Lactic Acid 35% Peel


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Lactic/35 is a component of skin’s natural moisturizing factor and pulls moisture into the skin.
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The use of Lactic acid will help to increase skin cell turnover on the surface of the skin, producing smoother-looking and more vibrant skin.

Works on the Surface to Treat Tone, Texture and Pigmentation

Lactic works on the surface of the skin to treat tone, texture, and pigmentation. The Lactic acid molecule works to pull moisture into the cells, and exfoliate surface cells which helps to perfect the skin’s surface and restore the skin’s natural glow.

Lactic is a Naturally Occurring Element in Our Skin Already

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Lactic acid helps to eliminate germs, toxins and dead cells from the skin’s surface, and also helps to maintain the skin’s pH level. Lactic acid occurs naturally in the skin and is a primary component of the skin’s natural moisturizing mechanism, making it ideal for individuals wishing to avoid over-drying and skin dehydration. In the deeper layers, beneath the skin’s surface, new collagen and elastin will be stimulated and the skin will actually become thicker, tighter and more firm.

A Magnet for Moisture

Lactic acid’s unique ability to draw moisture toward the surface of the skin makes it ideal for individuals whose skin dries out easily. This treatment also effectively combats acne by killing germs and removing toxins on the surface of the skin and by breaking down the dry, dead, glued-together surface sebum that makes skin look dull and clogs pores. This leaves the skin with a wonderfully smooth and clear complexion. With continued use as directed the skin will look more youthful and vibrant.

Give New Life to Your Skin

This treatment is ideal for dry or dehydrated skin, as well as aging and sun-damaged skin. Lactic Acid’s unique ability to draw moisture toward the surface of the skin makes it ideal for individuals whose skin dries out easily. This treatment also effectively combats acne, leaving a wonderfully smooth and clear complexion. The Lactic 30ml and 100ml are ideal for full facial applications. For specific areas, or spot treatments, the Lactic 50 Roll-on would be best.

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by Katherine on Blank Product Name

I started using this peel to help get rid of melasma I developed during pregnancy, I have to say my hole face was affected, under cheeks, upper lip, chin, forehead (area in between eyebrows ). It looked awful and people wouldn't stop asking me what is that on my face, so embarrassing. Well, its been 8 month now since I started the process and my face looks so much much better, my friends say I look younger too ???? I used lactic acid peel in combination with Nadinola cream (Walmart 5$) and retin-a at night. The results are amazing. I did peeling 6-8 weeks once a week, then would take a break then go back again for 6-8 weeks. In a beginning I did only 2-3 minutes but then started increasing time to 10 minutes. And always used baking soda solution to neutralize acid. My melasma is 80% gone, what's left, can be covered with make up but I don't use it at all. Just apply plenty of sunscreen (I absolutely don't leave my house without it).This is definitely a product I would recommend to all of you who's trying to get rid of melasma or hyperpigmentation. I'm now moving onto 50% lactic acid peel and 4% hydroquinone cream in order to get rid of this ugly melasma completely . Sorry for long review but some may find it helpful.

by AmandaR on Blank Product Name
Serious stuff

Follow the instructions that some people recommend in their reviews on here. This is a serious chemical peel, even if it is an "introductory" lactic acid peel. Im not sure if you wash it off well that you really need to neutralize with baking soda, but I did anyway. It didnt really sting much when it was on. I had some peeling a few days after, my skin just seems healthier but not much lghteneing of scars yet.

As Good As Salon Results

Not for the feint of heart, but if you follow the instructions very carefully, the value here is in the number of treatments you can provide yourself for a fraction of the salon cost. Thank you, Skin Laboratory and Amazon.

Gentle and Effective.

Good product. I've used it a couple of times and it has improved my scars. I expect it will only get better. Its pretty gentle on my face because it barely made it red.

Some improvement on my skin

So Forehead is the least sensitive part on my face. I put almost the same amount all over my face. I noticed the skin around my face got redder and left more scabs. I am thinking about put two layers on my forehead to even out the skin tone. My forehead is a lot darker than the rest of my face. The first peeling went well. I saw less improvement this time than the time I got done in a professional salon three weeks ago. I will see if my skin evens out after 6 times with two weeks of interval.

by Tom S on Blank Product Name
Not all that

A little stinging and not much in the way of results. Used only on my hands however (spotted from driving). 35% sounds like a lot but feel it's much less (as described in other reviews.)

by Michelle Forbes on Blank Product Name
Great for beginners!

I'm thrilled to be able to do this at home. Easy-to-follow instructions, quality product. I noticed results almost immediately. I had some extremely minor stinging and itching the first time, but no discomfort so I waited five days and went six minutes the second time around. I abstained from using retinol cream and my clarisonic mia for 24 hours, used alcohol on a cotton ball to prep, poured just over a quarter size into a glass custard dish, applied quickly with a 1 1/2" flat taklon art brush I use for applying facials and rinsed with lots of water, patted dry and applied Philip Thomas Roth sunscreen. I waited about 12 hours before applying any makeup and then just a beauty balm, mascara and gloss. No redness or irritation and I saw an overall improvement in brightness and tone right away. My husband noticed and wants to try it himself.

by LGM101 on Blank Product Name
Not awesome, not great - just OK

I'm a mission to clear up adult acne and improve my complexion and reduce some fine lines. I have now spent over 40 hours on various websites (incl Amazon) researching peels and zit treatments until my eyeball are ready to pop. I'm mid 40's, very fair, have some sun damage, average pores, oily T-zone, and am allergic to everything (e.g. the 'super sensitive skin which breaks out in mini-blisters the moment it doesn't like something so have to take daily allergy meds' kind of skin).I'm currently testing out acne patches - have had some success, you can read my reviews for details. Medicine - meh, not so much luck, barely worth mentioning. I'm now onto chemical peels. I've had 2 light peels over the past decade (at a spa) and both had nice results. Being that I'm going the 'at home' route now AND have skin issues, I opted for this light 35% version first. I'd rather be safe than scarred, after all.First peel: I followed the directions...cleansed skin, wiped with alchol as a 'toner', got out the baking soda, settled in next to the sink, applied peel with q-tip, and set the timer for 1 min. (BTW, yes, I did the recommended patch tests! Hated to wait but again, better safe than sorry!) Skin tingled a bit but not much, no redness, so left on an additional 30 sec. Then patted on some baking soda, at which my point my skin hollered in protest, and I immediately doused my face with cool water for a good minute. (Yeah, I get the whole 'acid neutralizer' logic but for some reason it didn't work for me - won't ever use it again. No worries, the water was sufficient.) Gently patted skin dry and applied some Cetaphil sensitive skin face lotion (since it was night time and I have issues with sunscreen, I didn't apply any). So far so good! Next morning I woke up and didn't notice much change, skin felt fine. Regardless, I applied my sensitive skin Oil of Olay 15 SPF lotion very heavily before my SPF 30 makeup. And waited for a miracle, or at least for someone to notice...HA!After 3 days, no real change. HOWEVER...almost all the acne that was in a 'clearing up' stage (which can last for WEEKS, unfortunately) looked better than I expected. So that was a little heartening.Second peel: 5 days later. I know you're supposed to wait a week but I wasn't peeling or experiencing redness and my skin clearly wasn't rejecting the product, which is GREAT sign. Same process, except I bought a toner to use instead of alcohol, used a cotton pad instead of a q-tip, didn't use baking soda, and left the peel on for 4 minutes. Some tingle, but still not much. It's now 24 hours later. Results: no reduction in age spots, but softer and I dare say a wee bit brighter skin, and improved acne healing time.BOTTOM LINE: Despite my fears about my skin being too sensitive for a peel, I believe the opposite is true. I probably could have taken the 'mature skin' factor into account and started with a higher concentration, but I'm glad I started here. I'm going to use this peel 2 more times, waiting 10-14 days between treatments and increasing the application time up to the suggested 8 min. If I see increased healing and other improvements, no matter how small, I'm going to order the 50% concentration. If my acne gets worse, I'm going to switch to a Salicylic acid peel and give that a few months. Either way, I'll continue to post reviews in hopes that other like-minded ladies can benefit from my experience and verbosity.P.S. If you're like me and frustrated by instructions that say 'don't apply to active volcano zits' because there is no such moment in time when you do NOT have eruptions, let me just say that I compromised by trying to cover such spots as lightly as possible. Yeah, it stings more, and I can guess how higher acidic concentrations might scar, but it wasn't a problem for me. I think that might be an age thing, though... sorry, all you PYTs out there. 🙂

by Evelyn Schneider on Blank Product Name

The peeling is perfect. I like it. My skin is so much better. I will recomended to people with dry skin.

by Library User on Blank Product Name
Tingle without burn.

This serum is very tingly when you apply it, but leaves the skin feeling much clearer and softer. I've used it twice so far and look forward to continuing.

by d. gilbert on Blank Product Name
Good product

Excellent place to start, product is what it says it is, and for those who know the benefits of lactic acid, it works! The company offers instructions on how to use it. Would always trust and buy again from Skin Lab

by joanne on Blank Product Name
face peel

this product works for me. be carefull, start slowly just like the direction say to. it leaves your face red for a few days, this will pass to a nice smooth clear complexetion. you need to be patient. it's takes a few application

Worked well for my acne problem.

I am completely satisfied with this product It helped rid most of my acne and my skin looks and feels smoother. I would highly recommend this product.



by A. Daniels (Los Angeles, CA) on Blank Product Name

Amazing product! This was the first chemical peel I ever used and the results were beyond amazing! I am very impressed and I will continue to use Skin Laboratory throughout my skincare journey! Oh yea, the shipping was really fast as well!??

by lilibunny on Blank Product Name
Too Weak

I just finished my first treatment with this and I found it too weak for my liking. I barely felt any tingling when it was on, and afterwards, while my skin felt a tiny bit smoother, it wasn't the result I was looking for. This kind of peel could be good for those with sensitive skin, but I'm pretty average and it did nothing for me.

by Will continue trying on Blank Product Name

Purchased the 35% Lactic acid. I have a very sensitive skin, with melasma unrelated to pregnancy and some old acne scars. Used glycolic acid 60%,before, from a different company, could never leave it more than seconds, even had blisters from it. Healed wi

by Zipper on Blank Product Name

I have been a skin therepist for many many years & i have used this as my client as well as personal peel...I LOOOVE IT!! Gentle yet aggressive! I am now looking for more products to add to my routine.

by Hawaiian Goddess on Blank Product Name
Burned, Blotchy, Redness! Beware.

I've been using the Lactic Acid from skin labratory for a couple months now (also the Salicylic Acid 20%) . For a while things were great but then I started noticing that my face was looking older, and i'm only 20. I used it to try and get rid of some existing acne scars. I used it once a week, and since I've stopped my skin looks a lot healthier. Never left it on for more than 30 seconds, and I went through one bottle previously. The second batch may have just been bad I'm not sure, but it burned the hell out of my skin left it red and blotchy for hours. So for now i'll be sticking to my regular face wash, toner, and moisturizing routine.

by A. Rogers on Blank Product Name
Excellent Level 1 Peel

This is a review for the 35% Lactic Acid peel. I have sensitive skin that is dry, but also acne prone. I have some hyperpigmentation from past blemishes and hormonal birth control and the beginning of fine lines around my mouth.I have used this product twice, once a week for the past two weeks. I follow the method, but the night before and the day of the peel I give it a break so my skin doesn't get too dry. Before I apply the peel I cleanse with Cetaphil and wait about a half hour until my skin is bone dry. The peel is in gel form, and application is easy with either a synthetic brush or cotton pad. I have experienced little discomfort while it was on my face, and then only at the sides of my nose. I left it on for 2 minutes the first time, and five minutes the second time. I experienced absolutely no frosting of any kind. I neutralize with a baking soda paste after rinsing with copious amounts of water, and follow with a thick layer of Vanicream, and once that is absorbed I put on a layer of Vanicream SPF 60, (great products if you have dry uber sensitive skin) I experienced minimal peeling on the sides of my nose about three days after doing the peel. I have had minimal purging, and while the hyperpigmentation is still there, my skin overall is more luminous. I also had the very beginning of fine lines along either side of my mouth and I'm happy to say that those are much diminished. In my opinion this is a wonderful mild peel.I plan to get the stage 2 50% lactic acid peel after I am done with this, which will probably be a few months as even the smallest bottle is plenty for several peels. I encourage anyone looking into at home peels to read read read about them and use your head. This is strong medicine, and has the potential to seriously screw up your skin if you leave them on too long, you apply too often and don't give your skin a chance to recover between peels, or you begin with a too high concentration. I understand wanting perfect skin right overnight, but whatever issues or damage you are dealing with didn't happen overnight and I think it's unreasonable to expect one's problems to be solved instantly while still being gentle. It's a slow process and that bites, but your skin will not improve by being rough with it. Be consistent, be careful, and be kind to yourself and your skin.

by Leslie on Blank Product Name

I bought both but for some reason, this works better on my skin. Using the glycolic wasn't doing anything. Soon as I started using this I had deep peeling and a brightening of skin. Also my pores got smaller. Also, as soon as I put it on, it started s

by sunshine on Blank Product Name

I am ever so pleased with this product. I am a licienced esthetician and have used all different peels . I applied the peel as directed and was happy with the tingle, and with the result! my skin is smooth, firm and luminous, not bad for 42> My next pur

by tanesha on Blank Product Name

this product really works i had a little discoloration on my cheeks and after 4 treatment i notice my discoloration was fading

by Angela C on Blank Product Name
Great for melasma

I read the instructions before I put on the product, I have been using it about 2 times a week and have noticed that my melasma has faded dramatically. I can walk out of my house without wearing makeup. I am so pleased I finally found something that worked for me!

by Paula C. Lewis on Blank Product Name
Great product. Have purchased before and will buy from this company again.

Great product. Have purchased before and will buy from this company again. I have bought other items from this same company. Quick shipping, reliable honest company. Thank You.

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