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Specifically formulated to even skin tone and minimizing areas of discoloration.

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HQ+ guarantees the improvement of undesirable skin blemishes with a high safety margin, and is considered a power level skin rejuvenation treatment for stubborn and dense pigmentation.

Formulated Specifically for Pigmentation Problems

The HQ+ peel is formulated specifically with pigmentation in mind because it has added ingredients which help to fade pigmentation differences and even skin tone. If you suffer form old acne marks, age spots, or melasma, this peel will be the most effective in helping you.

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Combination of Salicylic and Lactic

The HQ+ peel is a combination of chemicals in a single peel. This peel contains salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol (another skin-peeling chemical) which together constitute a very adjustable peel which lends itself well to repeat applications. It is similar in most ways to the glycolic acid peel, but there are certain important differences.

The Science Behind How it Works

HQ+ is a depigmentation treatment based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Several of the active Ingredients present in HQ+ formula act by blocking this enzyme, even by inverting the metabolic process of the transformation chain. Its principle action is the elimination of melanin patches on the face (melasma and chloasma). The melanin activity is regulated, causing the cells to slow down melanin production and function in a more uniform way.

Beneficial for Clogged Pores, Aging Skin, Severe Acne and More

This treatment is also particularly beneficial for clogged pores, thickened and aging skin, severe acne, and environmentally damaged skin. By decreasing oil production and opening clogged sebaceous follicles, it can contribute significantly to the healing process of acne. Suitable for most skin types, the HQ+ peel can be used on the face, neck, hands, and upper chest.

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by Angie on Blank Product Name
Youthful glow!

I love this product. Naturally it dries my skin out for a day or two after treatment but after those days.. (Not even bad drying) my skin glows. After I turned thirty being the sun worshipper/now sleep deprived mama of two.. It gives me the youthfulness that I desire. I highly recommend!

by Amazon Customer on Blank Product Name
HQ+ great stuff

This peel is pretty strong, it does a terrific job of getting rid of dark spots and acne spots. Using this with a micordermabrasion machine really causes your skin to glow and with regular use the difference in your skin is amazing. Love this product, 2nd purchase!

by Robin Guzman on Blank Product Name
Not Terrible But Not Great

I think that it depends on your skin type and whether or not you have had professional peels. I did not notice a difference after using this product other than my face was a little red and dry afterwards.During the process my eyes felt dry and irritated. Every body has a different skin type and will respond different. I have combination skin and have had several professional peels.

by carol on Blank Product Name
Great little peel

I like the little rollerball on the top of the bottle to use on just the spots.....I ordered more because it's good to have around.

by Lisa B. on Blank Product Name
Scared to try it, glad I did.

I decided to do a peel at home. I was a bit nervous, but thought "how hard can it be?" I must say that I am not a newbie to peels. I have done a few at the medspa, but tired of paying so much. I also use Retin A freqently, so my skin is used to being roughed up a bit. I was able to use it for the full 4 minutes on the first use, with only mild stinging. I have used it once every 10 days for the last month, and my skin looks brighter and smoother. I got mild peeling (kind of a milky look that scrubbed off) but I did not expect a whole lot as I exfoliate regularly and have had a peel in the past 2 months. I will definetly continue to use this.

by Erin Magers on Blank Product Name
OMG. Best stuff EVER.

I'm always looking for the latest and greatest potions and lotions to keep my 40-something pores and wrinkles at bay. I've been using this consistently - each week for the last two months or so. I LOVE IT. It has removed small skin tags, lightened my melasma, reduced my pores on nose and in t-zone, plus a 75% reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles in the crows feet area.I have used the skin labs products off an on for about 5 years including the glycolic and salicylic peels. Although those also worked well, my skin has changed over the years and now this HQ peel is definitely the one that is working best for me at this time.Here's my method: I do a salicylic scrub on my face first (I use the proactive body bar with a scrubby pad) as sort of a 'prep' before my peel. I suspect I could probably use my skin labs salicylic peel, too. Pat dry. Once dry, I apply the HQ+ peel with a makeup brush... I tend to make two passes in order to get a nice layer that isn't too thin. I leave on for four minutes, then rinse for 2 minutes with lukewarm water. Again, I pat dry. I then apply major amounts of moisturizer (I've found an Hyaluronic Acid that I add to my moisturizer to give my skin an extra boost of hydration!). I moisturize probably every 2-4 hours in the first 24 hours post-peel.I have not experienced any peeling or discoloration using the above method. I have had small peeling around my nostrils, but is was not noticeable. Enjoy and good luck! This stuff is worth every penny and I wish I had started using it ten years ago.

Renews skin while still being gentle

I love the HQ Gel Peel. I use it about once a month to help keep my skin looking bright and clear.It does not hurt very much, just a warmth which is easily tamed with some cool water.There is barely downtime as well if you do not leave it on longer than a few minutes. The peeling is very gentle and I am able to wear makeup the next day. It just looks a little flakey.I can already tell that the size of my pores appears smaller and that my skin tone is more even.

by Haani on Blank Product Name
HQ+ Gel Peel

I have previously used the Salicylic Acid peel and I must say HQ+ is a much stronger peel. Make sure you follow the instructions to avoid any unnecessary damage to your skin.Week 1 - First Application: I first washed my face and used witch hazel to clean my skin thoroughly. I applied the peel w/ a cotton swab all over my face avoiding eye and lips area. Since this was my first time using the HQ+ peel, washed it off with lots of water after 1 and a half minutes. My cheeks were red like they were sun burnt. I applied Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer. All the redness was gone by morning and the only difference I noticed was that my skin was tighter. It's been 2 days since I applied the peel and I have seen very little peeling. I am going to increase the contact time to 2-2.5 minutes next time. I will update my review every week to see if I notice any significant improvements.

by Neatfreak on Blank Product Name
Ok, but does it have to stink this bad.

I think this is quite effective. I have not seen any significant help with pigmentation or sun spots yet, but it def keeps my skin clearer, brighter and healthier. FYI, this has 2% Hydroquinone which is considered safe. I have used the glycolic peel by this company, and I think this is a little stronger. But I saw no frosting or excessive redness. The difference is that some mild peeling happens immediately (resist the temptation and don't pull).Some drawbacks:-It stinks terribly. It contains benzene or something like that. I can feel my lungs burn when I inhale the fumes. Not good! Manufacturer PLEASE use a healthier base, or I will never purchase this again!-It dries the skin at first (esp around the mouth).

by Nay Lee on Blank Product Name
Great Product!

I am African American and I have hyperpigmentation. After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase this roll on version of the HQ Gell Peel. I don't have acne, but when I do get a pimple or two they always leave a dark mark no matter what I do. After I cleanse my face, I would apply the roll on to the affected area. While I expirienced some discomfort, it was in no way as severe as some of the other reviews say. As long as you are applying the medication to a healed scar/mark you shouldn't feel an extreme burning sensation. Typically with strong chemical peels, my skin would become very dry and peel in the affected area, but I saw mark lighten significantly and almost disappear by a month of use (every other day to 3xs a week). This product does work and delivers results. I have lived with hyperpigmentation my entire life and with this product I felt like I could leave the house without makeup on with confidence for the first time in a very, very long time.

by Lorrell L. Clark on Blank Product Name
Good but not for me

It is a good product but didn't seem to be quite what I needed. For some, I am sure this product works great.

by L. DeVoe on Blank Product Name
Be careful with this but it is a great product

I used this the other day and really didn't know what to expect. It does exactly as described. I will continue to use it as directed. This is not for the teenage girl trying to fix her complexion as she could seriously hurt herself. I am glad that I read all warnings and cautions before I used it. I am getting exactly what I needed out of this product.

by Kaman NG on Blank Product Name
good peeling, but design is suck!

today, i have my first HQ peeling. Although, i had other peeling before, but i still apply it very carefully. i put it on my face and let it stay for around 2 mins. it doesn't really burn my skin, which rly surprise me. but the design of the roll is suck, it dose rly work; i will juz use my brush next time!

by Amazon Customer on Blank Product Name
HQ+ worked for my Asian skin

I had more than expected darkening of my skin after pulsed laser skin rejuvenation (on Asian skin). Also had accidentally rubbed off some skin during the first few days of healing process. So after letting my skin heal for almost three weeks I began using HQ+ with their instructions and post application regimen. But only once every two weeks, the first time for 2 minutes the second for 3 minutes. No excessive redness nor irritation resulted.. (I've only done two peels in the 6 weeks after my laser procedure or two within the 4 weeks I've used the product). I am very pleased with HQ+. I don't feel I need to peel deeply so I will probably continue but with 2 minutes of application. It seems to be very effective and after the flaking, the skin underneath doesn't seem as red (as with 3 mins) but heals very nicely with even tone for my Asian skin.

by Dorothy Manning on Blank Product Name
Great product

The product is good for a first time user. I should have got one stronger and will order it soon.

by Church on Blank Product Name

Was not very strong. If your skin is suppose to peel my skin failed to do so. It didn't even tingle after leaving it on for almost an hour.

by Emilye30 on Blank Product Name

Great results for severe melasma after only 6 weeks of use! I will be ordering more when this one runs out.

by deshinee on Blank Product Name
HQ gel peel

Does not work. I have used peels before and with this peel you don't see peeling even after several uses.

Works VERY WELL but give it a mth!

This peel did not hurt me at all,but I am used to 20% salicylic acid. I have melasma and have no luck with pretty much anything. I was on here to reorder salicylic acid because its the only solution that cleanses INSIDE your pores and I have struggled with breakouts my whole life. Then I read more info on all the different solutions offered by this company and I thought id take a chance on it. I have to admit I'm a lil OCD so applying it everyday, even after breakouts my skin was (where I applied on breakouts) was SO DRY and scaly it hurt. I couldn't put enough of any moisturizing product on it to fix my mistake. It took about 4 or 5 days. But after that I was relieved I didn't make it worse, and I noticed significant improvement in my melasma (ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN after, or any treatment for melasma is pointless!) I then read a great review on hylauronic acid (with a dropper). I bought that too. In the review it said to use derma e glycolic.......... Cleanser follow up with a couple drops of this in your moisturizer, then apply a spritz of rosé water. I have to admit I thought this chic was getting paid for this crazy review, but I bought it! Why, not because I have the money to buy all this stuff, but because for some stupid reason I always hold out hope, just to be EXTREMELY disappointed. My parents have also bought me stuff looking for the miracle acne treatment to no avail. I used to feel bad like I failed them when I couldn't fix it. Then I had my own kids (which is when I got melasma ) and I got over my own guilt. However now my kids are at that brutally honest age, and I've come to realize my journey to fix my skin isn't really just about me. If my daughter has the same struggles that I do, I need to find a solution so she doesn't have to go through what I have.i think for me I've finally found the perfect combination! It's been a mth but everything's looking way better. I ALMOST feel comfortable in my own skin just as,it was meant to be.

by Andy Han on Blank Product Name

Lets just say, level 4 is the real deal and its great and all, but not for inexperience people because it's so strong. and dont use it two days in a row=bad

by DFish on Blank Product Name
Seeing some subtle results

I have melasma & after 10 uses, I am seeing some results! Melasma is slowly fading & breaking up into freckle sized bits. Acne scars lightened dramatically. I promised to update if I saw an improvement & I did. Be patient & you will see some change. **UPDATE** As of 3 months later, the results are fantastic. Melasma is dramatically improved. Stick with it ladies, you will get results!

by Cathy on Blank Product Name
Good products and fast delivery

I thought the product would come 4 days afer I ordered it, like other products I ordered online. But it arrived Right Away.One and half day after I ordered it. Wow. Super! I couldn't wait to try it on. It's mild. I left it on for 3 minutes for the first time use. A little redness after I washed it off and it's gone in 10 minutes. I hope there will be some good change on my face after several uses. I think The Products from Skin Laboratory is mild and safe. It's worh to try.

Great Purchase

This product has cleared up a lot of my uneven skin tone and gave my skin a nice smooth look. It is not for those with sensitive skin so you must follow the instructions or listen to your skin if it begins to feel uncomfortable (wash it off). You will peel, so I would recommend using it on a Thurs or Friday night. I used it around my mouth and elbows to lighten them, since I am of darker complexion (cappucino color). My chin area was more sensitive to it, but it worked. I used Eucerin Healing Ointment the day after to keep those areas moisturized and to help the peeling look and feel less irritating.

by K. Cohn on Blank Product Name

Pretty good product! I have a lot of sun damage (brown spots) on my face and it has lightened them considerably. I still have a ways to go. This is a rather gentle product for home use.

by Modest Consumer on Blank Product Name
Changed my life, renewed my confidence

Having suffered from the effects of acne and subsequent scarring as result of a neurotic tendency to rub and pop and scratch at the byproducts of hormonal teenage acne, I found myself depressed and lacking all confidence in my appearance. Before I found this product on Amazon, I made the unfortunate mistake of paying $500+ for a professional facial peel, which is no different than applying this stuff once every week or once every other week. Do pay attention to the strength of the peel -- although this particular product does seem to come at one strength -- other peels such as lactic acid and glycolic acid peels come in various concentrations, implying the strength of the overall acid in the bottle which has much to do with how deep into the skin you are attempting renew.I am a male of biracial origin with black and white parents and for my skin I can use a 60% peel, though I would not recommend starting at this concentration. Even I began at 30% concentration before finding my way to this particular peel after using a 30% lactic acid peel and then 60% glycolac peel (30% lactic acid, 30% glycolic acid). These peels will burn at some point during the application, and this product in particular -- in addition to the burning -- will cause a white frothing of the skin with some minor bubbles that may form if allowed to set for too long. These products only suggest leaving the solution on for no more than 30 seconds, which is a very good starting point, however you will find as your skin becomes more tolerant and less sensitive to the peel, that a longer application time may be necessary to achieve similar results found in the earliest applications.What to expect following an application: 1-2 days will show minor improvement in the complexion of the skin. 2-5 days will appear as if you've taken one step forward and two steps back. Your skin won't look as fleshy and full as it will in the coming days. DO NOT be alarmed. Things will get better. Sometimes things need to get worse before they can get better. 5-7 days your complexion will begin to clear and you will again find a youthful ruddy glow to the skin you might have once thought impossible to regain.Caring for your face following an application: Wash with a very mild cleanser, morning and night. Cetaphil gentle cleanser works great for me! DO NOT use and exfoliating cleanser! These are rough and could damage the skin instead of improve it. Also, only use a facial moisturizer for the week following an application. Put this on morning and night following a wash. DO NOT expose your face to direct sunlight following an application. If you are going to be in the sun, make sure to use an spf 50 or above sunscreen on top of your moisturizer. I am not joking about this last point. Sunscreen is very important. The sun is the most harmful thing to your skin when attempting to improve it; it will make dark blemished darker -- faster! Kind of how people with browner complexions tan quicker. Same principle, only those blemishers you are looking to lessen will become more pronounced. Finally, following the week of cleansing and moisturizing, introduce a serum of some sort into your regimen (OLAY makes a good inexpensive anti-aging serum that is fragrance free). I suggest OLAY. The serum helps to nourish the skin and will further enhance the affects of peel without having to use the peel any more frequently than once every other week.Make sure you use 70% alcohol to remove oils from the skin before each application as well as after each application. Splash water on to your face after the alcohol to ensure all of the peel is removed; this will prevent unwanted chemical burns, which are possible if all directions are not followed properly. And these, I'm afraid are much more difficult to correct. This peel is a fantastic way to correct skin imperfections when used properly. Please use it properly or don't use it at all. You will only be even more discouraged if you don't.

by Pam Gardner on Blank Product Name

This product did not accomplish what I expected it to. I used it as directed with little change. Would not reorder

by konchitav on Blank Product Name

It's a peel. Read the instructions and know your skin before you try it. Some people have different reactions to peels. Doing these at home is a cost saver, but make sure you follow the instructions and use a moisturizer afterwards. Worth the money.

by marriediimuzik on Blank Product Name
Wonderful Peel.

I love this peel. I have used it 3 times so far and I have seen results already. I find this peel to burn and I cannot keep it on much longer than 2 minutes. I have been doing peels for a couple of years now, salicylic and glycloic but the HQ seems to be better for my skin than both those other peels were. I do not actually ever 'peel' but I am a bit red the next day.This peel is great for acne scars and acne prone skin. I have not had a break out since I started using it and I have noticed a lot of lightening on my stubborn acne scars.Add to all this Skin Laboratory does not test on animals 🙂

by Joann C. Jacobs on Blank Product Name

This peel is strong and stings much like a TCA peel. It works very well for me, but I can't leave it on for more than 30 - 40 seconds (if that).I have been using it weekly for about a month and my skin is very luminous. I'm happy with the results.

by Tommytom on Blank Product Name
tremendous results for acne scarring after third application

Though a little skeptical at first, I had nothing to lose. My first application of this product I was unsure as to its affects, with little redness and no noticeably peeling. All I had in mind was that I had just applied water and alcohol to my face. With a few days passing I noticed my face had a slightly better look to the acne scars i wished to rid of (applying with a q-tip) but nothing spectacular at first. After two weeks passing and three or four applications ( was more aggressive due to only spot treatment) I see a very considerable difference to my appearance as well as the deminishing of the old scars that i had so long fought against for years! This product not only helped with my face but it also saved me most likely $1000 or more if I had gone to the dermatologist. Im not the type to go and write reviews for anything but i've had such great result I felt like I had at least had to share this awesome treasure. Though this product has great wonders, I still would recommend precaution to anyone new to this, for different people have different skin, so everyones skin reacts different. So I would say to first apply somewhere that isn't very visible

by scarred skin on Blank Product Name

i love love love the HQ peel. ive tried almost all of the peels on here and none have made me frost like this.my whole face turned white and did the whole process the next day. im 100% a real person with acne scars and i love this product!

by Kim D. on Blank Product Name
Delighted with HQ results

As a veteran of medical grade skincare procedures, I am delighted with the results of the HQ+ Peel, which I did after a 70% Lactic Peel. It's so important to follow pre and post peel directions. I never would have attempted these as at home procedures

by Delores on Blank Product Name
206 PEEL

I tried this product and it's Ok. I need something a little different for my skin, so I gave this product to my daughter and she likes it. It gets the job done for her skin type

by Jason P. Estrella on Blank Product Name
Great product

Works great! Except it really depends if you can tolerate the burning on your face. As long as you wash your face right after!

Acne scars have faded

This stuff is amazing! All my 'permanent' acne scarring has faded to the point of only being visible from certain angles in very bright light. My treatment thus far has been 3 months.My method:Every 3 days:- Hot shower to open pores, shave.- Use md f

by Theresa Polifroni on Blank Product Name
HQ+Gel Peel

this stuff is magic.If your starting to get a zit,just put the HQ on it and by morning,no more zit.I have brown spots from the sun and they are almost gone.You cant go nuts with it,your face drys out and will peel.I will never be without it.

by ToyRay on Blank Product Name
Miracle in a bottle!

This product is amazing. I didn't have much irritation when I left it on for 2 minutes the first time I used it. My skin felt nice and tight immediately after I rinsed it off. I use it with a Hydroquinone cream and have seen the best results out of all the products I have tried for dark spots/melasma. It does burn but not to the point that it is unbearable and it's worth it for the results I get. I had giving up hope on ever totally fading my dark spots but now I have confidence that this product will give me the results I have wanted for so many years. I have tried the Spa chemical peels, laser fading (several times), and numerous creams (prescribed and OTC) which none have given me the results that this "little miracle in a bottle" has given me. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to shrink pores, tighten skin, and/or fade dark spots. It works!!!

by Marjorie h "mh" on Blank Product Name
mixed with Indian clay

1/2 teaspoon of HQ peel to an eight bowl, enough for the whole body.I mixed this with Indian healing clay couple of drops of vitamin Eand tea tree oil. I mixed oils and hot water and add the clay mixa little at a time with a tint or relaxer brush to chop down untilsmooth, apply immediately for that warm aroma.I am a woman of color with very thin skin due to aging(50+).I read a lot of women said it burned their skin me too did not lasta minute before I felt the burning.Not only did my skin remove it's dull skin the tightness was fastastic. I have adult acne and ezema the mud and the oil protectedmy skin. I was in a warm shower for 20 minutes removing my old skinuse your hands not a towel or sponge rub softly and you will feel thedead skin rubbing off. Be created use your own oils and aroma withthe clay. ENJOY your personal spa.

by J. Feliciano-Figueroa on Blank Product Name
It burns!!!

This is a very strong peel its really stings and burn the face a lot but is safe for my skin, it help me with the oil, my acne and has brighten my skin, still got some hyperpigmentation around my chin hopefully its gonna fade soon, I have been using this peel for about 4 weeks now, I have notice a lot clear face. I use it at night every week, then I moisture my face and in the mornings a lot of sun block. I was using this peel with a cotton ball which I regret know is way better if you use a fan brush, with the fan brush I experience the white frosting and with the cotton ball didnt. I hope that in the next 4 weeks I could see my face blemish free.

by Autm88 on Blank Product Name
I've used this product for over 7yrs.

I love Skin Laboratory and have been using their products for over 7yrs. I'll be 47 next month and still get carded for cigarettes. Yes, I smoke and have for more years then I'd care to admit, but I have absolutely NO wrinkles around my mouth, eyes....well, anywhere. At 40yrs of age, I had crows feet, and fine lines all the way around my mouth. My "laugh" lines were pretty obvious too. At first, I used the gel peel every 7 days. I've added a few of their other products and alternate back and forth. My other current favorite is the Lactic/70. At this point I'm only using one or the other every 3 to 4 weeks. Takes just a few minutes and I'm out the door. If you're new at this, please start with the 20 or 30 and build your way up and only do the treatment at night so the redness will go away by morning. I've used it so long, I can use the 70 and leave for work within minutes. I've tried professionals. They could not do better than this, but please be patient and go slowly. It's worth the wait.

by Talia on Blank Product Name
Disappointingly weak

I bought this hoping for a more intense chemical peel than my home remedies... but I had been using a 50/50 mix of vinegar and witch hazel as a toner, and honestly, this stuff is not much stronger! I couldn't feel a burn at all and even though the instructions say to rinse it off after 4 minutes, I found I could leave it on a lot longer without any redness or discomfort. Now I will say, I was not using this on my face so maybe that's why it seems so much weaker than expected. I was instead applying it to my chest and shoulders to try to reduce sun damage and freckles there. Maybe it's intense enough for the face, but I say it's probably a waste of money!

Very Good Product!! 🙂

I've been dealing w/acne since I'd my son 13yrs ago. I've tried acutane 2x's, many chemical peels for which I've paid $135.00 PER peeling, ouch...it hurts to know that I've waisted so much money on peels. I saw my dermatologist use a plastic cup that looked like the ones that come w/the otc cold medicines.She uses just a bit and charges $135.00>>>she's making good money! Well, I'm so glad I found this product,I started using it about 2wks ago, and I really have noticed a big difference in the way my skin looks, because I've scars from acne is going to take a few more uses for my facial skin to look better. I've to say, that I've only used it as spot treatment. I've not use it like the instructions says, because I've a busy schedule and I don't want to peel like a snake since I'm around people; but I love the idea that I've control of how much I peel, because I know how my skin is, due to having many...many...many... peels at the dermatologist office. I can tell you that this bottle WILL last me for a good 3 to 6 months or may be even more! If you're sick and tired of having to wear heavy make-up to cover up your skin imperfections, give this peel a try>>>my facial skin is oily, so this one seems to work great for me. MAKE SURE you buy the one that will work better for your skin type. I wish you all good SKIN 🙂

by Crystal on Blank Product Name
Slow and effective, depending on the gravity of the issue...

I wasn't all too sure about this item but I had to take a risk. I have hyperpigmentation scars on my leg. I've had them on and off for a couple years. It's like a scaly, bumpy scar that rises above the surface. I've had a lot of trouble removing this and It has been a challenge as well as embarassing. The first week I applied it, I felt like it burned a tiny bit but it was definitely tolerable. It was so tolerable that I ended up leaving it for an entire day! WRONG! Don't try this....my skin completely peeled and had to regenerate new skin in the process. So, while it doesn't feel or look like its working, it actually does, very slowly but surely. It seems to even out skin as it peels away the darker areas surrounding it. I havent achieved what I initally wanted to achieve which is, removal of the complete scar; that's a huge challenge seeing as though I've had this hyperpigmentation for years. So with that said, this is why I rated this item 3 out of 5. It works slowly, but it's not certain whether it will actually, completely do the trick, but it is definitely worth trying out.

by Mobile Time Inc "zara" on Blank Product Name
I just dont know 🙁

So I got the product 5 days ago, kind of scrd, but I tried it on my nose, it stinged bad, but washed it off it was okay,.. I have some discloation oin my lip around my mouth, im indian I have olivey skin so it very noticeable, 2 days ago I took a q-tip and started to apply it on my lip, around my mouth within secound it started to frost 🙁 and burned and boy it it burn 🙁 and i washed and washed and washed for about 10 mins, and a day later I looked like soemone burned me waxing, and today 2nd day I Look like my skin is peeling .. not sure, I was picking at it 🙁 I dont know, people say it gets worse, before it gets better, I would tell anyone who hasnt use this, to use allot of aloe vera after very recomended, I see a little peeling on my nose, I have allot of black heads, really scrd for my lip.. I also have a skin condition where I have black velvety patches under my arm pits and back of my neck and back, so I tried some 206 on the back of my neck, and the patches dried up and flaked off so that was a plus!!!, I will post a update, for now this product is a 2 !!! if you try this product make sure you take a week off, you do not want to go in public like this!!!

Be careful if you're sensitive

my skin just burned with this and the salic acid by the company. it will work well with not so sensitive skin. just be careful you don't burn your skin!

by happy costumer "yamila" on Blank Product Name
Great purchase

work perfect i see the change inmediatly my skin have couple sun spots but in few days complety dessapearexcelent product , come on time

by haaapy on Blank Product Name

I wish I found this stuff years ago. I had a surgical scar on my upper check and arm when I removed birth marks, but was unhappy with the scars left. I used this stuff 1-2x a week and in one month I noticed a huge difference. They seem to be shrinking

by FX2011 on Blank Product Name

This is my second bottle on the first bottle i was using it about three times a week. I can barely noticed the scars fading away. So i decided to use it more often and this is where i went crazy but it was WORTH IT. i used the product twice a day and I did that for about three weeks and it will burn a lot because of the frequent usage. Make sure you don't have any special events you have to attend, as a matter of fact, avoid going out, because people will be staring at your face because it will peel so much, i meant it was like my skin was coming off. But after that i stop using the product and it took about 6-8 days for all the dead skin on my face to come off. It totally pays off i did that. When i have days off again, i'll do it again and this time my skin will be scares free.

by D. Pentecost "davoice" on Blank Product Name
Works but skip this roller bottle, opt for 30 mL regular bottle instead

The product works. I've used it 6 times now. I'm quite satisfied with the results I've gotten. Still a ways to go though trying to tame my adult acne skin and overactive oil/sebum production. One tip, buy this in the regular bottle - http://www.amazon.com/206-Gel-Peel-30ml-Professional/dp/B002GJND8O . The roller bottle is a pain in the hinee. It doesn't roll on 'smoothly'. So skip the roller and go for a brush, cotton pad or non-latex sponge pad instead.

by S. De Jong (Orange City, IA) on Blank Product Name

Great Product! I have always had larger pores and now that I am 45 they seemed to be getting even larger. I have to admit when I used the first time it was painful and I had a hard time keeping on my face for even a minute. It was well worth the pain. I i

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Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

30ml, 100ml, Roll-on