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Specifically formulated to even skin tone and minimizing areas of discoloration.

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HQ+ guarantees the improvement of undesirable skin blemishes with a high safety margin, and is considered a power level skin rejuvenation treatment for stubborn and dense pigmentation.

Formulated Specifically for Pigmentation Problems

The HQ+ peel is formulated specifically with pigmentation in mind because it has added ingredients which help to fade pigmentation differences and even skin tone. If you suffer form old acne marks, age spots, or melasma, this peel will be the most effective in helping you.

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Combination of Salicylic and Lactic

The HQ+ peel is a combination of chemicals in a single peel. This peel contains salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol (another skin-peeling chemical) which together constitute a very adjustable peel which lends itself well to repeat applications. It is similar in most ways to the glycolic acid peel, but there are certain important differences.

The Science Behind How it Works

HQ+ is a depigmentation treatment based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process. Several of the active Ingredients present in HQ+ formula act by blocking this enzyme, even by inverting the metabolic process of the transformation chain. Its principle action is the elimination of melanin patches on the face (melasma and chloasma). The melanin activity is regulated, causing the cells to slow down melanin production and function in a more uniform way.

Beneficial for Clogged Pores, Aging Skin, Severe Acne and More

This treatment is also particularly beneficial for clogged pores, thickened and aging skin, severe acne, and environmentally damaged skin. By decreasing oil production and opening clogged sebaceous follicles, it can contribute significantly to the healing process of acne. Suitable for most skin types, the HQ+ peel can be used on the face, neck, hands, and upper chest.

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Nov 24, 2010 by Dani

This peel is awesome. I've applied it twice and I have to admit it BURNS! I've only been able to keep it on for about 3 minutes max. Thats all you need because it WORKS! I got it because I used the 35% Glycolic Acid peel and although that cleared my sk

Nov 19, 2010 by Patricia Schmidt

The product seems to be working with no ill side effects.The only complaint is the roller ball sticks.

Nov 19, 2010 by Dani

I did a glycolic acid peel at 35% prior to this peel for 6 weeks and I saw an improvement in the quality of my skin with that. But it didnt remove the dark marks and I never had any frosting which is what I am aiming to do. I am now giving this one a tr

Nov 14, 2010 by moniquereid1

This was my 3rd time using the peel, i havent peel and im not sure if its working. It Dries my skin out right after i use it but then i apply the moisturizer and my skin is back to normal. I'm dark skin with acne scars btw and i usually have sensitive sk

Oct 25, 2010 by Dix

I have used twice now - it is a gentle peel - have not seen yet an improvement yet in wrinkles and age spots - but product is as described.

Someone's going to pay for this!!
Oct 06, 2010 by Holly Golightly

I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I have been battling moderate acne for 25 years. When I was on the pill for a few years, it went away, but I have hypothyroidism now and the estrogen makes my synthroid not work, so I can't take it. TMI, I know.Before I started using it, the term "acid" sounded painful to me, so I was too scared to have a peel done, much less do it myself. Well, I'm so glad I changed my mind!! This stuff is a Godsend! I'm actually kind of upset that I didn't know about it sooner, because it would have saved me so much stress, seclusion and scars! Ugh!! Why oh why????Anyway, I have not had a zit since I started using this stuff. Seriously! I don't know how well it works for wrinkles because I don't really have many, but if you have acne, you MUST purchase this stuff. My scars are definitely smoother! (Follow the directions, of course.)I use it once a week, although the directions say to use it less often. I thought I had sensitive skin, but I don't find this to be that irritating at all. That said, when I first starting using it, I made sure that my skin was dry and hadn't been washed recently, so my skin wasn't too soft. I did the peel once a week for a few weeks and didn't have any irritation or even redness or peeling. I have since started doing it after I get out of the shower when my face is moist. It tingles a little more now but it's fine. Little bit of peeling. No redness. I use a soft make-up brush to apply it. I wait a few minutes, then wash it off. Definitely apply a moisturizer after. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin. Hope I didn't leave anything out. I am just so thankful that I found this. I'm so glad my children won't have acne like I did!It's definitely worth a try if you have acne, just make sure you're very careful. I'm so tempted to tell strangers with acne to try this stuff, but am not sure how to approach. I'll figure it out because it's worth it. I'd rather be embarrassed for trying to help someone than because I have a huge zit any day!!I've used this peel up and am about to get another bottle!!! Try it!!!

Sep 30, 2010 by J.Hawkins

I've used this peel for 4 weeks already and all it's done so far is burn my skin red and make my blemishes even more visible than before. My face actually looks WORSE now than it was before I started using this product. I do not recommend this peel.

Sep 27, 2010 by Cathy M. (CA)

I too ordered the HQ+ Gel Peel, Level 3, and received a HQ+ Peel, Level 4. I am 45, with acne and severe melsama on my cheeks and forearms. The first peel stung, just like the in-office dermatologist peels, and frosted, as a previous reviewer noted. From

Strong and Effective at a fraction of in-office peels!!!!
Sep 26, 2010 by Cathy Matke

I too ordered the 206+ Gel Peel, Level 3, and received a 206+ Peel, Level 4. I am 45, with acne and severe melsama on my cheeks and forearms. The first peel stung, just like the in-office dermatologist peels, and frosted, as a previous reviewer noted. From the moment I washed it off, I could see a significant reduction of the melsama darkness, and an overall smother, brighter complexion.Judging from the effectiveness of the product I quickly reordered two, with hopes that I would receive the Level 4 peel (which I did). My second peel did not frost, but I was able to leave it on for 5 minutes. I can hardly wait for the day when I feel good about my sink, and this product has given me HOPE!!!

Sep 26, 2010 by al

This product is really strong. I am warning to those people out there who thinks you guys have developed tolerance against peeling. Man, honestly speaking i've experienced alot of peels from doctors and myself(loreal peel) and this thing aint like things that you've probably seen. You apply this on a cotton(roughly about 2drops of it) and it will PEEL YOUR SKIN after a few days. my first day was ok but the second day, my skin started peeling like crazy, and third day the place where i applied too much chemical had a crack and bled a bit). i have had acne since 6th grade and im over 20 now and this thing... I think its the strongest chemical peel i've ever experienced after 10 years of different peels. I dont know how good this thing works but after 3 days im starting to see better contour and texture after the skin peeled. the product has a warning to USE IT EVERY 10 DAYS OR MORE and apply moisturizer lotion after the peel.

Sep 20, 2010 by Sara Thompson

I placed my order September 2010 and did not receive the item as photographed. I received HQ + Peel LEVEL 4 instead of the BHA + HQ Peel Level 3. Title on this item does not match the photograph provided by company. Careful ordering this since the description does not match the photograph...I use this along with the 30% glycolic acid gel peel from SkinLaboratory and love it. Acne breakouts are smaller and don't last as long. Stings like crazy, but its a good sensation for me because I know it's working.

Finished my 6th peel... this is the best peel for your buck
Sep 07, 2010 by Mrs. Kilo Delta

I'm in love with this HQ+ gel peel. A bit of background on my skin: I'm 30, no sun damage, non smoker, no wrinkles that I've noticed, but I've had persistent mild to moderate acne since my early teens. I have large pores, and blackheads on my nose and chin. I use a 2% salicylic acid liquid on my face daily but I realized I needed something with more 'oomph' to deal with acne and my pores. Before using this peel, if I tried to 'express' the blackheads on my chin, it was difficult to do and it would backfire on me and become huge inflamed blemishes. I am also fair skinned, and acne would leave a red 'shadow' of itself for a few weeks after the blemish itself had disappeared. I also had a fair bit of redness around my nose... I do blow my nose a lot as I have allergies.In my search for a peel with more 'oomph' than my regular skin care routine, I first tried both the salicylic 20% and the glycolic 35% by Skin Laboratory, and didn't really get any 'Wow, my skin looks great!' results. I'd done 3 peels of each of those two peels, fyi.So I ordered a bottle of the HQ+ peel. In terms of my skin recovering from the HQ+ peel, my skin is red the first day (I do the peel in the morning), but the next day it's glowing and the redness is gone. Sometimes the skin around my nose will start sloughing/peeling 2-3 days after I do the peel (probably because that's where my skin is most sensitive). I may get some dryness around my mouth.Yes, the bottle says 'gel peel' but it isn't a gel, it's a liquid (doesn't surprise me, there's salicylic acid in this and it usually comes in the form of a liquid). I wouldn't really call it 'smelly', I'd say it just has quite a bit of fumes. I can't hold the cotton makeup pad I apply the peel with near my face for long because the fumes seem to take my breath away, so I apply the peel quickly as I can. Keep this in mind if you are sensitive to smells or fumes. Also, my skin is sensitive so this peel really feels like it's burning, especially around my nose where the skin is thinnest.... to be able to tolerate the peel longer before I have to wash it off, I'll sit in front of a fan or I'll turn my hairdryer setting to 'Cool' and blast cool air on my face. That really helps the burning feeling subside.So, now on to the results of the peel: I've just finished my 6th peel (one peel per week, so it's been 6 weeks), each one done for 3-5 minutes, but I'll tell you I saw a difference after the first peel. Two days after the first peel, I noticed that my skin had a lovely glow... not shiny, mind you, but just... glowing. It wasn't its usual blah self, normally I have to use a skin brightener with my makeup to get that effect.My pores seem smaller and that glow lasts all week until the next peel. It's improved the red marks my acne leaves behind, and there's a general more even tone to my skin. Also, when I try and express blackheads on my chin (yes, I do still have them after doing this peel) they express easily and they don't turn into huge blemish monsters! I've also had no big blemishes since doing these peels, and only two or three tiny tiny blemishes that quickly go away.I'm pleased as punch with this peel. No, it's not laser resurfacing or a heavy duty peel, but the HQ+ peel is affordable and it doesn't make my skin look like hamburger where I'd have to hide from people for weeks until I'd recovered. And I'm young enough that I don't need the 'big gun' peels yet anyway. For my poorly behaved pores, this stuff is doing the trick.Update 2 weeks later: Something to note, I have to continue using this peel once a week to get the benefits of keeping my pores clear and blemish-free. I tried to go 2 weeks before doing my 7th peel, and around day 11 into the 2 weeks, my pores were starting to misbehave and clog up again into a couple pimples, one on my chin and another on my forehead. So on day 12 I did the HQ+ peel and the blemishes are already healing quite nicely the day after. So, I'll be planning to do this once a week. Easy to do seeing as the redness fades quickly on me (even with my sensitive skin) and the bottle does a lot of peels, I don't think I've made much of a dent in this bottle even with 7 peels.

trying it
Sep 01, 2010 by Rox

okay, so i bought this peel about 2 months ago, waiting for a long weekend to try it, in case i peeled a lot. Read all the review 5 times and was really hesitant to try it. I have an olive complexion and some age dark spots and dark circles and many lines under my eyes. I am 44 and a smoker but i have good skin and no acne problems. I applied it sparingly and it stung just a little around my nose. Could have left it on for 5 minutes but only left it on for 30 seconds as recommended for the first time. After washing it off my face felt tighter and smoother. Will follow up as the days go by.

No Good
Sep 01, 2010 by "ReluctanTexan"

I ordered 206+ Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional). Did not receive a gel, but instead a watery, smelly liquid which I've used two weeks in a row with no effect. Maybe there's a quality control issue, but I feel I received a placebo.

Nothing short of a miracle in a bottle!
Aug 28, 2010 by M. Mcnam "Livin Luvin"

I had to wait a few weeks to try this product out thoroughly before I did a review. I had a quarter sized, medium brown pigmentation mark on my cheek that developed a year ago as well as a small brown dot on my nose. I had an IPL done, and though the dot on my nose was gone, it left four larger dark brown spots on my nose! The cheek mark was still the same. I looked pretty awful and decided to cut my losses. I eventually found my way to looking at Skin Laboratory peel reviews and purchased the 206+gel. It was certainly cheaper than three IPL treatments, so what was there to lose?This is an incredible peel! After the first treatment, there was significant improvement on the pigmentation spots, and after my fifth treatment, the marks are completely gone! I really didn't think it would work this well. Look no further because it does exactly what it's supposed to do and I'm really happy with the results.About the process.......Work your way up by starting with 1-2 minutes and lengthen the time successively. The spots where you will apply this product will darken and look a bit bruised for a couple days after, so don't plan any special social events until after it begins to peel. You could minimize the appearance of it with some makeup cover. Be patient, as it will take about a month and a half of treatments before the process is complete. I actually got a good peel the last time by rubbing my nose LIGHTLY with a slight abrasive before applying the gel, but be careful with this method. Believe in this amazing product because I can say it works! Thanks a lot Skin Laboratory.

Aug 18, 2010 by Wifeybo

This peel is great. I had immediate results. My skin tightened up right away and it really helped clear my acne. Three days after application, I began to peel. I had some redness, but not severe. When my skin healed, the large pores were much smaller, old scars were softer and discoloration was greatly decreased. I had a huge, ugly age spot that is now almost gone. It faded by at least 75% after the first application.If you use this product, just be sure to rinse your nostril area very carefully and use LOTS of water. I did not rinse well enough the first time I used the peel and was really red. Luckily, I healed completely and my skin in that area is now very smooth and clear.The roller made this peel easy to apply quickly.My order arrived in about eight days and the roll-on bottle and product was intact.

Aug 17, 2010 by Cristian Robles "CRISTIANZAO"

Terribly so much time to wait in order that emptiness comes, there are many complaints and claims from which always the flask comes badly sealed.I could not realize the test of if it works, SKIN LABORATORY does not seal the packings. NOT RECOMMENDEDEspa??olPesimo, SKIN LABORATORIO no envia sellado el envase por lo que facilmente se derrama el producto, esperar tanto tiempo para nada, ha llegado vacio el envase y una frustacion de dinero perdido.Pesimo pesimo y pesimo

Aug 11, 2010 by Munga

Over the last year, at which time I went on Estrogen for HRT, I noticed in photographs that I had the strangest shadows on my face. I looked so dark in comparison to how I have looked in the past. I am a fairly olive complected person anyway, but these

has worked good by now
Aug 05, 2010 by Carlos Alberto Cortes

I have used this product just two times, applying it every 8 days.The first time i used it I felt the tingly on my face that everybody has experimented, but it didn't feel hard to handle, so I left it for 5 minutes, washed my face and applied cetaphil facial moisturizer, I really did not see any difference in my skin, but when i used it the second time 8 days later I felt more burning even though I kept it 5 minutes, and the other day I have realized that some of the scars that I have from acne were dissapearing, I am talking about "hole type" scars and the pores on my nose looked more tiny, I didn't see any difference on the queloid scars. So i am waiting to use this product again and see the final results.

Great for dark marks left after acne but...
Jul 09, 2010 by candyland

Hello I am 17 years old and have mild/moderate acne and have oily skin. At first I had bought the smaller version of the 206+ peel and wrote a review about it on this website. But after using the product more, I now have a lot of mixed feelings about this product.Pro's:-The only over-the-counter product that has faded my post-acne marks(little red dots)-Gets rid of some active pimples_________________________________________________________________________________Con's:-Broke my skin out with a lot of red pimples.- The smell of the product gives me a very intense headache during and after applying it to my skin.-Dries my skin out so badly that it causes my skin to produce more oil._________________________________________________________________________________It breaks my skin out with a lot of red pimples: When I first started using this peel, I did not break out from it. I started breaking out the 6th or 7th time of use. I thought that the break-outs came from the peel just getting all the "gunk" out of my pores, which is suppose to happen the first couple of uses. Well I kept using the peel once every 10 days and following the directions exactly. I did not put any new skin products on my skin at the time or do anything different with my skin routine. But I still broke out will pimples the day after each peel. I didn't understand why my skin would still be breaking out after using the peel as many times as I have. Now I know how some of you must be thinking "She doesn't know for sure that it is the products fault for her skin breaking out". But when I break-out only when I use this product and only breaking out in the ONLY places(I don't apply to entire face, just certain little spots) I apply the peel, then yes I have to say the peel is at fault.

it does the job
Jun 29, 2010 by vix205

Im 24 yrs old ive had acne since i was 13 ive tried otc products, prescribed, peels and lasers, so i after reading some reviews on this product i decided to purchase it, it is a strong peel, it really stings when applied, the next day my face looked better, and when my family and friends saw my face they all said my face looked better, the 2nd time i used it there was a difference the next day, so far i have used it twice, its very easy to use, i highly recommend this product

it is strong
Jun 27, 2010 by Janell M

Great product...be careful, as it is strong.

Jun 23, 2010 by Matthew P. Bluekamp

I love love love this stuff....however it shipped leaking all over and was half gone when I got it.

I look and feel radiant!
Jun 19, 2010 by Refugio A

Wow! Amazing the way I now feel with this product. I must say that Skin Laboratory has given me the missing piece to look and feel radiant! Thank you Skin Laboratory!

Works well for clogged follicles
Jun 10, 2010 by Marcela H

Nice results on clogged follicles, Direcctions are well explain.Be careful in the use of these product and read carefully the directions.

"new" skin!
Jun 10, 2010 by Sonya B

Very good peel, I have done two peels so far and I am already amazed at the "new" condition of my skin!

Not too harsh
Jun 07, 2010 by Theresa K

Love using this product. Not too harsh on the skin with good results after about 6 weeks

I prefer this over the other peels I have tried
May 29, 2010 by D. Hoang

I usually don't write reviews but this one I felt like I have to. I previously bought a glycolic peel and glyco-lac peel but didn't see much result with them.So I decide to switch to this and see how well it turns out and I definitely see some improvement this is my 2nd application. Definitely see my pores getting smaller and face smoother and softer. Both of my cheeks have like somewhat call icepick scars and lots of red marks as well with hyperpigmentation. The chemical smell of this is pretty intense and it was like really strong comparing to the others. So I couldn't leave it on for over 2 minutes. I'm not sure what people are using to put it on their face but I spread it with a cotton and it seem to be okay. When I put foundation on my face to covers the flaws it doesn't even show any flaws at all and it usually does with the bumpy skin and large pores. So all the scars are lighten up and improving much better and all the blemish are going away. My acne are under control I don't break out anymore after using this peel so that's a plus. Anyways I will update more when I'm on my 6th application. And I'm hoping to see more dramatic result. Everyone have different skin when it comes to chemical peels and sometimes it works and vice versa. Well Good luck to everyone who try this!

it makes my skin tone more even
May 28, 2010 by Laura J

I have only used it four times, but I am seeing a difference in my skin. My pores appear to be smaller. I don't really have any wrinkles, but it seems to make my skin color more even.

Don't waste your money
May 23, 2010 by J in Rome

After reading the other reviews and the instructions I think I must have received a bottle with no chemicals in it at all. It didn't do a single thing. In fact, I put it on and LEFT IT ON Overnight (against the instructions because of it's irritants) and it still did nothing. No redness, nada!

May 21, 2010 by buggyone

I have used this twice now, no peeling, no redness, nothing. I was able to leave it on for a long time and felt nothing. I am very disappointed because I was really looking forward to this product.

Overall Great Product
May 12, 2010 by Yadira Garcia

Im a 22 year old female who has combination skin and pimple scars.I recently bought this peel and it works great, within the first treatment ( left on for a minute) my pores appeared smaller. I have never suffered too much when it comes to black heads but I have always had visable pores around my nose that could easily turn into a clogged pore. The burning sensation isnt unbearable, at first i didnt even feel any discomfort after the third treatment i decided i wanted something more drastic so i brushed the chemical on my face as opposed to using the cotton ball. I left it on for two minutes. This time I experienced a bit more burning, although my face stayed a slight pink, after two days my pores were practicly invisable, my slight pimple scars were gone, my face looked amazing, my skin appeared flawless. BE SURE TO MOISTURIZE AFTER EACH TREATMENT. The intructions say if possible to withdraw away from wearing makeup for a couple of hours after,to avoid harsh sunlight, and not to wax 48 hours before or after. My boyfriend couldnt stop staring. Over all i love this product, my skin looks so refreshed and flawless.

Great Peel for Acne!
May 04, 2010 by T.Tx

I have been using this peel for about 4 months now and am impressed with my results. I didn't want to review this product until I have used it for a significant amount of time, so that I can give others a true and accurate review of this product.I would have to say that it took about a month before I really started to see results. I have hereditary acne and have used a lot of OTC and prescription medications. This peel has worked better at keeping my acne under control than most of the medications I have used over the years.I haven't really broken out since using this peel and the hydroquinone in it has really helped with most of the dark scars I had from previous breakouts. It does dry out your skin, so you will definitely need to use a good oil free moisturizer and sunscreen.

May 04, 2010 by mel89

I actually didn't use this product! But I'm looking for something that helps with pigmentation! I found this product but I decided against it and rather try glycolac since I know that hydrochinon is actually dangerous if you are not really careful!It is

May 03, 2010 by Daisy Buchanan

Well first of all, I have insanely oily skin, and the reason I used this was because of my oily skin (I figured that it would help even it out) and because of my hyperpigmentation. I actually use this product with Proactiv (which doesn't really work for me), and I use the peel everyday, which I am not supposed to do. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, I have used it for about a week now and almost all of my hyperpigmentation is gone. Now, I do recommend anyone who has oily skin to try to use it everyday, because now I do not have oily skin at all, which is amazing!!!!!!! However, because the peel is drying you should use a moisturizer with it, I use Pond's Dry Skin and the combination works wonderful for me. Also, you should go to the Skin Laboratory website if you plan on buying any of their products because they are almost half the price there.

beats going to the dermatologist
May 01, 2010 by MollyPaul M

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! That is all I have to say about this product! I encourage everyone to purchase this if they purchase anything off of Amazon. I have only used it one time and I already see a noticeable difference with my face along with my fiance who used it! Our faces felt absolutely EXTRAORDINARY this whole week! $40 w s&h definitely beats going to the dermatologist for 100 bucks a pop!

great product
Apr 28, 2010 by Nurse

I am an RN and used to work for a plastic surgeon who had a medi spa. We would get chemical peels when we wanted. I feel that this product was better than what I used in the office. I had great results after the first use. My skin was so smooth and my acne much better. I experienced minimal peeling and no redness. The product did sting like the office products but because I am used to the peels, I was able to leave it on for 4 minutes. I will definitely order more.

Apr 27, 2010 by MondayPartlyCloudy

I am five days past my second application of HQ+ and my biggest problem is that I like to peel my skin when it is peeling. I can't help it! The first time I applied HQ+ I was only able to stand it for maybe 90 seconds. It stung and made my eyes water. I

Love it!
Apr 21, 2010 by A. Pearson

I have used this product twice now. I fortunately do not have a current acne problem but did years ago. I have a lot of scars from them just red spots on my face. I have used twice and my face is so smooth and pours are a lot smaller, but the spots hace faded but not like I expected. Does anyone know how long it takes to actually fade the acne scars? from experience.? all in all no regrets i love the product. I am not just waiting to get to use again! I'll update on the progress.

Great for adult acne
Apr 17, 2010 by Deanna S

Definitely would recommend this for treatment of adult acne. My face was so sore the day I applied the treatment and it burned like crazy but I left it on for the recommended 5 minutes. The next day, all of the areas I had acne and places I didn't know were infected, were burned out. On this page, it says leave on for 25 min. The bottle says 5 max. No longer than that!

206+Peel: Definitely Works, Long-Term Effects?
Apr 12, 2010 by KAM

First of all, I'll start off by saying that this product definitely works as seen by all the five star reviews.Second, about the 206+ peel itself: The first time I used the product the stinging was intense and nearly unbearable. I couldn't wash it off fast enough after barely 30 seconds. The second time, however, I expected a similar experience but it was much more bearable and has been ever since. I now keep it on for 3 minutes and do experience peeling a day or two later (not sheets of skin like a professional spa peel, but enough to be quite noticeable especially if using makeup).Third and last of all, my only concern is regarding the long-term effects of using this product. I have used the product 5 times now, only two of those times have I made it up to leaving it on for the full 3 minutes. Of those two longest times, however, I have also noticed that afterward I seem to get a headache and just don't really feel well. Is this the product? I have absolutely no idea, but after experiencing what appear to be the same side effects immediately after using this peel -twice now- I find myself concerned enough to wonder about long-term effects/health risks I am exposing myself to.Sadly, as much as this product does seem to appear to work, I can't justify the possible health risks it may pose whether they be real or merely a coincidence on my part. If this is not a concern you share or this product has, in fact, been deemed safe then by all means give it a try because otherwise it really does seem to be effective.

medium strength
Apr 11, 2010 by Emma

This product did not give me the results I was hoping for. Only a very slight peel with no improvement for melasma.

Great Peel for Acne
Apr 11, 2010 by Amanda Timberlake

I've had adult acne for several years, treating topically with both over-the-counter and prescription products. None of them cleared my acne, and as a result I have many hyperpigmented spots from old blemishes. My skin is very oily, and nothing I have tried in the past has been able to control my oiliness.The initial application of the peel is a little painful - it stings more than any product I've put on my face. This peel is potentially damaging if you don't follow the instructions, so definitely be careful when using it. With that said, I've noticed such an improvement in my skin!I finished my second application of the peel a few days ago and my face is so much clearer! Two days after the first application it seemed to bring several blemishes to the surface, but since those initial ones have healed I haven't had a single new blemish. I can already notice the hyperpigmented spots are beginning to fade, as well. I don't have any ice pick-type acne scarring, so I can't testify if this peel is effective on that type of scarring or not. I will continue to use this product, and highly recommend to anyone with oily, acne-ridden skin.

Improves skin texture
Apr 07, 2010 by Leticia M

Arrived before estimated date; product is amazing. I have significant acne scars. I noticed a major difference in the texture of my skin after the first use. I even received compliments on my skin the day after the first use, which never happens. I highly recommend this company and it's products.

Apr 06, 2010 by Sunny SD

This worked great on my skin. I had brown spots that peeled off. Very good alternative to going to a salon for this treatment.

Apr 06, 2010 by Sunny SD

This worked great on my skin. I had brown spots that peeled off. Very good alternative to going to a salon for this treatment.

It will get worse before it gets better
Mar 24, 2010 by Rollo Tomasi

This product does exactly what it says. It helps even the worst cases of acne, scaring, wrinkles, and skin texture. After using the product my face looked much more vibrant and younger. You also can visibly notice the difference in the size of your pores.With all that said it is important to understand that it takes about 4-7 days after use to start to see the results. In the immediate days following application your face will flake, peel, and discolor to the point where you may regret having used the peel! Just make sure you use PLENTY of facial lotion that contains spf and you will be fine. Again, this is not a peel to use if you have someone you want to impress in the next couple of days, but if your schedule looks pretty clear for a week then go for it, the results will be great.

Bottle arrived nearly empty so I only got 1 application from it, but my skin had NO reaction to it..no stinging, no burning...
Mar 18, 2010 by Kim'sAmazon

Most of the product had leaked out during shipping, as others have mentioned in their reviews (Amazon handled the return with NO problems - even paid for the return shipping!). I used the little that was left - enough to lightly cover my face and chest area - and after reading other reviews I was prepared to wash it off within a minute or two. However, I didn't have a reaction to it at all - no stinging, no burning, no redness. It did have a smell, but not overwhelming or bothersome. I left it on for 5 minutes and probably should have gone longer, but I was a little nervous as this was my first time using a home peel product.I'm going to order it in the bottle instead of the roll-on because the reviews suggest that it'll work better. Also, I didn't feel that I was getting even and all-over coverage using the roll-on. I could only tell if I missed any areas by waiting for it to dry to a chalky white, which was a couple of minutes into it. By then if I did miss a spot then that spot wouldn't have the same treatment as the surrounding skin.I get an occasional light peel from a Spa but this is my first home peel. I think that my skin may he built up a tolerance which is why I didn't get the stinging, burning, redness or sloughing that others got. I've been using other exfoliating products like Olay's Definity line (recently started it), Obagi's Vitamin C line (great for reducing dark spots and evening skin tone), Dior (love it!), and other products.SIDE NOTE: I also ordered the Salicylic Acid 2-% gel peel and tried it a couple of days after the 206+ Gel Peel and got the results I expected, even after the first application. My skin is smooth, has a more even tone, and my pores are smaller (yeah!). It didn't do anything for my acne scars (yet), but I have only used the Salicylic once. I suggest buying this as well. They're only $18.95 each when you buy both together. And, salicylic acid is "self neutralizing" which means it stops working after 8 to 10 minutes and you can use it 3-4 times a week, per the instructions.

product with possibilities
Mar 04, 2010 by D. Hearn

The product seems to work in lightening dark spots, but I am having a difficult time receiving the product due to inappropriate packaging. The first time I had no problems but the 2nd and 3rd time I received my package all of the liquid has leaked out leaving me with no product to use and I have not recieved a refund from the first packaging mishap. I am very disappointed since I think the product was starting to work, but I don't think I will be ordering it again from this seller.

Feb 28, 2010 by Michele D.

I've used the BHA HQ+ product since January and have had very good results. I have extremely oily and sensitive skin (lucky me) with some sun damage. I bought this product to help me with a very clogged, acne filled chin. I was having an emotionally hard

4.3 5.0 167 167 I love this product. Naturally it dries my skin out for a day or two after treatment but after those days.. (Not even bad drying) my skin glows. After I turned thirty being the sun HQ+ Chemical Peel