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For those who want the benefits of both Glycolic and Lactic we offer this combination peel that combines 25% Glycolic with 35% Lactic. You get all of the improvements of the Lactic, with the increased collagen stimulation of the Glycolic.

Although this peel is 60% total acid, it is generally well tolerated because the lactic and glycolic work on different levels of the skin.


Hands down the best peel for acne and oily skin. This is like Salicylic on steroids. You should expect some visible “flaking” of the skin two days after using the peel. This will help with active acne blemishes as well as old acne marks, and a variety of other skin problems. This peel is best for helping problem skin.

Available in one strength: BHA+.


This peel is best for pigmentation and scarring. Similar to our BHA+ peel, with added ingredients which help fade pigmentation differences and even skin tone. If you suffer from old acne marks, age spots, or scars, this peel will be the most effective in helping you.

Available in one strength: HQ+.

Combination Peels

HQ+ Chemical Peel


Combination Peels

Glycolac 60% Peel


Combination Peels

BHA+ Chemical Peel