Salicylic Acid 20% Peel


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Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, unclogs and reduce appearance of pores

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Expert Tip: Can be used in combination with glycolic and lactic peels to increase results and depth of peel.

Advanced Treatment for Improving Skin

Salicylic Acid is the new generation of products for improving the appearance of aging skin. Dermatologists now agree that Salicylic/20 peel is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin

Being Oil Soluble, Salicylic Can Penetrate the Outer Layer of Our Skin

Salicylic can be used several times a week, because it is oil soluble. The outside layer of your skin is covered in oil, and being oil soluble, the Salicylic acid is able to penetrate this outer layer. However, under this outer most layer is the dermis, and this layer is made up of mostly water. Oil and water don’t mix, and this keeps the Salicylic acid from moving down past the outer most levels of the epidermis. This is what makes it safe to use several times a week, and for some even daily.

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Can Be Used More Often Than Other Peels

Salicylic/20 peel breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin, which is why a much quicker peel can be achieved. For acne, the Salicylic acid has several properties that make it a very effective treatment for acne. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce the inflammation of the acne. Salicylic Acid Peels are effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. It has been found that Beta Hydroxy, Salicylic Acid is effective with as little as one-fifth the concentration typically found in products containing Glycolic Acid.

Very Effective Treatment for Acne

Salicylic acid is highly effective for acne and oily skins. It is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone, and prevent future outbreaks. Salicylic acid blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It can be used more frequently than the other peels without much risk for irritation.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath. If you have many years of sun damage accumulated on the skin, the progress will start off slow.If you apply the peel after bathing it will penetrate more deeply as the protective oils will have been washed away, so be careful as you run more potential for causing irritation when applying.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin is not Achieved in One Night

Remember to not get frustrated…exfoliation is a process that takes some time. You are beginning your treatments with pores that are clogged with embedded dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. As you begin your treatments the sebum just under the surface will likely emerge as blemishes. This is normal. Breakouts may seem more pronounced since the acid is cleaning the pores more quickly than with regular cleansing products. Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts. Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a ‘process’ which takes some time to work. After the skin has cleared, It is also important to continue weekly treatments to keep the pores from becoming clogged.

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Really does work
Oct 09, 2013 by libby schaefer

I bought this for my 15 year old son who has severe acne. We've tried antibiotics expensive prescription creams and gels and nothing was working. I bought this as a last resort kind of thing. We use it once a week for one and a half minutes. It's been 4 weeks now and there is a HUGE difference in his acne. Every week it's getting better and better. He said it stings a bit but he thinks its worth it so I started using it. I don't have acne but I do have large pores and its actually shrinking them a little bit since I started once a week for 2 minutes and its giving me an even skin tone. I will continue to buy this for both my son and me.

In love
Oct 09, 2013 by tarsha

I never write a review. However, this product cost less and provides the same effect as the $150.00 chemical peels I receive at the dermatologist office.Week 1I applied alcohol, then the Salicylic Acid 20% peel for apprx 8 minutes. My face began to burn so I used a fan to alleviate the stinging (I have experienced the burning in the Doctors office). After 8 minutes, I splashed my face with water ( I know some use a nuetralizer). I did not feel any more buring. The next morning my felt tight. The acne bumps were significantly minimized- not gone.Week 2I applied the lactic peel(Intense Repair 88% Lactic Acid Peel Kit with Hyaluronic Acid Repair Cream) to even out the many blemishes/scars- my face looks brighter(vibrant) and the acne is completely gone! (do not apply to much of this one or leave on to long..nearly burned a small part of my skin on my chin applying too much/my skin has healed)Week 3- Applied the salicylic Acid peel again ... I am so proud of my face texture!In between week 1 and 2, I have been washing my face with shea moisture soap in the morning and the skin medica foam wash at night followed by the acne stop by skin obsession and Aveeno Mosturizer.I am a black female. I have suffered with acne all my life. I have religiously seen the dermatologist w/ no success in clearer skin. I have accomplished in less than 2 weeks what I was unable to accomplish in years seeing a dermatoligist. I am stoked and wish I would have researched and purchased this product a long time ago.. would have saved myself the frustration and time of going to the dermatologist.

Not sure it works
Oct 06, 2013 by andy

I am very conflicted with this product, I wanted to try an over the counter product before i go to a professional for a chemical peel, and after doing research and reading reviews i decided to go with this one, but it doesnt do much good or bad for my skin, right after i use it my skin becomes extremely dry and after i use a moisturizer it feels a little softer than usual but this only lasts for a few hours. I have been using it for a few months now , about once or twice a week, for 8 min each time. So i think it was a waste of money and next time i will have a professional do it

Seems to be helping
Oct 01, 2013 by feyaya

I get periodic breakouts and the major problem is the scarring some of the breakouts leave behind. While I'm desperate to fade the scars, it would only make sense to eliminate the breakouts to prevent more scarring. I think this peel has helped. Most of my breakouts occur with PMS or when I'm under a lot of stress. The peel has helped minimize the number of breakouts, though I still do get one here and there. It's my first peel and have been using it for a couple months. However, I'm trying to get back into the habit of using it regularly while trying to decide what a good frequency is. My aim is to use it 3-4 times a week. I leave it on for the entire 8 minutes. It can/does sting like hell, but I like that feeling; let's me know its doing its job, haha. I use Ponds face moisturizer if I use the peel at night or when I'm not going out. Other times, I use Aveeno Positively Radiant since it has SPF. I have noticed a diminish in the scarring, and am hoping one day they will be gone for the most part. Be advised that you may notice worsening of your skin after initial usage. For example, some scars will appear darker. But the darkening is simply just the scarred tissue that is burning off, so after a few days, it will peel off and skin underneath will be lighter. I was also using microdermabrasion in between peels to encourage sloughing, but was worried that was an overload and didn't want to make anything worse. I still will use it, but not so closely with the peel.

Love this product.
Sep 22, 2013 by Cynth71

I have used this several times now. It does sting quite a bit and I still cannot seem to get pas 30 seconds of it on my face before I have to rinse it off, but it does a good job.

Sep 14, 2013 by lizanoel21

def helped to fade some acne scars i have plus heal active acne. when i first starting using it i couldn't stand it for more than 1 min, now I can handle the whole 8 min. use with caution

Great service and product.
Sep 14, 2013 by Carly

My initial order was lost in the mail...or stolen by my neighbors. Seller worked with me and sent a replacement, So far the product works great and they've earned a lot of customer loyalty.

This stuff works, no need for stronger one
Sep 11, 2013 by T. Klamo

I am a first time user, you can tell the difference. It does sting,but you can handle it. I do not leave it on for longer than 5 minutes. Avoid corners of your mouth or nose. Face feels so much smoother. I applied it twice, every Monday.I feel it was good investment and I am glad I did not order the stronger one. That would be an overkill. Cannot tell if it will be effective on dark spots, not enough time, but I will use in future since I could feel the difference in how smooth my face feels. 46 yrs.old

A good peel.
Sep 11, 2013 by michelle

I leave the peel on all night long. Yes it does burn little in the beginning but the burning goes away after a while. Does help drying out skin if you have oily skin. Buy it you will be happy.

Good Product
Sep 07, 2013 by Icy Y.

For those with some experience with chemical peels, this is nothing special. For the value, it's great and it works as stated. As advertised, the strength is about 20% (I have had 30% peels before and this is slightly weaker). Nonetheless, you can layer this on and it gets very intense.I keep this on for 10 minutes at the longest, and usually for spot treatment on specific acne scars. I always keep a wet towel around to ease the burning. It does start to peel in 3-4 days. Just make sure to use a lot of moisturizer and sun screen throughout the process. I also recommend stopping the usage of other intense skin care regimens (retinol, Retin A, microderms, laser, etc.) for at least one week before and after the full peel process.For someone with acne scars, I can say this has worked in a reasonable manner. It does take a lot of time and patience to get the results that you want. I have been working on refining my deep scars for almost 6 months and I would say I'm halfway there. To get your desired results, make sure you do not OD on peels and give your skin time to replenish.

Dries the acne, good product
Sep 06, 2013 by Star2008

Due to my recent cystic acne break-out I have been experimenting with every product out there which can provide some relief. I've had this product for a long time and have used it few times. This came in really handy with my recent outbreak of acne, I wash my face with a regular cleanser and pat my face dry. Applied SA with q-tips and left it on for 5 mins, although it stings and burns but calms down within a minute. I guess I've built some tolerance by now, I still need a fan on high during application. Then wash my face with plenty of cold water and apply moisturizer. I have also used it to spot treat some of the acne, the area gets little dry, then becomes darker and little browner and then flakes off. So that way i can get rid of acne plus there is no major scar remaining behind. All in all, nothing to get scared of with the word 'acid'; its pretty safe for use at home - just dont leave it on your face for too long. If you cant tolerate the burning sensation, dont kill yourself just wash your face with water. You will build resistance slowly and dont forget to wear good sunblock lotion.

great product
Sep 05, 2013 by Sandra J

I have acne and I have tried a lot of different products, nothing seems to work. I have used this product several times over a period of 4 months. I can not say that it cured my acne because there is no cure for this problem, but it did improve it. I still get pimples but its a lot less and they are smaller. And my face is smoother.

Great Product
Aug 28, 2013 by Amar Patel

This chemical peel really is the real deal. I used it to spot treat some pimples and within a couple of days, they were all dried up and gone!

does what it is suppose to
Aug 26, 2013 by jkburt

use it once a week, i put it on a cotton ball and dab it on my skin in the "bad zones" i aim for scars and blackhead prone areas. the more you use it, the more change you will see, but give it time. you dont want to leave it on long in the beginning if this is your first time trying it at home. you can scar your skin that way. 5-8 minutes is enough. within a few days, you might notice flaking in the areas that it was used. mine only flaked around my chin. it worked so well, it got rid of this strange bulging mark between my eyes that looked like a wart or pimple that wouldnt go away. make sure to use gloves and ALWAYS moisturize afterwards. if you want a moisturizer that will help brighten your skin more, look for Avalon brand vitamin C lotion. It is expensive, but worth it.

Really Works
Aug 23, 2013 by Stephanie Sane

After years of sun damage and wrinkles forming on my skin, I never thought I could finally find something to help my complexion. Not only did it clear up my acne, but it made my skin feel soft and new. My wrinkles are much less noticeable and my skin looks a lot healthier. Not many products actually work but I'm glad to say that this one did. I'm very happy that I decided to use this product and I recommend it to everyone that wants better skin.

Excellent product for skinpeeling.
Aug 20, 2013 by allen jay cohen

This is an excellent product used for skin peeling and useful for Basal Cell Skin Cancer continued treatment as well.

Great product
Aug 14, 2013 by Lillian

So I am 28 and have had acne since 12. It has never gone away and sometimes I get nasty cystic type ones. Well I decided to try this product and so far great results.The first day I kept it on for 5 minutes and the next day I had a really bad pimple I did not have the day before but it quickly disappeared the day after. I felt that it was my pores getting the gunk out. I have so far used it every few days just for spot treatment and my skin has been clear. I love it! Hopefully it starts to lighten the spots from previous breakouts. Do not forget to use lotion after or your skin will peel.

Not what I expected
Aug 09, 2013 by tiana

I followed the directions, expected to experience some level of peeling and nothing happened.I have used other peels in the past with better results. Next time, I will buy a stronger peel will the hope that I will achieve more effective results.

Not what I thought
Aug 08, 2013 by L. Coley

It works but you need so much on your skin to work it could be that I am not use to the buffer in product.

Not seeing any difference at the point!!!
Jul 27, 2013 by Mary

Have only used 2 times, but so far not seeing any difference in the aging brown spots, which is the reason for my purchase per the ad....will give it a little more time to see if its going to make a difference... I did note the information packet references more on acne concerns, than eliminating the brown spots associated with aging.. :-(

Very Potent
Jul 26, 2013 by Kimme

I have been using the "Brazilian Peel" for about three years now and hit a bit of a wall in terms of results with that product-so I decided to step up a bit. This product is EXTREMYLY potent, but the results have been outstanding.I have only had a professional AHA peel once, but I can honestly say it felt very similar to the one in the bottle-though the results are not as extreme as those from a asthetician. My skin burns when this on, and it has taken about two months for me to be able to keep it on for the full 8 minutes. Although I didn't experience major peeling right away, the next day my sensitive areas did peel quite a bit. My acne has lessened, and so has the greasy quality my skin naturally has. Additionally, some of my synerisis redness is less over time.My advice is to use this if you have used a peel in the past and are looking to step up to a more potent peel. I Highly recommend a Neutralizer if you are going to use this peel-I tried going without one time and regret it. Additionally, make sure you have a great non-irritating serum and moisturizer. Although I have very oily skin-I have needed both these things to combat the harshness of this product.The one downside to this product is application. I've tried using a brush, cotton pads, cotton balls, and finally decided that my own fingers work best.Skin type: 20-something, very oily, acne-prone, sensitive, semi-pigmented, pale

I'm not in love...not even in like"...;-("
Jul 26, 2013 by KatKanDoo

I wanted to like this product, I even bought one for my sister before I truly gave it a chance to work (or in my case not work). I might have the wrong skin type, I don't know but it freaking BURNED and it made my face all red AND it was oily/gross! I probably didn't use this product correctly but I don't like it. And it's expensive (I'm cheap, I buy a lot of things but don't spend much ;-))

i love the size
Jul 23, 2013 by LittleFlower

I love this product, I'm a faithful user and re-orderer and I love that it's in a large bottle for sure, I started using the 30ml bottles and will now stand by the 100ml for good! this percentage is good too, it made me peel a lot and really cleared up my skin well :)

Worked perfectly
Jul 19, 2013 by Ashley T Connolly

Follow the instructions, keep at it and you'll see results. I've been using it for several weeks now, and it's definitely cleared areas up

Loved it
Jul 15, 2013 by w1ldflower

I use this once every week or every two weeks and it keeps my face nice and smooth and helps clear acne. Highly recommended!

Not for me.
Jul 02, 2013 by teddytheshihtzu

My skincare has changed so much over the years and usually it's because of a random breakout. What this breakout tells me is that my current skincare is no longer working for me and I need a change. I bought this right around the time when my retin-a gel wan't working for me anymore. I decided to buy this peel and the glycolic. I have no idea why I bothered buying this one. I have never had a good reaction with salicylic acid but for some reason because of all the raves on this product I decided maybe I just needed to try it in a higher dosage. This irritated my insanely. I started peeling and getting scabs everywhere and all my acne started scarring right away. All this happened after leaving this peel on for less than a minute because I could not stand the stinging. I also hated the fact that Skin Laboratory peels are BLUE. Since then I've tried using lactic and glycolic by other brands in a clear formula. Which I like much much better. Each individual is different. I'm glad this works for others, but this definitely is a no go for me.

Pimple supressor
Jul 01, 2013 by Ash

Now, I have used this product for over a month now. I use it when I feel like a pimple is emerging. It works wonders on those pimples. It makes them shrink and fade red bumpy appearance of upcoming pimple. I don't know if it acts well as gel peel, just because I don't use it on larger areas for peeling purpose. It also helps to minimize dark acne scars.

My skin did not do well.
Jun 27, 2013 by M. Galiher

My skin did not do well with this. I felt like my face was on fire. So I waited it out and it didn't get better. And it hurt for a while even after I got it off. I feel like it might work for some people but not for me.

Does what it says...
Jun 27, 2013 by S. Briscoe

I clean my face in a steamy shower. Wipe with alcohol. Wipe this product on lightly, like a toner, with a cotton pad, avoiding my eyes, sides of my nose, and mouth. Leave on for 8 minutes. Splash off with cold water for several minutes. Blot dry and immediately moisturize. It stings and burns slightly while on, and while rinsing off, all the way until the moisturizer goes on, and then it stops. It helps with acne (does not eliminate), and makes my skin look newer and smoother. I read the directions and followed them to the letter, and have had no problems. I do this about once a week. The only time I had a problem was when I got over-zealous about it and did it 2 or 3 times in one week -- then I aggravated my skin, thinking if once was good, then 2 or 3 times would be even better, which it wasn't. So once a week is fine for me. I think I will easily get about 15 to 20 applications out of this bottle.

Probably not best for warts.
Jun 26, 2013 by Thaddeus P.

Dealing with warts is a little like viewing to "dark arts", there is lots of mystery and hundreds of opinions about what works. I bought a product at Walgreens, but the vehicle evaporated so fast that the product was useless after about 60%. I am making progress, and it does not evaporate so quickly as to cause application problems.

Works good but still need time to see...
Jun 24, 2013 by qiu liu

My acne has been there for many years, so maybe it takes long to disappear entirely. But so far I am quite satisfied with it.

As good as the dermatologist.
Jun 19, 2013 by Lauren

I had a salicylic peel at my dermatologist's office and loved the results. My mild to moderate acne began clearing up within days and the treatment seemed to last a few weeks. However, paying for the peel to be administered was not as fun. I found this 20% gel on Amazon and the results are identical. Make sure to purchase the neutralizer with this though, it does tend to burn. If I don't want to apply to my entire face, I also use it for a high-powered spot treatment. As many other reviewers have mentioned, it normally worsens the breakout before it clears it up (my derm explained it essentially removes the first layer of skin to allow the breakout to be exposed to the medication), but after that the healing process is speedy.

Exactly what you expect to get
Jun 18, 2013 by B. Batson

This is good stuff! It is somewhat hard to apply and burns a little but like most say, it makes your skin SMOOTH! Once a week is all my skin can handle but I like washing my face because it is so smooth!

Jun 17, 2013 by Tammy

Ordered this several months back however I think it lost its potency cause it does not work...Followed the instructions but yet it didn't work

Jun 17, 2013 by Anissa

After all the reviews I just HAD to try this......I was NOT disappointed. I just completed my 5th peel in 5 wks (I do weekly) I do not have acne, just the occasional pimple. A lot of blackheads around nose and chin area is my main problem. Started the peel....left on for 2 minutes the first time. I thought that my face would be beet wasn't. Gradually left product on longer and now I'm up to 71/2 minutes. The blackheads just seem to dry out...and DISAPPEAR. The day after peel I am a little red (not bad at all). 2/3 days maybe some flaking... After 4-5 days I see the difference! I am so excited and happy with this product...I would give it 6 stars. I can go out with NO make-up. My skin tone is nice and even too! Make-up goes on smooth like a dream. Some quick FYI:- no need to buy neutralizer....just use cool to lukewarm water and rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse some more- moisturize, moisturize, moisturize when you get done- SPF, SPF, SPF when your out in the sun

No Effect
Jun 12, 2013 by KB_Albany

I will say these peels are hit and miss. I bought a TCA peel from the same company and it did cause peeling although did not lighten my skin. No peeling with this one and no noticeable effect on lightening either.

Jun 09, 2013 by tini

Based on my experience ~ (I have combination skin, typically oily throughout the day with drier patches in certain areas of thinner skin, frequent breakouts, some acne scarring)The 20% strength is powerful enough to notice an overall change in my skin clarity and texture in about 2 weeks, but gentle enough that I didn't experience excessive discomfort during application or dry skin patches after. You will experience a burning sensation... because it is acid... BUT nothing too crazy. Just work with the suggested time increments: start with 1 min, increase every week, up til 8 minutes max--- I prefer the 5-6 minute mark. I've been using a cotton pad to apply instead of purchasing a fan brush. Don't be discouraged after week one, you may experience an initial breakout. Stick with it :o)I have been following the peel with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (100% natural btw), followed by 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum (also an AMAZING find on amazon that is powerfully hydrating). Both of these products have limited ingredients, and I've found them to be gentle and highly restorative for after the peel.I love my new skin peel regimen!!!Here is a wish list with lots of skincare goodies that I love where you can find some GREAT stuff. Skin-Care Extraordinaire:

Finally an effective product
Jun 06, 2013 by FCB

I must say i bought this in hopes that i will burn my skin tags on some sensitive areas. Since the first day i applied it with cotton swabs i noticed that the tags were getting burned and becoming whitish. It wasn't very itchy even though i left it on them for 5 minutes every time. After about 3 weeks applying this gel 2 times per week the tags are gone! This doesn't leave any marks as well on the skin! A must 5 star rating! I tried other products for skin tags over-hyped by the ads here on Amazon and on the TV, and they never even worked a little bit, they were just a waste of money... People, whoever has these unpleasant tags this is the way to go! Thank You so much!!!

Jun 06, 2013 by konchitav

Works and saves money! I use this once a month and twice a month on my son who is 16. It clears his acne within a day. I am convinced using this initially every week and moving to every two weeks, has made a dramatic difference in his skin and confidence. I administer them but I am sure he is able to do them himself now.

Worked as I Expected
Jun 05, 2013 by Laura Lukasik

This was my first time using a chemical peel at home on myself. I've had the Vi Peel professionally done a few times to help get rid of acne marks that were leftover after a bad cystic acne breakout.This product worked great, wasn't too strong and I only peeled slightly or not at all.I washed my face with Cetaphil then used Witch Hazel on a cotton ball to start my face with a clean surface. I applied the acid with a cotton ball all over my face and more generously on bad acne spot areas (I also rubbed alittle harder on these spots). The first time I let it sit on my face for a minute, then 2 minutes the next time, then became brave and left it on the full 8 minutes, which did seem to make me peel a little more. Rinse with lots of cold water and be sure you moisturize afterwards or your face will feel really tight and start flaking.I do it once a week at night before I go to bed.

just what i wanted
Jun 04, 2013 by KeirstynHeinemann

this works great, just what i wanted. sure it burns with application and gets some getting used to but it does its job well! great purchase!

Jun 03, 2013 by Jamaall Smith

So I first purchased this product nearly a year ago. I tried it, applied it to my entire face. Left it on for a few minutes, and took a shower. Didn't work. So it got thrown in the cabinet. I had just recently came back to it a few days ago because I had one bit of acne that was swelling up under my eye. So I decided to give it another try... I got way more results than I expected! It turned the blemish a whitish color, and I slept it off. The next day it was scabbed up, so I continued to use it and it peeled after about 2-3 days, and now I'm left with more natural looking skin. The way I'm using it now it to dip a Q-Tip into the bottle and spread it around problem areas. Every day before bed. Now almost all of my acne is gone, I just need to get rid of the scars, which this is also doing a great job of. Most of my blemishes are starting to peel, which will leave behind newer, much better looking skin. But some advice, if you are using this stuff frequently make sure to put some sunscreen on, because your skin will be much more sensitive to the sun. I was out in the sun for a little, and I could literally feel the sun beaming on my skin much more in the areas where I had applied the salicylic acid. Besides that, this is a great product, and its really made my face look much better!!

May 31, 2013 by I love movies

I have had incredible reduction on my pores. I was frugal with my bottle. just finished it last week. I was using this in congestion with other exfoliating face wash. it's too pricy but it works. I could ask for a change - bring down the price.

Trying this for the first time.
May 30, 2013 by Shadowx180

My face has acne and acne scares and skin discolorations. I'm trying this mainly for the discolorations and acne. The scars are too ice pick to fix.Well as of today on 5/30/2013. I have tried the peel and I must say I was expecting more. :P All the review kinda made me think there was going to be some instant action. The instructions said after test patch, when you apply to face to apply for 1 minute. So I begin with the forehead and about 1 minute I felt some tingling pain. 3 minute later it was about the same level just more tingling so i called it then not knowing when to really stop and I did 3 times the recommended time.Washed face, used a neutralizer and then added some none scented face lotion. All and all reviews make me think there was going to be something to see. I guess I'll wait and see if tomorrow produces anything. If not maybe after a few days I will try for a longer time.It says don't go beyond 8 minutes but if 3 does little or nothing i may have to go for a full 8 minutes.UPDATE: I have used this 3 times now over the week and it has done little to help my acne or peel. It just drys my skin which I can do with a simple face wash without pain. I never see any peeling or effect other than dry skin. I figured a peel would actually do a peel that's...noticable.

Great Product
May 28, 2013 by Melissa

We've been working with Chemical Peels for years and we have really liked how this product works. The consistancy is good and the strenght is perfect.

So far so good
May 27, 2013 by Mrsmdfir

I have been researching for a peel that could help reduce my pores and help soften the appearance of my indented acne scars (boxcar & rolling) which my cystic acne left behind during my teenage years for a period of time. Now, i know that a majority of people misconstrue that indented acne scars are from the effect of picking on acne, which is not always the case for most people. My cystic acne was so bad and inflamed during my teenage years that they left indents on my skin, i tried everything, i consulted with a dermatologist who gave me some antibiotics and 2% Salicylic acid cream to apply on my face, i even tried to change my diet but all to no avail, alas when the acne's healed, they healed badly resulting to my scarring. Anyways, long story short, my twin sister and i were discussing about skin issue's and she recommended that i use this peel as it saved her skin when she was going through a bad phase with acne after her first pregnancy, seeing that she rarely and i mean RARELY breakout nowadays and that her skin is so clean and less oily than mine, i was immediately interested to try out this peel.When the peel arrived, I decided to wait after my third application to write a review on this peel as I thought it should be more than sufficient time to at least see what it does to my skin. Anyways, the 1st time I use this peel i could only withstand 1 minute of the stinging (yes it does sting, not tingle but STING!! so if you're the kind who could not tolerate pain than i suggest to stay away from this peel), after the 1 minute is up i rushed to the bathroom and splashed water all over my face for about a minute until i felt the stinging stopped. The next day i saw new breakouts on my forehead and jawline, it's nothing major and the acne calmed down and dried out within 3 days. I also noticed my skin slightly peeled on my cheeks which is totally a good sign thus explains the word PEEL on this product. A week later, when i felt that it's safe to apply the peel again, I increased my application time by 30 seconds, the following day i found 2 new breakouts on my forehead and chin which did dry out soon after. I did my 3rd peel last night and this time i tried to brave it out and applied it for 2.5 mins and i saw a little frosting on my forehead, chin and above my lips (the skin below my nose) but it went away after i doused my face with water. I haven't noticed any breakouts today and i saw my large pores shrunk tremendously, overall I'm quiet satisfied with this peel. Yes it did broke me out BUT a majority of Salicylic acid peel users including my twin went through the same phase as i did before seeing great results, so i'm not disheartened by a few breakouts as it has shown a tremendous improvement on the size of my pores, it has dried out my acne's/pimples quickly (there is no acne marks or scars after the acne healed) and my face is now less oily. *Note that I use to have super oily skin, plus i live in Singapore (a VERY HUMID country/environment) therefore my face produce oil like there's no tomorrow* I will continue my usage and WILL UPDATE on my progress when i'm done with this bottle. Below is other products that i use in conjunction to this peel and my current skin regime, hope this helps those of you who are looking to soften your indented acne scars and combat active acne's (GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!)========================================================================================I use a gentle cleanser with cucumber extract for my face wash "BRAND: SAFI" *unfortunately this cleanser is only sold in Singapore and Malaysia* (helps to decrease pores)Followed by THAYER'S Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner which i bought here on Amazon *This helps clear my pores, takes off access makeup which my facial wash miss out, it has helped decrease my pores and has helped tighten and smooths the texture of my skin.**I ONLY USE THIS AT NIGHT BEFORE BED AFTER WASHING MY FACE AND APPLYING THAYER'S Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner* I USE St. Ives Facial Moisturizer, Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin on my face and neck - layering more under my eyes and on my laugh lines.I use this peel once a weekAND i use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay in between my Salicylic acid peel cycle. (The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a clay mask and is best used with Apple Cider Vinegar, it helps extract all the impurities deep within the pores and it leaves your skin radiant and pore free. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS MASK FOR ALL SKIN TYPES NO MATTER HOW GOOD OF A CONDITION YOUR SKIN IS IN, YOU GUYS SHOULD TRY IT!!) *You can find this mask here on Amazon*

Too strong for my skin type
May 27, 2013 by Nadeige Raymonvil

I would recommend seeking a dermatologist first before buying this product. I had an allergic reaction to it, so it wasn't the best fit for me

Oh how I love this stuff!!!
May 24, 2013 by Tonya Reynolds

First let me say I just did my first peel about 20 minutes ago BUT as I was watching it in action, I could see really old 'stuck' zits coming to the surface!!! yay! I also want to say I will never use the fan brush again as it had a tendency to run no matter how many times I tapped it off. Just use a cotton ball or round (much safer) I left it on for approx 1.5 minutes as I couldn't stop staring in the mirror lol It was so cool! Also, I could see a patch of brown skin dissipating before my eyes. It isn't totally gone, but well on it's way to being zapped off my face forever. I cannot wait for my next peel as it looks like the results are going to be stellar. It didn't burn too bad so no real problems there. I will update more later. Woohoo!!!UPDATE...OK, I'm on my 3rd peel (left on for 10 minutes) and I simply cannot believe the difference in my skin! Old scars 'scabbed' a bit and I just left them alone to heal. They are almost completely gone leaving my skin looking very smooth! I've had mild peeling. Its a bit inconvenient to go out in public with flaky skin, so I take some CeraVe lotion on a damp washcloth and gently rub in a circular motion all over my face. The peeling skin vanishes! The peeling does come back so I leave it alone and just moisturize if I'm staying inside. I've had no pain aside from the initial burn of the peel and my hyperpigmentation is almost a thing of the past! Use a high SPF, moisturize with a very small amount of emu oil and you are on your way to looking 10 years younger (At least I am!!!)

May 22, 2013 by SkyLark

I happened to have a fan brush with which to apply this, and wish that it came in a different type of dispenser as it is awkward to pour it onto the brush without spilling.

Great for Feet
May 19, 2013 by gabledorf

Tried this on my face a couple times AFTER a couples weeks worth of a 10% BHA Daily, and it burned. Took it off right away and haven't noticed any chance in facial skin. Maybe I took it too soon. On my feet, however, it has worked miracles> I had super dry skin now its actually, YES, like a baby's, and I am 34.Applied- Twice a day using my fingertips, folowed with socks.Results day 1-5 : Peeling, peeling, peeling. roughness too.Day 7: Used a (very fine) file on dry feet and gently sloughed off the the peeling skin: Viola. My boyfriend's "Wow" sums it up pretty good. Will be buying LOTS more. Next time, however, I am going to try to the AHA. Probably will switch back and forth with a TCA peel once a year.

4.4 5.0 835 835 The product would have been better if the thixotrope had been increased. It is too low in viscotity and has a tendency to run. Salicylic Acid 20% Peel