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Before You Buy a Chemical Peel

Before you buy a Skin Laboratory chemical peel, ask yourself, “Is a chemical peel right for me?”  To help you make a decision you should know changes you may need to make before a peel and how to choose the right peel.

An example of why you shouldn’t use a chemical peel is that you must stop using Accutane for 6 months prior to using a peel.

A Quick Look at Necessary Changes Before a Peel

Choosing the Right Peel – A Brief Look

A chemical peel is an excellent method for skin care when looking to newer, beautiful skin. Look younger and rejuvinated. Chemical peels remove old and damaged layers of skin making way for new healthy skin. These peels can help with

Preparing for a Chemical Peel?

With any procedure, taking care of yourself and maintaining good diet, exercise and optimal health helps. Learn as much as you can about chemical peels so you know what to expect. Always ask questions.

Cleansing your skin prior to the application will help the skin to peel more evenly, aid in the healing process, and minimize the risk of infection, uneven skin color and other complications.

Approximately 2-3 days before the peel the use of scrubbing pads and exfoliating sponges should be discontinued as well as any other shaving products.

Forty eight hours prior to your treatment, you will be asked to refrain from using Retin-A (tretinoin), Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C. You may resume use two days after your treatment as long as you are not experiencing any irritation.

Items You Will Need for the Peel

There are approximately 8 easily accessible items you will need to perform a chemical peel at home.  You probably already have most of these at home now.

  1. Pre-Peel:
    • Washcloth
      • You must remove all make-up and debris from your skin before using a chemical peel.  Use a washcloth or similar item for this.
    • Optional:
      • Cleanser or Toner
        • These products can improve the performance of the peel by removing oil from the skin.
      • Gauze Pad or Cotton Pad
        • For applying the cleanser or toner.
  2. Peel:
    • Applicator
      • You can apply the peel via several methods. Options include…
      • Fan Brush
      • Cotton Pad
      • Gauze Pad
    • Chemical Peel
      • Make sure you’re using the right peel for your goals.
    • Timer
      • Keep track of how long you will leave the peel on.
    • Copious amounts of Water
      • After time’s up remove the peel with copious amounts of water.  A faucet with clean water is a good option.
    • Washcloth or paper towel
      • Dry and wipe the skin after the peel is removed.
  3. Post-Peel:
    • Moisturizer
      • To help the skin recover use a moisturizer.
    • Sunblock
      • After a chemical peel the skin is sensitive and must be protected from the sun.
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