days but it is not patchy and results are muc

so far, so good.
Apr 05, 2011 by RHONDA, media junkie

I'm 46, and want my 13 year old collagen back. That hasn't happened yet. I've finished my 1st 6 week round and I see small improvements. The peel only hurt, barely, the 1st time I used it, and that was after i rinsed it off. It felt like a mild sunburn. Next month, I'll start another round. After my sister saw it didn't burn my skin off, she bought a bottle for her tummy stretch marks, which she calls halloween skin. After 4 peels of not even leaving it on the right amount of time, 1 min. rather than 10, her stretch marks are almost gone. Her before and after is amazing. She's 36. So it's worth a try if you want to improve your skin quality. I'm glad I bought it.

Not bad, not impressive
Apr 04, 2011 by beauty

After peel, the skin feels smooth and soft. But I didn't see much improvement on the pore, neither the white head on my chin.

4.2 5.0 564 564 I was nervous about doing chemical peels at home, as I have no experience with this kind of stuff. I decided to research thoroughly and this was the first chemical peel product tha Glycolic Acid 35% Peel