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Post Peel

Instructions for After a Peel

Detailed instructions are included with each purchase, but here is a quick rundown:

  1. Avoid exercise and sweating (sauna) for a few hours after the procedure.
  2. Avoid the use of abrasive or exfoliating sponges until face returns to normal condition.
  3. Apply a fragrance free moisturizer (Neutrogena facial lotion, or Cetaphil lotion) twice a day. Avoid products containing alpha-hydroxy acids until the skin returns to normal condition.
  4. Do not peel the skin, pick the skin, scrape or scratch the skin, expose the skin to sun or sun lamps, or use a mask on the skin until the skin returns to normal condition.
  5. If possible delay the use of make-up for 24 hours, if you must use very lightly.

Skin Care Following Peel

After the treatment, you should avoid rigorous scrubbing of the treated area for several days. Cleanse the treated area gently. Be sure to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen during the course of your treatment. If you are using Retin-A or other topical medicine creams, wait 2 days to start your routine. This includes any medication for acne, or any of your wrinkle medications including glycolic or salicylic acid.

Selecting a Moisturizer

After rinsing off the peel allow your face to dry and then apply a gentle moisturizer with SPF 30 protection. We have found one of the best values to be the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer. It is very gentle and contains no fragrances or harsh chemicals which would be irritating to the skin. Many companies sell special kits to use after a chemical peel, but these kits are often very pricey, and not necessary.

You want to make sure and wear SPF 30 sunscreen when exfoliating the skin, especially 3-4 days after a peel. The reason for this is because the peel exfoliates the outermost layer of skin, and the new skin underneath is more susceptible to sun.

After Peel Redness

With Skin Laboratory peels, you should not see a visible “frost” (where the skin actually turns slightly white in some particular areas and red in other areas). This frosting is normally associated with a medium to strong peel.

If you notice a frost when using a Skin Laboratory peel, you should stop the peel by removing with water and wait 3-4 weeks before resuming application. The frost should only last for about 30 minutes or so, before disappearing. When you resume, limit the application time.

During the healing process, the skin may be red from the acid for several days or throughout the entire healing process. With most peels the redness should dissipate after 1-2 weeks. For some of our stronger peels, the skin may turn brownish and leathery before actually peeling.

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