Glycolic Acid 35% Peel


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Glycolic’s small molecule slips between the epidermis and stimulates collagen growth beneath the skin to minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
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Glycolic/35 is one of our most popular peels. It is a professional strength peel that is safe to use at home with generally no downtime! Glycolic acid generally causes little or no visible peeling, so it can be used without worrying about going out in public.

Glycolic Acid: The Workhorse of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Glycolic Acid is a superficial peeling agent that is made from sugar cane. It is often considered the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA). With repetitive and continuous use, improvement to skin tone and texture occurs. Once inside the skin’s cell, glycolic acid will serve as a catalyst for the formation of new collagen which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin’s surface. It’s small molecule allows it to slip beneath the epidermis to reach the collagen fibers below and results in 15%-25% thickening over 12 weeks. Glycolic acid has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma, actinic keratosis, acne, and oily skin, as well as other cosmetic uses.

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At-Home Peels, the Skin Cleansing Wave of the Future

Our peels provide you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of professional results at home, for a fraction of the cost. The 30ml and 100ml bottles are best for full facial applications. For specific areas, or spot treatments, we recommend the Glycolic 35 Roll-On.

Proven Effective

Clinical research and patient treatments clearly prove that AHAs are effective in helping to keep the skin clear and healthier. The research also confirmed that the majority of AHAs have larger molecular structures that do not penetrate the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) without high concentrations and lower pH levels. Glycolic Acid is the most adaptable and beneficial AHA. Its tiny molecular structure allows it to penetrate the epidermis to accelerate the body’s exfoliation process. It “loosens” the glue that bonds the cells together, allowing thickened and dead cells to “disappear.” The end result is smoother skin with better coloration, tone and texture. You will see improvements in cell renewal, firmness, texture, reduction of fine lines and increased moisture levels.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath.

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by Heavy Hitter on Blank Product Name
Safe Product

I was nervous about doing chemical peels at home, as I have no experience with this kind of stuff. I decided to research thoroughly and this was the first chemical peel product that I have ever done. The 35% was a perfect beginners peel. I didn't expect dramatic results and knew I had to be patient.The instructions say to leave the peel on for one minute the first time. It did sting a bit but nothing bad at all. My skin felt tighter.The 2nd time i kept it on for 3 minutes and gradually increased the length of time with each additional peel buy a minute or two. The instructions say to never leave it on longer than 8 minutes.I do the peels every 14 days and I just completed my 6th peel recently. I cleanse my face with Cetaphil face wash and then I apply Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. Once dry, I then apply 3ml of the chemical peel to a 2x2 non-sterile gauze pad. I rinse the peel off with plain cool water from the sink or shower for a minute or two. No baking soda needed. Once face is dry I apply Cetaphil Daily Advance Lotion.I never did actually peel but I didn't expect to because I knew this was a superficial chemical peel. It's good for beginners or anyone who wants a quick peel with no down time. It fixed a couple of patches around my nose that would always be dry and require lotion. That alone was worth the little money I spent. It clears blackheads nicely. It makes your face smooth and glowing. I do notice a reduction in my old hyperpigmentation as well.I will do a couple of more peels of this before I step up to a 15% TCA peel. I have a lot more confidence knowing that I can safely do chemical peels at home without paying the exorbitant prices at spas and clinics. I highly recommend this chemical peel.

by mimi dygert on Blank Product Name
like it !

It is taking time but the product is working. I feel it will take at least 6 weeks. Sun damage is a big deal.

by Anna Shannon on Blank Product Name
Absolutely Fantastic Product

I applied just as directed and left on for 3 minutes for my first time. A noticeble difference. I would highly recommend. I also ended up doing my neck and decollage area as well. This is a must have now for me item.

by katylinda on Blank Product Name
Not all peels are created equal

I have mild scarring on my face. The oldest scars are about 8 years old. I'm 26. Over the years I've used different exfoliating lotions, and through that process figured out that glycolic acid is the only acid my skin tolerates (lactic acid, for example, makes me break out horribly.) I strongly suggest that anyone interested in trying peels do this first.I've been doing at-home peels for the past two and a half years. I started with Skin Laboratory Glycolic 25% 30mL, which I was thrilled with. It's a gel, so it's easy to apply evenly, and it tingles but does not burn. Immediately after the peel, my face looked and felt great! So fresh and clean. Over time some smaller scars disappeared, my husband raved about how bright my face looked, and it helped with the appearance of deeper scars. After I had used that bottle up, I decided to upgrade to 35%. I was hesitant about shelling out for the 100mL bottle of 35%, so I tried a different brand's 35% glycolic peel.THAT peel was not so great. XYZ brand's peel was all liquidy, so even when dabbing it on with cotton balls, it was impossible to apply consistently. It helped somewhat with existing scars, but in other areas of my face it actually did more harm than good. It was too harsh and was extremely uncomfortable to use. For days afterward my face would look dingy and dirty as the top layer of skin peeled off. While this is to be expected on some level with a peel, I've found that Skin Laboratory's gel peel does not cause this to the same degree.I finally got fed up with XYZ brand peel and decided to go back to Skin Laboratory. I'm so glad I did. Just did the first peel with it and it's just as pleasing as the 25%.I recently tried the XYZ brand liquid peel on my arms, which helped with dark spots from when I was younger (I used to spend lots of time outside, getting scraped up and being in the sun for hours at at time). So I would say, use the liquid peels on your body, but stick with Skin Laboratory's gel peels for your face.

by angela jk on Blank Product Name
This is the perfect exfoliator. No scrubbing that micro-scratches the skin and ...

Not for sensitive skin. This is the perfect exfoliator. No scrubbing that micro-scratches the skin and no tugging or pulling the skin with your hands in order to cleanse. Absolutely the best way to brighten my very sluggish, oily skin. Have used it for over ten years.

by caitlin on Blank Product Name
Works, have to use more than once though. LOVE IT

this helped out a lot! i was nervous that it would make me break out more, but it actually cleared up my skin and the peeling wasnt visible. worth the money and little bit of stinging! a little goes a long way too.

by Motya on Blank Product Name
Tight and bright skin.

Excellent product. I have been using it once a week for a year with always perfect results: tightens and brightens skin in 5 minutes, improves skin color and oil secretion, removes back and white heads, excellent before deep skin cleaning to remove oils since it opens the pores right after rinse and tightens pores afterwords. Do not keep more that 5 minutes due to high risk of skin burn, had it ones. Use with ultrasonic skin brush to rinse off.

by Christina on Blank Product Name
Been using for last 3 years

Great for exfoliation once or twice a week depending on your skin. Clear away flaky skin especially in cold weather. Followed by moisturizer.

by Angela on Blank Product Name
It's different than the last time I purchased this product!! Not happy.

Purchased this 3.4 fl. Oz. size because I didn't notice it was still available in the 1 oz. size that I had purchased in the past. It's from the same manufacturing Skin Laboratories, and is the same glycolic/35 formula on the label, but it did work as well as the 1oz size. I kept it on for 4 minutes like I had in the past, and I didn't even feel a tingle on my face like I had felt with the smaller size. I feel either it is watered down, expired or the formulation has changed.Very disappointed!

by cafe.inspiron on Blank Product Name
its really works

i have purchased this one for about 10 month plus, but i dont use it much as how the instruction recommended, but i saw the result after 3 times usage. My skintone becomes more and more even, whiter also. My mom and sis also told me that my skin looks much better than las year.

by Mr. Pickles on Blank Product Name
big fan

I use this peel all the time. I have written other reviews about the product. You have to know what you are doing before using a peel but if you are experienced, it definitely makes my skin look great and it definitely reduces the gunk in my pores.

Glycolic peel

I love this product and use it weekly during winter months for several weeks. I only use it before bedtime. Really helps with any acne and skin turns super soft. I prefer this strength over the 50%, but if you never used it before start with a lower strength and work your way up to this one.

Great product use with caution

At one time II was able to afford high end beauty supply products- name brands Sephora, etc. as well as professional facials. I can no longer afford such expensive products/services.Hence, I started reading extensive reviews, watching Utube for suggestions( i.e. this is where I learned that the Monistat Chafting gel has the same ingredients as Sephora's primer (is actually better with less additives), etc., and started purchasing Amazon products that are extremely cost effective and in some cases the same product used when I had professional treatment, i.e. 35% Glycolic Acid, Emu oil, Argan Oil, Squalane, etc.The results - if used properly - provide me the same results as professional treatment. Highly recommend these products but caution to read the reviews, especially on peel products such as the Glycolic Acid, so you do not damage skin and get exceptional results.

by Pretola on Blank Product Name

Hi, I liked this product but I just think that maybe I chose the wrong level for me, but it's ok because I prefer to start low just in case:-)The product seems to be great and it got to me on time and well packed.My skin did not peel one bit!!! But I did felt the black head coming out...good thing!My only problem was that it did not do much for me, because I used creams w/acids before, so I guess that got my skin more resilient to acids??. But because it was my first time trying a glycolic gel peel, I was afraid to go to high. So now it's time for me to go to the next level:-)

by berat on Blank Product Name
it works

this helped me reduce the appearance of the stretch marks i have on my legs, i used it weekly for about a month or so and still using it.

by Maria Perez De Silva on Blank Product Name
Very very impressed

It's perfect for renewing your skin. I used it once per month to improve skin tone and natural collagen. It also improves wrinkles.

by JulietteC on Blank Product Name
Good for someone new at peels

I ordered this in the past and it was great. This is a very weak version. It's a big bottle so I'm going to try using multiple layers and see if anything happens.

by Victora on Blank Product Name
Skin looks and feels great!

This product is absolutely amazing! Use by Victoria's secret models, I shouldn't be surprised. But, I was surprised to see how great my skin felt! I had just recently got sunburned and I waited one week, put this on, and my skin was like new! Dry skin was gone and my face wasn't red or discolored! No acne! This product really is worth the money!

by Jackson on Blank Product Name
Very satisfied

I'm a 56 year old man that went to a local spa and paid $150 for this treatment that is basically glycolic acid with a few other little foo foo additives. So I decided to buy the main ingredient and each time I've used this product it does reduce the minor wrinkles & lines. It burns a little initially and I leave it on for 5-8 minutes and doesn't dry out my skin if I rinse well with water. I use it once/week but it recommends once/3 weeks.

by C. Dopp on Blank Product Name
Great results, really dimished wrinkles, eliminates acne, great glow

I can't say enough about this product. I do IPL for basic tone correction, this peel prevents discoloration between IPL treatments (usually once per year), improves tone, reduces pore size, and improves wrinkles. It's subtle, and gives me a great glow! I do follow directions strictly, only keeping on for a minute and then rinsing for three...

by Subee on Blank Product Name
Gentle enough to use every week.

Skin feel very soft after using. My skin loves the acid peels so I leave it on much longer than the recommended 8 minutes and have never been burned.

by Sun Set on Blank Product Name
Did not work

I purchased this product for my son who has mild acne and for my fine facial lines. I applied this product correctly for 8 months and did not notice any results. It burned, but standing in front of the air vent helped.

about to try it

i saw this product today and am yet to try it but i want to know if it really works on stretch marks?i gave it 3 stars because am yet to try.

by prynces88 on Blank Product Name
it works

it does everything it said it will will be a month before you see any real results but it's definatly worth it

by Susie Q on Blank Product Name
Always loved this peel!

I love this peel for wrinkles (under the eyes) and brown spots. After using once, my skin has a glow. I have been using this product for nearly 3 years and have not been disappointed yet. Will continue to buy as long as it is available. Really makes a difference in my skin care and I don't have to use so many creams, salves, etc. This product and a good moisturizer is all one really needs (and saves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

by onlineshopper7 on Blank Product Name
Good product

This product works very well but after having used it for several months, my next purchase will be a stronger strength.

by Karen Satizabal on Blank Product Name
Love It


by 1st yr nursing student on Blank Product Name
Works good

A gentle peel. No flaking or redness. After a few uses skin is very soft and flaws are minimized. Follow directions, also buy a neutralizer.

by Honestly on Blank Product Name
Has helped with my stubborn, resistant melasma!

I started out with Lactic 50%, then Lactic 70%, which helped fade my melasma significantly, then I moved on to this one. I have loved the results of these peels. I went with the glycolic 35% because I heard it was harsher than the lactic and didn't want to plunge in but rather build up some tolerance. It did sting more than the lactic but nothing ridiculous. My skin did look smoother and somewhat clearer and also helped my melasma a little but it does not have the moisturizing qualities of the lactic. From my understanding, they work on different levels of the skin, the glycolic being able to work at a deeper level than the lactic so now I alternate one week of lactic, one of glycolic. The first time I tried this peel, I started with a one minute application. I had mild tingling but nothing extreme. I added 1 min each time until I was doing 4 minutes. I continue to notice subtle improvements on my face as I continue my applications. I've struggled with stubborn, resistant hyper-pigmentation (melasma) around my eyes for years. I tried countless products that seemed to work for others but did not work for me. Only photofacials had been able to remove it but it returned with the slightest bit of sun (hyper-active melanocytes) so photofacials were just too expensive for a temporary solution. These peels, week by week, (and a gradual increase in strength, along with a combination of other products I have listed on my profile), slowly faded them. As I moved on to stronger peels, its now 95% gone. It will still occasionally come back when I have a run in with the sun but it fades away again. The company has a lot of information on their website and are very responsive so I continue to buy from them. NOTES ON PEELS:-Don't do it more often than they recommend. They recommend you do it every so often for a reason. Your skin has to have time to heal and develop new skin before you strip it away again.-You HAVE to wear sunblock. Your skin is more exposed and vulnerable to damage from sun. Protect it. If you don't you are canceling out or even reversing your progress. I like this one, Ole Henriksen Protect the Truth Sunscreen SPF 50+-1.7 oz. Its not the best moisturizer but as a sunblock, its great. Its my favorite because its hard to find high spf that doesn't leave a white haze, smell funky or make your eyes tear up.-When you are doing your peels, make sure you start with a clean DRY face, water will dilute the acid in your peel. I am wondering if thats why some people did not see any results. I wash my face, swipe it with alcohol on a cotton ball to remove any leftover oils and to help dry it. Wait 10-15 minutes, then apply the peel.-Use a fan brush like this oneTaklon Fan Mask Brush Acid Applicator for Glycolic Lactic TCA Skin Peel / Masques (Small). Mine has lasted over a year. You can use cotton balls/squares but I think they absorb product so you will waste some and get less peels out of your bottle.-Watch your face when the peel is on. The recommended time is a guideline, everyones skin is different and reacts differently. Thats why they recommend you start slow. Some are ok 1 min the first time, others the full 4 min. Once your skin starts looking pinkish, its time to remove. If it gets red, you've gone too long.-Make sure you wash off ALL of the acid. Wash, rewash, wash again. I like to shower right after to make sure its all gone. Any leftover acid will continue to work its way into your skin. I like to use a post peel neutralizer as an extra precaution. MD Formulations had a post peel neutralizer that was AWESOME but they don't sell it individually. I am trying this one Neutralizer skin pH balancer helps balance the pH of your skin for the safe and effective neutralization after peeling.. It works but I am still trying to find one more like the MD formulations one. You pour onto cotton ball and sweep your face right after peel, then wash it off with water. You can also mix your own neutralizer using baking soda and water.-Moisturize after. This one has been my favorite to use after, Hydrating Repair Peptide Wrinkle Cream (Post Peel) - Enhanced with Matrixyl?? 3000, Argireline??, Hyaluronic Acid & Natural Botanical Extracts. I also use it as a night cream. Very moisturizing and doesn't feel greasy or leave a residue.

by S. Wesley "Ms. Wes" on Blank Product Name
dont really care for this peel,

it always breaks the skin as soon as its applied, plus it gives me alot of tiny bumps all over my face. I love the other peels that skin laboratory has. Their quality is by far better than any other peels out there. Obssesion n the others are waterd down. I will continue to order peels from them because the make my skin look amazing. This peel just wasnt for me im in my early 20s so i have no wrinkles n i dont need collagen so i used the wrong peel thats it! But i must say it was on time...

brighter and more glowing skin, love it.

I tried lower strength glycolic and also salicylic peel at first to be cautious, then this 35% gel and I've been using it for years. I try to use it once a week and only little visible peeling but skin looks smoother. I also used TCA and Jessner peel and it works well too and I use it once a month. These 2 gives me the same result I get from Obagi Nuderm but cheaper and I get faster result. It stings a little like sunburn so I use Strivectin on red areas which I usually get below the outer corner of my eyes.

by k. hinkle on Blank Product Name

I rec'd product 2 days before expected which was a great beginning. I washed my hands, neck and face with mild cleanser and used witch hazel.I waited 1/2 hr and started on my hands and neck. No tingling on hands but neck wasnt even a one of 10 on pain level. I left it on full 10 minutes, I have had professional chemical peels before with good results.I like that it is a gel. Lots of control. Use lots of water to remove product. Hands looked soft, clean and a tiny bit younger. What was a surpise was my neck. I had red blotches on both sides of neck and they were GONE! Very pleased.I started on my face. I am a 56 yr old woman with all the normal issues. I have not excatly taken care of my skin. Sun damage, open pores white heads on nose, tiny scars on cheeks from acne. Pain was a 1 out of 10 and left it on 8 minutes. Skin softer, pores very clean and smaller. Sun spots were very red but I expected that. Used moisturize and waited. Skin was tighter for sure. After about an hour, I noticed sun spots had calmed down and a few had faded. Not much mind you but I was happy. I will continue to use product and I do expect changes. Be careful if you have never had chemical peels!! Start slow.

by 1st yr nursing student on Blank Product Name
Good product

This is a very gentle peel. It has smoothed out my skin. I haven't seen a great reduction in brown spots or wrinkles yet. I am using it once per week on face & neck.

by Graduate student on Blank Product Name
Great if diluted

I started by diluting this solution with 50% water. I am still having some peeling 1 week later. The peel was not painful, but my skin was red afterwards, and I did feel some tingling. I am going to do another peel after my skin stops peeling; then, I may try to increase the concentration. I have very sensitive pale skin, so I have to be very careful about what I put on my face. It is completely accurate that one person could use this product full strength the first time and be fine, but I am SO glad that I diluted it 50%. I'm sure if I had used it full strength that I would have had negative results. I would suggest beginners try diluting it first, then increase concentrations to whatever works best for your skin. Be careful and enjoy the results!

by InAlt on Blank Product Name
Perfect and easy

I love this stuff -- I use it every few days, and have noticed a big change in my skin in about 2 weeks. I follow it with the La Prairie Firming Mask, and then the Dermagenics Collagen Recovery.

by K. Rothman on Blank Product Name
Works great

My husband and I have gotten many peels from the dermatologist do we bought this to try at home. It works well but needs to be left on much longer than the package states. I've not had an issue with dry or peeling skin and I have very sensitive skin. I think we will try the stronger solution next time.

by Sherri on Blank Product Name
No Need for Foundation Anymore!!!

I'm very happy with the results I'm getting using this stuff. I'll be 42 in a few months. I was looking for something to help with the wrinkles I've started getting this past year. I was excited to find out that I can give myself a professional chemical peel at home. I can't afford the spa prices or go to a dermatologist. :(After seeing so many great reviews for this product, especially from those who HAVE paid spa or dermatologist prices and said that the quality is the same, I decided to go ahead and try it.I've begun getting smokers wrinkles and that was my primary purpose in trying out this stuff. They are diminished greatly. One of them is actually gone after just 4 treatments. But it's the overall appearance of my skin that I wasn't expecting. It positively glows! The tone is even, acne scars are greatly reduced, less blemishes. I've gotten lots of comments on how good my skin looks, even from men who never notice ANYTHING! It looks so good that I don't even need to wear foundation anymore! WOW!I have followed the directions to a 'T' to get these results.I've been using 100% pure hyaluronic acid serum to neutralize that I bought at Amazon as well.To be fair, I have also started using a few other things. I've basically change my entire skin care regimen.Since this review is for the acid peel, I won't talk about what all those changes are that have given my such great results. If anyone would like to know what I've been doing, please leave a comment asking about that. 🙂

by fortran programmer on Blank Product Name
Great product!

It took me a while to take the plunge in trying this product out, but I'm glad I did. Read the instructions carefully to understand the process. Then do what works best for you. For me, I cleanse my face on Sunday morning, followed by applying this product with a cotton ball (start at forehead, then work down). I set the timer on the microwave for 7 minutes (8 minutes is max and I take this into account by adding "apply" time with cotton ball). Once the timer goes off, I wash thoroughly with lukewarm water, pat dry, and apply my moisturizer for the day. My skin literally feels and looks better, and I look forward to this routine every weekend!


I purchased this product several months ago.I used it 2x per week and put some in my night creme like Olay has.I am so impressed with the results! I have had 3 friends purchse this as a result!Many people said what are you using on your face it looks amazing. Even a compliment from my Mother who never gives compliments. She said, omg your skin looks great you look younger what sre you using? She too has since purchased!My skin has a glow as it did in my 20's, I am 43. I too cannot believe the difference. My skin does look younger and glowing. Did not do anything for the one liver spot on the side of my face. I am going to now try the 50%. This product is so worth the money, cheap when comparedto what some will spend without such results! I am now a lifer with these peels! No down time as there is no notable peeling. I have looked at other sellers who give several samples of their produts wih purchse of the peel. That would be great too because you would also be marketing other produts that go hand in hand to make the peel more effective as the other companies are doing! Just a suggestion! Cant wait to order the 50%. I am told to not do peels in the summer as it will cause age spots per my doctor.I used rubbing alchol to prep my skin before peel. REMEMBER, use at least a 50 sun block after.

Did nothing

I only brought this peel because of the views. I don't know if it was strong enough for my face used it over 3 weeks now and I haven't seen nothing change. It gives me a tingling feeling but that's it. I kept it on for the whole 8 mins and no diffrence. Will not by again

I'm young and decided to get this product in order to get rid of all my acne scars and dark marks on my cheeks from previous years of horrible acne. I had read from other reviews that you'd feel a stinging while using the peel. While using it, it did stin

by Molly on Blank Product Name

I have used lots of glycolics, tried this one since I am on a budget. It is okay.Does the trick, but it really is worth it to spend the extra dollars for better professional grade products

by A. Mejia (Las Vegas, NV) on Blank Product Name

I've only used this product a couple of times. Each time I've used it I've noticed that my face is less oily. I still have some acne scars, but I think I just have to continue using it to see the full results. I used the product as directed in the packagi

by B. Little on Blank Product Name
Wow...really does work!

I'm a 40-something white guy...large pores run in my family. I stay out of the sun but in the last year my face has gotten craggier with some fine lines. I've used real retin-a with good results but eventually all it did was make by face red and cause it to flake.So I've only used this product 3 times but it really does make a difference. Pores and lines are reduced and my face has a nice smooth tone to it. Naysayers claim that acid peels simply irritate the face causing mild inflammation which reduces lines. But Glycolic acid is said to penetrate the cell wall easily and actually promote collagen...if this is true then this stuff is pure gold.Fun to use the stinging lets you know there's an immediate effect. I use a q-tip to spread it quickly across my face. I follow with a high quality moisturizer to hydrate. TIP: wash your face but don't used heavy soaps beforehand as they are alkali and neutralize the product.

by Jill "Jill, OldTime Film Fan" on Blank Product Name
Jill "Jill, OldTime Film Fan"

I bought this on a whim because I had a strange looking brown mole that was growing under my left eye. I got a quote of $500 from a plastic surgeon for him to use a laser beam to try and minimize its appearance. I decided to use a peel first myself, to see if it would possibly help me avoid the laser surgery. It took a little less than 2 weeks, dabbing the mole twice daily with this professional peel, leaving it on for 5 to 10 minutes, and then gently removing the residue with an aloe baby wipe, and then like magic the entire thing peeled off, leaving nice normal looking new skin underneath. To say that I was amazed and delighted is an understatement. Never ever thought a mole could just peel away!!! Try this product if you have some ugly imperfections forming on your skin you want to get rid of naturally. Of course if you suspect skin cancer you really should get such a lesion checked out first by a medical professional.

by Nondescript on Blank Product Name
Great product for your hands

I have been using this solution for about 2 months on my face once a week and leave it on for 10 min. I get a slight stinging sensation which goes away after it`s washed off. It has not diminished the appearance of any old depressed acne scaring (I have a few). Neither has it lightened a small area of melasma on my forehead. It generally just leaves my skin feeling ultra "clean" and the pores look a bit smaller and the next day my skin is slightly softer with a noticeably improved texture.I thought if I left it on longer, i`d get a better result, so I tested it, and left in on for about an hour on the back of my hands just to see what it would do. After I washed it off, my hands looked about 20 years younger. Once you hit a certain age, you realize that your face isn`t the only part that shows visible signs of aging and when you have to look at your hands all day long everyday with age spots glaring back at you, it`s somewhat depressing. I had one IPL laser treatment for rejuventation of the hands about 2 years ago which cost 150 dollars ( which I really recommend) but i`ve found that this glycolic acid used repeatedly gives you about the same result over time. So I do this routine on my hands once a week now, and it has resulted in a clearer, translucent even looking skin tone, and the new "sun spots" are even fading. The constant exfoliation keeps my hands from ever looking dry, too, so I don`t even have to wear hand cream anymore. Nice, safe product- fast delivery. Will definitely repurchase.

by November Graves on Blank Product Name
Great stuff

The peel has added to the bottom-line of my business, my clients love it. The vendor provided prompt service and shipping. Though this review is delayed it in no way diminishes my appreciation of the product or service; sometimes life gets in the way.

by erinnm17 on Blank Product Name
Not what I expected

I am a 31 year old woman, that did not start breaking out until my 20's. I have literally tried every cream, lotion, and oral pill through my dermatologist. I have very sensitive skin, so many products actually make my skin worse. I read the great reviews on this and thought I would try it. The first time I used it, my skin was so soft afterwards. I didn't notice much change scar and acne wise. I have been using it for about a month and a half once a week, and still don't see much change. I am able to keep it on now for 5-8 minutes, and have even tried using it as spot treatment, but i am not really getting the results I hoped for:(

by Linette on Blank Product Name

I have tried a couple different products to get rid of or lighten the dark skin above my lip with no success. I ordered this product not really expecting it to work. I have only used it twice and the dark skin above my lip is almost gone! There is quite a bit of a burning sensation and leaves the skin a bit sensitive for a few hours but it has been well worth it! It does exactly what it says it does, it peels the top of the skin off to remove the dark areas you're wanting to get rid of! Love this stuff!!

by V. Thompson (Newport News, VA) on Blank Product Name

I love this stuff, and first when I applied the salicylic acid it stingled a little, but other than that thing when fine. I had a couple of pimples and this morning when I woke up they where all dried up.??

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