Glycolic Acid 50% Peel


4.22 out of 5

Glycolic stimulates underlying collagen growth to reduce appearance of fine lines. Great for spa’s, the lower pH of the Glycolic/50 reduces application times, and helps to penetrate skin buildup.

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Our peels provide you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of professional results at home, for a fraction of the cost. The 30ml and 100ml bottles are best for full facial applications. For specific areas, or spot treatments, we recommend the Glycolic Acid 35 Roll-On.

If You Need Something Stronger…

Glycolic/50 is 4x stronger than our Glycolic/35. It is generally well tolerated, but visible peeling might occur. The higher strength of glycolic acid will help with oilier and more resistant skin. It stimulates collagen growth more effectively than any of the other peels. The small molecule of a Glycolic acid chemical peel allows it to slip beneath the epidermis to reach the collagen fibers below and results in 15%-25% thickening over 12 weeks. Glycolic acid generally causes little or no visible peeling.

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Glycolic Acid: The Workhorse of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Glycolic Acid is a superficial peeling agent that is made from sugar cane. It is often considered the most active and beneficial of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). (Hydroxy Acids are a class of exfoliants). With repetitive and continuous use of glycolic acid, improvement to skin tone and texture results. Once inside the skins cell, glycolic acid will serve as a catalyst for the formation of new collagen which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skins surface. Glycolic acid has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma, actinic keratosis, acne, and oily skin, as well as other cosmetic uses. Glycolic Acid 50% Peel is great for razor bumps.

Proven Effective

Clinical research and patient treatments clearly prove that AHAs are effective in helping to keep the skin clear and healthier. The research also confirmed that the majority of AHAs have larger molecular structures that do not penetrate the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum) without high concentrations and lower pH levels. Glycolic Acid is the most adaptable and beneficial AHA. Its tiny molecular structure allows it to penetrate the epidermis to accelerate the body’s exfoliation process. It “loosens” the glue that bonds the cells together, allowing thickened and dead cells to “disappear.” The end result is smoother skin with better coloration, tone and texture. You will see improvements in cell renewal, firmness, texture, reduction of fine lines and increased moisture levels.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath.

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30ml, 100ml, Roll-on

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Glycolic Acid 50% Peel SKU UPC Model
Apr 17, 2011 by M. Alrawashdeh (OH)

It is very good and nice product, it does what it is supposed to do, but for me not with visible peeling. I think it depends on your skin conditions. I gave it 4 stars, because I found that BHA+ is much more better and powerful for my skin which have mode

Apr 11, 2011 by J. Keffeler (FL)

Arrived faster than delivery date and after use, I noticed instantly tighter skin, smaller pores, and less oil. After a week I realized the " laugh lines" that go from your nose to your mouth were a bit softer! After One Peel! Great stuff!??

It's okay
Apr 06, 2011 by Malibuhill

I received it quickly and have been using the product weekly for about 4 weeks. I can't see any difference. Maybe I need a stronger one...

Great product
Apr 05, 2011 by Rae

Results were better than I had hoped for. My skin has been cleaned up significantly. I have very sensitive skin, and had used the 35% twice before at the dr.'s office for more than what I paid for this. It brought problems to the surface that eventually sloughed off. The first time I used it, more blemishes showed up than now because my skin is cleaner, clearer & brighter. I used it on the bottoms of my feet to slowly remove callouses. I can leave it on as long as I want now without any burning. I also purchased the 206+ & was very happy with that as well.

Mar 28, 2011 by Christy Long "Mommy Marchand"

Good. This stuff is no joke! I have use 35% and decided I needed to bump it up a notch for this round of treatments. Most of my face is fine with the 50%, but certain areas (nose, cheekbones, and under-eye/crowsfeet areas) are easily burned by it. I have to do two sessions: a longer one for the majority of my face and a shorter one for the delicate areas. I have burned myself a couple of times--although not severely--, so be careful with this until you know how it affects your individual skin. And for goodness sake, don't leave it on longer than recommended because it's hard to gauge how much it's doing to your skin until you rinse--and then it's too late.It is prickly while on the skin, but fanning helps. I neutralize by rinsing with water, followed by a bakingsoda & water rinse.I will definitely use this product again when I do my next round of peels.*Remember, skin needs that time off between peel series to recover and rejuvenate.

Mar 25, 2011 by B. Walker (Wilmerding)

My first transaction with this company. Had this product once before and was already sold on it. Having had many good experiences with Amazon in the past, I decided to get another DermaWand through their seller. Very pleased; would deal with them again.??

Product did nothing!
Mar 22, 2011 by Ms. Doo-lots With Little

The product I received must be different from the one the other reviewers are raving about. I have used 10% Glycolic Acid and know how skin starts tingling or stinging after a few minutes of use. 25 minutes after I applied this product (50% Glycolic Acid),I still felt nothing: no tingling or stinging. I would return this product if the seller accepted returns.

Waste of $
Mar 17, 2011 by BBG123

I have previously purchased glycolic acid 10% products that were stronger than this supposedly 50% product. Dont be fooled or waste your money!

Doubt this is really 50%
Feb 05, 2011 by Layla

I started off with the combo glycolic acid/lactic acid product because I have sensitive skin and wanted to start with a low strength. There was a little tingling, and the areas around my mouth dried out a bit, but my skin accommodated quickly. I found that that strength was not doing much, if anything, so I ordered the 50% glycolic acid. There was some slight tinging on my chest, but nothing on my face. I find it hard to believe this product is the strength they say. I will keep using it for a while and see if I get any results.Maybe I'm wrong, but the real issue I have with this company is that I suspect most of these reviews are fake, esp on the company website, but also on Amazon. The writers all seem to have a similar writing style and often write long reviews giving instructions on how to use and claiming great results. I'm not buying it. The real reviews are the ones with one or two stars. Just my opinion.

Skin Laboratory..The Best !
Feb 04, 2011 by Cynthia Herrera "cherrify"

The product is awesome, took away brown spots, and reduced pore size and some acne scaring. I bought the Glycolic 50% They sent me a free Salicylic 20% gel, These products are true to the discription, Love love love it!!!! Just follow the directions !

Jan 13, 2011 by T.T.

I bought the Glycolic 50% peel...It was here in 2 days with standard shipping!!..and I LOVE the product...I woke up the next day and already saw great results...Fine lines were way less...I totally recommend this product..It was also ver easy on my skin..

good product
Jan 11, 2011 by Tyler -

I've had some peels done at a local Spa, but they got to expensive over time and I decided to do it myself. One application with this acid at the Spa I went to costs 150 Dollars. You can easily do 10 applications with this 30 ml peel. That's 1500 Dollars you'd have to pay at my Spa. TOO MUCH! Get this one here instead. 26 Dollars is ridiculously cheap. But, I would still suggest you get it done at a Spa at least twice, just to see how it works so you get a feel for it, and you will know what to expect. Always do a test spot behind your ear or anywhere else. Then you'll know how your skin might react to it ( "might" because your face skin is more sensitive, so it may be different on your face).ATTENTION: THIS PRODUCT MUST NOT BE USED MORE THAN ONCE (1) A WEEK!!!I can't believe people said on here they would use it every day! No! You will severely damage your skin! It's an acid after all. Do not overdo it!

Jan 01, 2011 by nicki

the site is pleasure to use. the service, instructions and packaging is great. but it is not % what it says or the ph is higher than indicated!!! i have tried 50% glycolic only 1 week after i had 12% tca and skin just finished the peeling (mention this,

Dec 18, 2010 by tyler.

I bought this peel under the suggestion of my dermatologist after I developed a staph infection that spread across my neck. Bactroban cleared the infection up, but I was left with dozens of tiny purple/brown colored marks all over my neck. My derm said th

Nov 20, 2010 by Dupree

I purchased this product after hearing my sister rave about it. This peel worked really well for me. I have medium complexion, african american skin, so when I get zit scars, it noticeable. After about 3 treatments (every 10 days) the scars I had were

Can tell a difference...
Nov 18, 2010 by Jolise

in my over-40 skin. 50% only stings a bit, and, doesn't have an ugly peeling period, for me. My 11s are improved and my feet are so much softer. I reordered before I ran out.

great stuff, not for sensitive skin!
Oct 19, 2010 by Jana L. Dewitt

I have 'resistant' skin and this did the trick! I rinsed my face with water & then used astringent to remove any oil. I applied, left on for 5 minutes, and got a definate tingle. I would recommend.

Turn Back Time!!!!!!!!!
Aug 21, 2010 by C. Stephens "Avid Consumer"

I was afraid of this at first, so I took it with me to get a facial! It burned a bit, but nothing bad. After 3 treatments, peope noticed! My skin tone evened out and the fine lines and wrinkles diminished some. Although nowhere near surgical results, for the price...a mini face re-surfacing. Start out slowand gradually increase the time you leave it on. Will deinitely buy more, but this little bottle lasts for a long time. Great product. After the first reatment, no burning or redness, just smoother skin.

Great product
Jul 11, 2010 by Young C

Product was very good!

Did not work at all for me
Jul 03, 2010 by Sadiepat

I have used 20% glyclic acid for years for my acne with good but modest results. I think my skin got used to it, so I wanted to try something stronger and purchased this 50% peel. Not only was this not stronger, it did not even have any tingling or burning - even when I tested it on a virgin skin area. What I have discovered is that much depends on the amount of "free acid" in a product, and this product must have even less free acid than the other 20% that I was using. This is deceitful and the manufacturer should not call it 50% glycolic acid. A total wast of $28.00.

Jul 03, 2010 by Andy

I have used this product for 4 months and my skin is perfect! I have tried everything, but this peel really works. Go for it:-)

Sent wrong item
Jun 13, 2010 by Raven Palmer

The product they sent me was not the right one, they sent me some lesser product, it was the salycilic acid 20% instead of the glycolic acid 50%. I'm not really pleased.

Can't beat the pharmacoeconomics
May 23, 2010 by Alizarine

The effect, for the time/trouble/price is very good. If you have paid for the treatment at a salon or spa, you know what I mean. If you haven't tried Glycolic Acid at a professional concentration, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Use as directed, be careful of lips and eyes, WEAR SUNSCREEN, moisturize and eat right and you will see an improvement in you skin, from wrinkles to breakouts. Don't use on open breakouts, it will fry the edges of the skin. If you are new to skin care, or you have dry skin, you might want to dilute it. If you are new to it and have oily skin, don't wash your face first, the oil will help dilute it. Be gentle with your skin for 24 hrs after, no picking or pressing, this can leave broken vessels/red splotches. However, I use mineral makeup after with no problems.

best "over the counter" peel
May 21, 2010 by Twilah F

This is a favorable glycolic acid peel: it's mild and I did see some pleasant result. The Skin Laboratory products are by far better than other peels available for "over the counter" (not from a dermatologist's office) purchase: I enjoy ordering from SL because it's expedient and professional.

great peel, but start lower
Apr 30, 2010 by Sally K

This peel is very effective and strong. A warning, start with a lower percentage until you see how your skin adapts to the different concentrations. I had ordered the 35% previously and was pleased with results so I decided that my skin could handle a stronger dose. My skin is very fair with freckles(red hair skin), and I had age spots, large pores, some old acne scars, general roughness, and some lines. I had used Ponds Rejuveness for 4 months prior with amazing results, so this was to further that experience as It had glycolic acid. I am thrilled with the results of the peel. My skin is so smooth now, pores so much smaller, NO acne scars, and all the age spots are gone except one very small area that is going away. My face looks so much about ten years! I continue to use the Ponds everyday and the peel about every 5 to seven days. If this keeps up, I will not have to wear any foundation.

very pleased
Apr 27, 2010 by Cynthia Stern

I have used the glycolic peel and am always told that I have great looking skin. I recommend this product and was pleased to save on shipping by purchasing through Amazon.

Apr 21, 2010 by L. fonseca


cheaper than other peels on the market, but work just as well
Apr 10, 2010 by Raina S

I love the products. I received a mini sample of salicylic acid peel with my last order..and I think I am going to buy that from them in the future. Their peels are cheaper than a lot of others in the market and work just as well.

skin is less oily and softer
Mar 19, 2010 by Katelyn R

Arrived ahead of estimated delivery date, packaged nicely. Already used the product and noticed skin is less oily and softer. Can't wait to keep using this product to notice further improvements!

Glycolic Acid 50% Gel Peel
Jan 30, 2010 by M. Czerwonka

Even though the product says "Peel", it does NOT, actually, make you peel, however, it does make a major difference in your skin's skin tone and touch. I have tried, virtually, everything from a department store to a mall kiosk expensive face products, but this one (who I heard about from my dermotologist), combined with a sunscreen will make an absolute noticable difference in your skin when used once a week. Glycolic Acid 50% may be a little high for some people with sensitive skin, however, those who have received regular treatments of other types may find this to be just right. It will sting, slightly, when applied during the first 5 minutes or so that it is left on your skin before it is washed off. It has found a permanent place on my shelf!

Who is writing these reviews??
Jan 20, 2010 by The Littlest Nurse

I obviously didn't receive the same product as these ladies who are singing the praises of this peel. I followed the directions exactly but didn't experience any noticeable benefits. I found it rather disappointing.

Clears out dead skin cells
Jan 11, 2010 by Marlene R

This is a great product. The first time I used it, my face was so clean and smooth looking...all the dead skin was gone. It didn't burn me as badly as I thought it would or as I read on other reviews. Nice concentration to start with.

Great Product
Jan 05, 2010 by Jennifer Cockburn "Mommy of 2 under 2"

I purchased this product approximately one week ago and I already see a vast diffence in the texture, quality, and clarity of my skin. Fine lines are diminished, large pores have shrank, and I look at least a year younger. If you're a mom and you want to look like you did prior to having children this product does the job! It's amazing. I will continue to use this product for the next month or two and give you guys an update. This peel is not the strongest home peel but I am confident that it is just strong enough to get the job done. Other peels have seared my skin and left it a puffy, red mess. This one is effective without being brutal. Thumbs up!Word of Caution: Use as directed. However, I apply a small amount to a Q-tip to erase the creases under my eyes taking care not to get to close to the eye this stuff will burn,. To fully stop the acid peel I like to use a warm solution of water and baking soda as a neutralizer. Its cheap and very effective.

glycolic acid 50%
Dec 25, 2009 by H. Huang

dont have any unrealistic expectations, just be patient and careful, don't overuse or put on for too long, follow the directions, I'm sure there will be some improvement.

Fantastic product/results for this male user
Dec 09, 2009 by Menthol Rum

I started off with the Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) and it did well. I only switched to the higher concentration as I seemed to get used to the 35% and wanted to try the stronger product. The 50% has done equally well for me as the 35%, I just use it for a little less time.I originally bought this to use on a surgery scar on my body with hopes of lessening the scar's appearance. I have a few scars on my face that I didn't even think of using it on, as they are small and have faded a bit. I'm just used to them. I have finished the 35% and now I am several uses in using the 50% the fine scars are seriously faded and are difficult to see. I never thought this would be possible.I have applied the 50% 4 times in the last month. I left it on longer each time (as I did with the 35%) and I did follow up with lotion, which is necessary, no question. It burns (like a very strong tingle?) just like the 35%, but it comes on faster and needs less time on my skin. The 35% made an enormous difference in my skin, the 50% is continuing the improvement. The scars are much much much fainter, my skin is less oily and it is more even colored. I wasn't in bad shape before, but the change is enough that my male friends are noticing and asking what I did. I have shared this with them and one tried it with good result.Read the instructions! Guys, do not use just after shaving or if you have cuts. Ow! Ow! Ow! One time I had a cut from shaving and I used this. The cut burned and as the skin was broken, I should have waited for the cut to heal, but I'm not that bright. Anyway, I had some spots where I had the cut, but they disappeared in few days. If anyone else has this happen, don't freak out. If you have any open skin from a cut or scratch, this will *really* burn and temporarily discolor the broken skin. INow I like to look my best and I can't believe how well this works. My skin is clear, smooth, less oily and just looks good. I look young anyway, but this really impressed me. I am not a user of this type of product and never knew something like this even existed. We are all different and have different skin, but I have a medium complexion and my skin tends to be on the sensitive side. I haven't had more than 1 pimple since using this. I don't get a lot, but more than I had been getting.Other reviewers have given some good tips and I will be another voice in the chorus that says what a great product and results this has given me. I plan to stop for a while to see how long this lasts, but for having my skin look great and youthful, this is worth each of the five stars.

Just what I wanted
Dec 03, 2009 by Elena Kirova

The product is right for my skin. I used it twice a week for 5 min each time. I works! My skin improved, and I get less breakouts and spots. I will have to use the product for some more time to say definitely, though. I am not still sure that the prescription medication I was using before trying this is worse. I guess it depends on one's skin. You should really do an evaluation with a dermatologist first, and then decide what you want to do if you have real problems with the skin. If the problems are light - use this - it works!

no intense burn
Dec 02, 2009 by Ivan H

product is good and works well. Does not burn intensely at least on my male skin it just feels irritated for about five minutes. This goes away after washing and applying some Lubriderm lotion. Service was perfect.

no change
Nov 20, 2009 by sixty-two and one half

i used this product every two weeks for the last couple months and perceive no change in my skin. i tried leaving it on longer and got a little tingling but no redness and my skin still feels rough. consider me very disappointed.

It works!!!
Sep 26, 2009 by Estee "estee"

I'd been using this product once a week for four or so weeks. I didn't realize it was working till my best friend saw me after I had began treatment and was like WOW your acne scars are gone. I am soooo happy. Now if someone can recommend a chemical peel for stretch marks that would be great!!!!I wish these guys would also sell Glycolic Acid 75%. After my boyfriends praises, I placed an order for 75% (for some scars on my body) through Cellbone Technology.

Aug 25, 2009 by Imelda

My first time to try chemical peel so I started using Glycolic gel peel 30% last January, using once a week. My face cleared up of acne and scars and even out skin color and smoother. 1 bottle of 30 ml lasted 6 months. I just ordered this 50% and they sen

GA lovers rejoice
Mar 06, 2009 by S. Wolf

I started off using a 10% GA wash the last couple of years. After the trouble w/ my skin started to escalate, I searched for something new. I tried the 70% Lactic Acid Peel w/ horrible results, possibly due to my inexperience w/ that type of acid. Then I tried 35% GA, and was very pleased. Since I am accustom to GA I have used the peel every other day, never exceeding 5 mins. My recent face explosion and marks, formed before starting GA peels, are quickly fading, but of course not fast enough. Since I saw this working I decided to add the 50% to my routine once a week.If you are use to 35% GA, you should be okay w/ the next step up. I actually felt less tingling w/ the 50% than the 35%. The consistency was a little more liquidity than the 35% as well. This definitely boosted skin turnover and healing for me. I need to also note that this company produces their peels w/ a lower PH level than recommended. I am unsure how this affects my skin overall, but I have not had any negative results w/ it in any case.I have only seen my skin get better, since using these products. However, I suggest resisting the compulsion to overuse them. The ill effects of sensitivity & skin thinning will ensue if you misuse them. Also, be careful not to over exfoliate the forehead, since it already has the least amount of padding on the face.

4.2 5.0 91 91 I have been using this peel weekly for almost three months. My skin is look so much better. Wrinkles are dinishing and tone is evening out. So easy to do and only takes about 10 mi Glycolic Acid 50% Peel