Salicylic Acid 20% Peel


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Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, unclogs and reduce appearance of pores

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Expert Tip: Can be used in combination with glycolic and lactic peels to increase results and depth of peel.

Advanced Treatment for Improving Skin

Salicylic Acid is the new generation of products for improving the appearance of aging skin. Dermatologists now agree that Salicylic/20 peel is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin

Being Oil Soluble, Salicylic Can Penetrate the Outer Layer of Our Skin

Salicylic can be used several times a week, because it is oil soluble. The outside layer of your skin is covered in oil, and being oil soluble, the Salicylic acid is able to penetrate this outer layer. However, under this outer most layer is the dermis, and this layer is made up of mostly water. Oil and water don’t mix, and this keeps the Salicylic acid from moving down past the outer most levels of the epidermis. This is what makes it safe to use several times a week, and for some even daily.

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Can Be Used More Often Than Other Peels

Salicylic/20 peel breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin, which is why a much quicker peel can be achieved. For acne, the Salicylic acid has several properties that make it a very effective treatment for acne. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce the inflammation of the acne. Salicylic Acid Peels are effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. It has been found that Beta Hydroxy, Salicylic Acid is effective with as little as one-fifth the concentration typically found in products containing Glycolic Acid.

Very Effective Treatment for Acne

Salicylic acid is highly effective for acne and oily skins. It is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone, and prevent future outbreaks. Salicylic acid blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It can be used more frequently than the other peels without much risk for irritation.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath. If you have many years of sun damage accumulated on the skin, the progress will start off slow.If you apply the peel after bathing it will penetrate more deeply as the protective oils will have been washed away, so be careful as you run more potential for causing irritation when applying.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin is not Achieved in One Night

Remember to not get frustrated…exfoliation is a process that takes some time. You are beginning your treatments with pores that are clogged with embedded dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. As you begin your treatments the sebum just under the surface will likely emerge as blemishes. This is normal. Breakouts may seem more pronounced since the acid is cleaning the pores more quickly than with regular cleansing products. Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts. Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a ‘process’ which takes some time to work. After the skin has cleared, It is also important to continue weekly treatments to keep the pores from becoming clogged.

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Salicylic Acid 20% Peel SKU UPC Model
Aug 04, 2011 by E. Frank (Seattle, WA )

Excellent products, highly recommended! After just one use my skin has made noticeable improvements. If you are looking for high quality products, and transformed skin, sans an esthetician and the salon prices-here you go. Note, when using these peels, fi

Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel is The REAL Answer to Great Looking Skin
Aug 02, 2011 by AmazonianFan

I started having severe adult acne breakouts in 2004. Since that time, I have tried every conceivable product on the market. When the OTC products had no effect, I consulted a dermatologist. Talk about adding insult to injury, the treatment(s) I received through the dermatologist aggravated my situation even further. I felt like a walking nightmare. I became so self-conscious that I found every excuse not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. I couldn't even make direct eye contact with anyone for fear that they were looking at my horribly broken out face caked with makeup and powder to hide the volcanous ruptures underneath. I know, I know, the makeup and powder was only clogging my pores further and exacerbating my situation. Denial is a horrible master. When I saw the Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel on, I was reluctant at first. I had tried numerous products with certain percentages of salicylic acid in it, but I took note that this product was a GEL PEEL with 20% salicyclic acid. I was familiar with peels and how they were supposed to lift off severe acne scarring and associated discolorations in stages through a peeling process. I didn't know much more than that about the science of peeling, but 20% of salicyclic acid seemed more like a percentage a dermatologist would prescribe. I ordered this product on a wing and a prayer, and I have never been happier. For anyone out there who is considering having a iron mask forged to hide their adult acne, DON'T!! Buy this product and use it as directed. DO NOT exceed the amount or timing-this is a chemical peel. You will do damage to yourself by thinking, "If a little worked so well, a lot more will work even better." WRONG. Be patient. I guarantee you the results will be evident almost immediately. As for any stinging or burning sensations, there was very, very little (almost negligible) that I experienced--and I had become used to some products causing me severe reactions with no improvement whatsoever. Not only does this product rid you of your current acne situation, it will help recondition your skin to prevent further breakouts--it actually firms your skin as well! REMEMBER: Apply moisturizer after washing off this product, and you will look and feel great! If you're feeling hopeless, I implore you to give this product a try. Friends and family have not stopped complimenting me about my new, beautiful skin--they say not only do I look great but I look younger, too!! Makeup will become your friend again. You will turn heads again--but for the right reasons. Three great results for the price of one! BUY THIS PRODUCT AND START LIVING AGAIN!!!

So far, so good ...
Aug 02, 2011 by birdmom9726

I got this product last week and have tried it twice. The first time I applied it with a brush and it really stung - was afraid I had done something wrong so I rinsed it off within seconds of applying it. After re-reading the reviews on this site, I tried it again last night. This time I applied it with my fingertips and it didn't sting much at all. I have had some bad breakouts on my chin for the last month or two, a couple of which would NOT go away or get better. I was afraid I was getting some kind of adult onset acne or cysts. However, after I used the peel last night, I noticed this morning that those two spots looked MUCH better - less inflamed and well on their way to healing. Plus the large pores I am plagued with are looking tighter/smaller already. I left the gel on this time for maybe three minutes before rinsing off well and moisturizing. I am very happy with what I've seen already and would recommend this product to anyone who wants to see a real improvement in problem skin - and we all have problem skin in some way, don't we?

Aug 01, 2011 by Anna E.

Salicylic Acid 20% Peel is AMAZING!!! It has helped to clear up the keratosis pilaris on my forearms and upper arms. I have hated the bumps on my arms and I pick at they until they bleed and form scars. This peel has cleared this up and I am no longer

Jul 31, 2011 by sandykay18

Have tried everything including antibiotics, lazer treatments, acutane, peels. Finally this product controls my skin by using it initially only twice a week and now once every 2 weeks or when break out starting. I can use this treatment, wash my face, apply make up and go to work. No problems. If using around mouth, I apply thick coat of chapstick to avoid lips... I use for 8 minutes. I am not sure why my derm did not suggest this after all the years of failed treatment!

it's working...amazing
Jul 30, 2011 by Leopold Stotch "Butters"

so far so good. not as painful as some suggest, wish i got the stronger one. thanks to skin laboratory for this awesome product!!! (:

A miracle?
Jul 24, 2011 by goneundone

So I have dealt with moderate acne for my whole entire life. I've rarely ever had a face without a breakout on it. The past few months my acne has turned to clogged pores, whiteheads, on my jaw line and chin. Unfortunately I try to pick them which spreads the acne and inflames the pimples. I also get cystic acne around my jawliine. I've been so embarrased about it lately, that I haven't gone anywhere but work for weeks! So I started with the oil cleansing method. I enjoy it, it looks like it helps my skin, but it wasn't helping my existing acne, and it seemed like a slow process to unclog the whiteheads, deeply embedded on my jawline. So I was scared about trying this product because everyone talked about how it burned. I washed my face with a mild soap, and wiped it with an alcohol pad. I applied the peel like I would a toner. It barely burned! It started burning slightly on my right jawline only. I tried to apply a little more where I thought it should be burning more. I left it on my face for five minutes and then rinsed with cool water and followed with aubrey organics vegecol moisturizer with a couple drops of jojoba oil. I wasn't going outdoors so I didn't apply sunscreen. I wasn't sure if it was going to work because it didn't burn a lot. This was around noon, I didn't do anything to my face for the rest of the day or night.OMG! Let me tell you that when I woke up... my acne has diminished greatly.. and I'm having trouble finding the whiteheads on my jawline! I still have the acne spots, but the pimples and whiteheads have been reduced drastically. It's been only day one! I know this is going to clear my acne. Finally a product that might work. This is my new skin protocol: Morning: Wash clean face with raw honey, leave on for 5 minutes. Tone with Apple Cider Vinegar Moisturize with Aubrey Organics Vegecol Moisturizer with a couple drops of jojoba Aveeno tinted moisturizer with spf 30 if going outside Evening: Oil cleansing method. Rub skin with castor and jojoba oils for ten to 15 minutes. Steam face to open pores and remove cleansing oil. Once a week: Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel (I may try it again in a few days, with more gel) I'll let you'all know how it works!

Great Product
Jul 24, 2011 by shooper810

This product is AMAZING for women of color!!!! I recently ordered this product and after the first use my skin was glowing and cleared the acne within 24 hrs. I followed up with the Neutralizer PH Balancer and a 70% Sunblock to further protect my skin. I have no more over 40 year old acne and everyone notices the difference. Because of the high concentration of Salicylic Acid, you can feel it working immediately, and see the dead skin removal as you apply with a cotton ball. I only left it on for 2 minutes, even though the instructions say 1 - 8 minutes. I am ordering more!!!!

Jul 20, 2011 by V. Thompson (Arlington, Texas )

This is my time trying the do it yourself chemical peel and I'm impressed. My breakouts are almost non existent, so I'm just going to continue doing my salicylic acid 20% peel until all gone then try the others. Great Seller with prompt delivery and aweso

Good results thus far
Jul 17, 2011 by Tammy

I've been using this peel for a month now, with a total of 4 peels done on my face and back. I have acne and dark marks, olive complexion, and real oily skin especially in the summer months. It hasn't helped with the oily skin, but it has diminished the amount of acne, and reduce the pigment on my acne marks. I've used the glycolic peel of the same brand 3 years ago without any luck. This peel stings a lot when I apply it to my face, but not so much on my back. I have built 2 minutes tolerance for my face and that has helped to reduce my acne. I do use benzoyl peroxide and a prescription tretinoin for my acne and the combination of it all has helped keep my acne to about 1 eruption a week, where before I was getting one or two new pimple a day. I hope I continue to get results.

Jul 15, 2011 by Lin2490

This is an amazing product and did wonders for my skin. I have been using it a little over a month and my skin looks amazing. It is the only product that has done this and I have tried a tone. Not only has it cleared my skin and minimized my huge pores it also cleared up hyper-pigmentation from acne. Its amazing and everyone who has ance should try it.

no other better acne solution
Jul 15, 2011 by velvetrose20

I've been suffering from acne and oily skin for more than 15 years. Like most of you, I'm just desperate to get clear complexion, spending thousands of dollars over the years, trying different kind of treatments. As you know, these treatments/ pills are either harmful to your body if prolong usage, or they are just too expensive to up keep. I am so thankful that I came across this wonderful product. I've done my 6th peel today and I must say 90% of my acne are gone, and my oily skin are under controlled! The embeaded white heads have slowly sufaced and exfoliated too. My acne scars are improving and pores are smaller! This product is definately the best product i've used. It's affordable and very effective. Best part is, I don't even need a expensive cleanser and moisturizer to have healthy skin now. What is the downside? Probably the stinging and peeling. Other than that, it's totally worth it!

Jul 15, 2011 by T. Goelz (Lansdowne, VA )

The item arrived quickly. I've only used it 2x and left on for one minute. It seems to work OK, it dissolved the blackheads on my nose (the cotton ball looked dirty after I used it) and the dark spots on my cheeks "seem" slightly lighten. I will continue

Excellent for scars, acne & hyperpigmentation
Jul 14, 2011 by Hyperpigmentation

I have used this product for about three months now and have seen good improvement in my acne blemishes. I suffered from deep cystic acne that left me with dark hyper-pigmented scars on my back. This product, along with exfoliation has helped to reduce the appearance. Probably after using the product for 6-8 months, they will be gone. It also helped to clear my acne dramatically. The active ingredient (Salicylic Acid) is the same ingredient used in many over the counter products like Neutrogena, Clearasil and Oxy, just in a higher concentration (20% Vs. 2%). This is my 6th bottle. Great product!

Great for KP, scars, and the body
Jul 14, 2011 by AB

I have KP (keratosis pilaris) on my upper arms, and scars, and felt the need to get rid of them both, once and for all. The included pamphlet is very helpful. It tells you everything you need to know, and I highly suggest that you follow the advice it gives you. The fact that it's a gel is so advantageous, because I'd be sort of paranoid about a liquid dripping into your eyes. I put two round cotton pads in a disposable cup and then pour some of the peel in. There's no waste or mess, and I can simply take a pad out and apply it to the area. The gel reflects light better than liquid, so unless you do this in the dark, you can see any spots you've missed. My experience wasn't exactly the same since I applied it on my arms, where the skin is naturally thicker than on the face (without taking the scarring into account). I left mine on for about five minutes the first time. The sensation is distinctive, a cross between mild stinging and slight burning, but it's not even really painful. I rinsed well with water, then moisturized with AmLactin; it's excellent for the body, but probably too rich for the face. I was massively impressed. It really smoothed out my arms and within a day had dried out quite a few of my KP bumps. My scars are also slightly improved from the one use, though I will probably spot treat these if needed. I'd definitely buy this again and will update once I've used the rest.

Jul 14, 2011 by Stacey

I saw my family doctor, dermatologist and gynecologist to help and try to get my acne under control. Nothing seemed to help or work effectively and long-term. It took some time (months) before I started to see actual lasting results when I began using S

Jul 14, 2011 by Q. Li (Syracuse, NY)

I have mixed feelings about this product because on one hand, it did helped me getting rid of the dead skin and smoothing my face, but one the other hand, it irritated so badly that I have to wash them off after 2 mins. I have tried two times already, and

Not sure if it's me or the product that's doing it wrong
Jul 05, 2011 by Serene

I've heard great things about salicylic acid, but I don't know if it just isn't right for my skin or if I'm using it wrong. I have brown skin, so I'm aware that my skin can react differently to it. The first time I used it, I only did a spot treatment and had it on my skin for 4-5 mins. It turned one of my already dark spots darker, I really hope this is not permanent! Afterwards I didn't notice any peel whatsoever. The second time I tried it, I left it on my face for less than 4 minutes. Instead of a spot treatment I used a small brush to cover larger areas. This time I did notice a little peel, but nothing to write home about. Plus I had to rub my skin to get the dead skin off 5 days later. And once again, it turned a random spot darker. I don't understand why it only picks ONE spot out of the 20 that are on my face to mess with. Overall I'm not really sure about this product. It didn't peel my skin, or clear my spots, luckily I didn't get any redness or irritation. I'm giving it 3 stars only because I think I might find a better technique to use it in the near future but other than that this product is a 1. If anyone has any tips please feel free to respond

Haven't noticed a difference
Jul 04, 2011 by Cristina

I used this twice a week for 6 weeks and didn't notice a difference in my acne at all. My skin got incredibly dry, which is to be expected, but no difference other than that. I'm disappointed as I read such other great reviews.

Cleared up my heavy cystic acne
Jul 03, 2011 by R. Garnica

While I had the typical set of pimples in high school, once I reached college and in the throes of my 20's, the acne came full force. I'm talking huge, pus-filled cysts building up along my face like houses lining up beach-front property. I didn't help the issue by continually popping them. Only by reading books, such as this one: The Acne Cure: The Nonprescription Plan That Shows Dramatic Results in as Little as 24 Hours, did I realize that popping them was exploding further bacteria into my skin, which was agitating and increasing the number and volume of cysts I'd deal with. I didn't want to try Accutane or any other prescription medication. I had taken monodox (sp?) once, but that left me feeling woozy sometimes and didn't really "hold" it's cure. I did use Pro-Active for a time, but that didn't have the strength to battle my problem. The Acne Cure book suggested a three-step process of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide (BP). For those who have read the book, many of the products recommended are either hard to find or not around anymore. In my attempts to find suitable cleansers, from mud bars to sea salts and everything in between, I came across the salicylic acid peel. To explain: my skin is oily! Five minutes will pass by after I wash (with Cetaphil-like cleansers) and the oil resumes. My mother says I should be happy, as this will stave off major wrinklage, but, whilst I'm in my 30's, I'd like it to be one shade of color until that time. Also, as a guy, with facial hair trying to come out, my pores have been clogged over the years. Couple this with the oil and the dirt and the touching of the face and boom--constant acne, with severe cysts. Back to the peel: first time around, burn city. I used a cotton ball and rubbed it all around. Careful if you have whiteheads that are in the process of bursting. The acid will sting more and won't provide much help. I washed it off quickly with some cold water as per the instructions. At first, I didn't pair it up with the glycolic nor the BP. After about two days, I noticed mild peeling. It looked like dried up plastic peeling from being in the sun too long. (Maybe a touch too graphic, because it wasn't as though it looked like I had dandruff on my face.) A good, Cetaphil-like lotion quickly took care of that. See, the salicylic breaks up "clogged" or "gummed" pores. It's like Drano for your skin's pipes, clearing out all the gunk and allowing the natural process of your skin to take over. When I'd look in the mirror, I'd notice smooth or gunked up pieces of skin. After several uses of the product--my skin tolerated the acid rather well, to the point where I'd leave it on and not wash it off--I noticed that the pores were opening up, the smoothed, lifeless parts of skin were starting to "breathe". Here's the kicker: it began to "pull" out hidden acne; small bumps under my face, that were targeted with a mild red mark were getting bigger. The acid was neutralizing the bacteria, drawing everything to the surface of the skin and eradicating the enemy. But, the size and redness did not last as long in the past. For one, I wasn't popping them anymore and two, I was being patient and letting the medicine to its work. Not easy to face the public, but the night is darkest just before the dawn! Once I add the glycolic acid, Glycolic Acid 35% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional), paired with either this BP, 8 oz. Treatment, or the Pro-Active version, I started to see a reduction in redness, less oiliness, and hair follicles surfacing where there hadn't been any, since they were clogged with dirt and oil. (Using the 2.5% and the milled process of these BP's is gold. Anything more than 2.5% and it's just a waste and could possibly dry out your skin.) I took a break from the routine, but kept up the washing and the BP. I'm back on it again to clear out the leftover pink spots and to try to get all the pores open to get the full beard in. So, take this for a test, follow the directions as they're listed. It worked for me and continues to work.

Jul 03, 2011 by K. Schremm (Lakewood, OH )

I bought this as a 23 year old with combination skin. I've been using it for about a month and half, once a week and I've noticed an improvement on my skin. It's not helping fade acne scars like I wanted it to but it is helping with breakouts.??

After few weeks of use, no real results
Jul 02, 2011 by Outraged Consumer

I think I've begun to give up hope on any helpful products for my acne. I've been through many 3-step acne product lines including AcneFree, Clinique Acne Solutions, and others that either irritated my skin or just didn't help at all. I don't think I'd want to see the total amount of money I've spent trying to find something to combat this annoying skin ailment during the past two years. This was kind of my last test on trying to correct my face. As expected, I saw no results from this product. I've used this about three weeks, and I did not expect some dramatic miracle, but seeing nothing positive happen is just a disappointing. Only reason I gave it two stars is because it didn't damage my face or produce any bad side effects. It just had no effect at all, positive or negative. My tolerance to the stinging sensation grew quickly, and I did not go through any peeling. Acne didn't subside, it just carried on its normal routine. My blackheads remained and my pores did not seem smaller after use either. These products make me consider going into the skincare business. As a single consumer, I've spent hundreds on facial products that produce no results. It's a great industry to make money I bet. If I see any positive results after continuous use of this product, I will be sure to update my review to a proper rating.

Jun 30, 2011 by MT Lily

So I am one of those people on here who has researched a lot before buying and SPENT a lot on skin care treatments. Nothing too radical, but Revitalight and way too many expensive products to list. Recently diagnosed with mild Rosacea, 36 years old, blo

Jun 26, 2011 by C. Nelson (Baltimore, MD )

warning when taking this, be very scarce with the amount on face, because it burns like hell on earth. my face went through a period of peeling and looking a hot mess. the best advice from experience is to pamper your skin, because it may appear blotchy a

Thorougly optimistic but unpleasantly surprised
Jun 23, 2011 by Optimist

Before I purchased this item (Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional)), I thought I would be a part of the 90% success story I found on Amazon . This product is an amazing product, but not for me. I am a biracial (african american/korean) with oily, mild adult acne skin. I thought I had it bad, but now its worst than ever. About a month and a half ago, I received this product by mail and relieved that I would get the beautiful skin I used to have when I was back in my teens. Since the tender age of 20, I broke out all over my face and there wasn't a product out in the market that could give me the clear skin I have longed for. I found this product on Amazon and expecting a miracle! Man was I wrong... The first time I used this product, I followed the instructions to the letter, I washed my face with Cetaphil soap, used a toner, and then the peel. I only had the product for a minute the first time and I immediately rinsed with cold water. After, I mosturized with SPF face lotion and I went on my merry way. Let me take a moment to add that I used a product called Atralin given to me by the dermatologist. They told me that all the toxins in my skin will rise up to the surface but in about three months, I will see visibly clear skin. I stopped using the product after about a week because it burned and made my skin so dry and crusty that I didn't want horrible looking skin. Well, this product created bumps on either side of my jaw. They were not pimples, just dirt underneath the skin that was in the process of breaking the surface. I quit the product before these bumps could form into pimples. Back to the results, the peel destroyed all the existing pimples a lot quicker than any other acne product on the market. Furthermore, the bumps I mentioned earlier were now turning into pimples which were going away just as quickly as it would come. The length of time the peel has been on my face has been increased a minute with each use, and the peel is applied every 5-7 days as recommended. After the third or fourth peel, I finally saw a glimpse of the beautiful skin I once had! That succes was short lived, the week after, I broke out (still breaking out) with volcanic-like pimples that are ready to erupted. I paid no attention to the pimples when I first started the peel because there was a stage that reviewers mentioned that it would get worst before it got better. I am going on my seventh peel and I don't know if I have graduated from that stage yet ??? I have 7 larger pimples, 3 small pimples, and many bumps on my face. To add insult to injury, my jaw has been covered with scars from the pimples that erupted on my jawline. The pimples are coming back so fast before the scars would disappear. I think I could pass for Frankinstein's little sister, twice removed! By the way, I DID NOT PEEL AT ALL THE ENTIRE TIME USING THE PRODUCT! Which I think was a blessing in disguise or a curse. My face is just getting worst with pimples and multiple scars from those pimples and I am not sure if I've weathered the storm or should I just quit. If anyone has had similar results like mine and have continued using it and it eventually got better, please let me know. I have been avoiding all mirrors as much as possible because I cant stand the sight of my face :0(. Please NOTE, the product is producing more pimples than I have ever seen in a lifetime, that is not to say the the peel itself is damaging my face (i.e. chemical burn, spots, excessive drying, etc.). Please comment (without insult) of methods or your personal story. The product does state that it will not always get immediate results and that it make take up to 8th or 9th peels before real results are shown! Lastly, I hope this review has shined some light on people who are experienceing the same thing as me :0)

I don't know if it's working
Jun 23, 2011 by Oleg

For some reason I'm really not sure if it's working or not. I don't have what 99% of the people have. I used it for about two months every week and I didn't have a single peel or anything resembling it. I use it without moisturizers because my skin is pretty oily so after a few hours my skin becomes normal and dry but then gets oily again. Maybe I should use it more than once a week? Just really surprised I don't have peeling even though everybody does. Also just a little worried about skin cancer. For how long you cannot expose your face to the sun after applying this product?

Works better than I expected
Jun 22, 2011 by Mary Moreszes

I have heard a lot about this acid and decided it was time to try it for myself. I can tell the difference, like some of the reviewers mentioned, it doesn't completely get rid of a scar (nothing does) but it did what it was supposed to, blend it in a a bit better. Newer scars seem to fade better than older ones. I would buy this again. I didn't quite know what to expect when I bought this. After reading instructions I gave it a shot, it burns somewhat but no worse then putting a liquid bandaid on. After a few days or so I noticed the top layer of my skin was starting to peel. Week and a half of using it every other day and my skin has peeled twice and returned to normal. Keeping scars out of the sun or at least protected from the sun is very important as well.

GREAT product
Jun 16, 2011 by veronica s

I am so surprised by what a great product this is. I take meticulous care of my skin, use a good moisturizer daily, get regular facials, and even a few med spa chemical peels this year. The spa chemical peels were HARSH and actually terrible for my skin. it burned and flaked for days, and after? Just about zero difference. I came across this peel in a search for a new skincare product. My skin is oily in the summer, dry in the winter, and has some uneven redness that I usually cover with foundation. I've been using this for just a few weeks now and I see a great difference already. It's not a miracle product but it definitely seems to work. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully!! You can only use this product at MOST every 5 days, I would recommend once per week. Your face should NOT be wet with the product- it almost goes on more like a toner, with a cotton pad wiped across the skin. You have to be very careful to keep it away from eyes, nostrils and mouth. And the product shouldn't be left on for more than 8-10 minutes, MUCH less at first. You have to build up gradually with a product like this. Start small, rinse off well with lots of cool water, and moisturize immediately. Avoid any scrubbing within 24 hours of using this- I tend to exfoliate my face like crazy, either with a face scrub or with a washcloth, but the peel exfoliates your skin so any more will result in irritation. I learned that the hard way! Really worth trying. I've tried all sorts of skincare products from just about every brand out there: Fresh, Philosophy, Murad, Proactiv, Ole Henriksen, DDF (which is awesome but not for this), Skoah, Dermalogica, Skyn Iceland, etc etc. This is a far better value and really works, no frills. I plan to buy the bigger bottle next time!

Jun 15, 2011 by katie

After three uses my skin looks so much younger. My once super deep, big blackheads are almost gone. This is a miracle worker. Definitely worth what you pay. It says to leave on for one to eight minutes, but i could only leave it on ten to fifteen seconds. Buy this and you wont regret it. But be careful to follow direct exactly, so you dont damage your skin.

after affects isnt as pretty
Jun 13, 2011 by mslady

I have done a couple of peels so far, but my only issue is the scarring that this stuff has done. My suggestion is if you use this product stay indoors for some days , because your face will not look pleasant at all. after two weeks or so your skin and acne does look much better. I guess you have to take the good with the bad here. you must treat your skin afterwards. overall , a decent product for acne prone skin,

Has helped my breakouts
Jun 13, 2011 by l.chong

I have used this for about a month now and my breakouts have definitely decreased. They are not completely gone yet and I'm not sure if they will but my skin is dramatically better than before. I started with a lactic acid peel and that alone did not do much. I went to skin laboratories website and saw that this helps with the other peels so for the past two weeks, I do a combo. This peel first then lactic afterwards, once a week. Then I just use this peel two more times during the week. Now I am peeling like I have a sunburn and I am black. The skin underneath is beautiful and soft. A few things to note: Go to skin laboratories website for better information than what is given with the package. Moisturize... a lot (it will help with the skin peeling)! Last but not least, DO NOT PICK at your skin! It is very sensitive and will scab. Loving the result and hope it just gets better.

Jun 11, 2011 by Domdav1

Why do I here about Proactiv more than this product? This worked wonders on my face and shoulders as it lightened my skin whhere I had previous scars. It may have burned like crazy after the first uses but it was well worth it. After using it 3 times my skin felt refreshed and it didn't look as acne-ridden as it use to be. It cleaned up a lot the acne on my face including the dark spots and the pimples. Although it takes time this product really worked and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to rid their face of acne or other irritations. A huge warning in advance is if you can't take the pain of a strong burning or tingling sensation then this product is not for you.

It Works!
Jun 08, 2011 by Trinity "Making buying safer one review at a ...

I have tried everything under the sun from prescription to over the counter and nothing has worked on my acne. I started using this as a last resort to try and combat my acne and acne scars. I have never used a peel before so I didn't really know what yo expect but I gave it a try and I haven't looked back. When you first put it on you will feel an intense itching and/or burning. You may experience white spots on your skin after you wash it off but it is temporary and will vanish after you moisturize. I started seeing results after two weeks and my acne scars are finally starting to disappear. I am biracial and the scars take on a dark brown to red appearance. I am only on level one, but if I am seeing this kind of results I can't wait to work my way up. I do have one piece of advice. The directions say to use a brush or cotton ball but that technique didn't work for me. I went and got a medicine dropper and use it to put the solution in the palm of my hands then I spread it with my fingers. I am able to apply the solution faster and spread it more evenly. This method also makes you use less solution so you will have more than the 15 applications that are in each bottle. Just make sure that you wash your hands with soap and water after the solution has been applied to your face. Read all the instructions, and most importantly listen to your face. If it is peeling or irritated allow more days in between uses.

I just used this yesterday evening, and. . .
Jun 06, 2011 by Crystal Wilson

I am a black woman, with caramel skin tone--- and I do believe this will be part of my routine skin care regimine!!! I noticed immediate improvement, though not drastic. I have large pores on on my cheeks--on either side of my nose and my forehead, small blackheads on my nose. I usually use Queen Helen mint julip facial to help with my "enlarged pores" and it seemed to be only an immediate fix-- a day later they looked like craters again. However, after this peel I noticed a change in pore depth and size. I woke up thinking "Oh my goodness are my pores huge again" -- but today (2nd day after peel) they still are minimal!!! I am very impressed.

This product rocks!!!!
Jun 06, 2011 by kida

I bought this for my 14 year old daughter who has suffered from acne for about 4 years now. We had tried prescriptions like Retin-A, Tazorac, etc... I have bought her proactive and many over the counter products that just didn't work. The second week of using this her skin was clearing up very well. This is the 4th week and her skin is almost acne free. I have recommended this product to everyone I know that suffers from acne. Its very strong so you may want to start out only using once a week and then gradually work your way to 2 to 3 times a week. I due recommend using a good moisturizer after. Now I'm gonna try the glyclorid peel to see if that will help with the scars that's left.

good stuff for beginners
Jun 05, 2011 by Satisfied

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I am extremely please with results. I'm already noticing that my acne scars are fading and my skin appears more clear and toned. Very happy with the purchase. This product is great for beginners, the tingle was still very intense - I couldn't imagine starting out with a higher concentration.

not for me
Jun 05, 2011 by KCkids "KCkids"

I really wanted this to work for my skin- combination skin with tiny pimples in the TZone plus occasional large zits. I applied it regularly (as instructed) for almost 3 months. I was hoping it would eliminate my tiny pimples, reduce breakouts of the larger zit and even my skin tone. This is what happened to me: 1. Yes, I felt like I built up a tolerance 2. Yes, I experienced initial redness 3. Yes, I experienced peeling a few days later 4. No, I did not find my skin tone evening out or my acne clearing up. if anything, this seemed to completely confuse my skin, throwing it completely out of wack and triggering more breakouts. What did work- sticking with a gentle routine of cleaning with a mild ph cleaner and applying an oilfree lotion with 2% salicylic acid. If anything, I might apply this on a larger zit, but beyond that, I don't think this is the best thing for my entire face. I think the acid in this is even higher than the wart remover Compund W!

Not Sure Just Yet
Jun 04, 2011 by ---

Because I have never used this product before, and only use sparingly as directed, I am unable to give a proper review. Only use approx 1 time per week, so have not noticed results yet. I did have someone else comment that they noticed my skin looked smoother, so that is good. I still haven't really noticed myself.

Professional results not achieved!
Jun 03, 2011 by shay

I have received salicylic peels 20% from the dermatologist office with great results - full peel within 7 days and no additional acne. The dermatologist version did not require neutralizing. I have used this stuff at least three times with no success- no peeling and each time I have experienced worst breakouts than I did previous to using. I left the solution on my skin 3- 15 minutes. I am not sure that this formulation is right for my African American skin.

Jun 02, 2011 by T. Hughes (Woodland Hills, CA )

I love this product. I wished i had saved my money from getting it done at the dermatologist for $250 dollars a session. When i followed the directions and administered it, i got the exact same results that the dermatolgist did when i did it at home. the

Does What It Says
Jun 01, 2011 by Gimpyeti

Great Product. Will clear up your skin like it states. Make sure to use moisturizer because it will leave your skin feeling dry and flaky for about a week. Keep the product on for as long as you can up to the 8 minutes recommend max for prime results. Will purchase again!

Robust Medication
May 30, 2011 by Ivan Perez

I ordered this product after my last attempt of searching a solution for my persistent acne. I've been suffering from acne since age 14 (I'm now 20). I tried everything from Proactiv Solutions to every over-the-counter acne medication available on the market. Warning: This product is extremely strong and extremely concentrated and thus must be used with high caution. Before you apply this product I will recommend testing it on a small section of the skin prior to use on face. I will also recommend applying this product on to some kind of cotton pad to use as an applicator to facilitate the application process. This product does just as it claims -- after an application it will cause your outermost layer of skin to fall apart. You will notice the peeling within a few days or even hours. I had never heard of chemical peels in my life but when I read the amazing reviews this product had on Amazon I decided I had nothing to lose. It makes sense that the most potent way to make best use of a topical medication is to attack the skin in a way such as this (i.e. by shedding). Proactiv and other topical medications are only programmed to be dissolved into the the epidermal tissue of the skin, so to me it makes more sense that by causing the outer skin layer to shed and be renovated, it will do a lot more (in terms of clearing skin and reducing pore size). After all, even though we may not notice to a daily basis, new skin cells are consistently in rejuvenation and our skin cells are multiplying to replace old skin cells. This happens although we might not see it. Processes such as this one are common in nature. For example, snakes shed their skin layer almost every season. This product is only a catalyst and to an extent greatly accelerates this process. This chemical which is extracted from a plant hormone does tend to dry out most skin types. I will recommend some kind of moisturizer to alleviate the drying of the skin. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, the shedding of the skin will eventually even out the spots as new layers of skin are generated. This product has been a panacea to the problem I never thought I could resolve. All of my persistent acne has disappeared (completely!). I suffer(ered) from hereditary acne and this has been the only product in the market I have found that's been as successful as it claims. I feel that Professional Laboratories has done a splendid job by doing an exhaustive research and then presenting this product to the public for cosmetological use.

May 29, 2011 by Re

YES it works but it burns like satan was in it. After 2 weeks my skin got scaly so 1 day I steamed some water and let my face just sit near the steam & suddenly the dead skin started peeling off and there was new smooth pretty skin. I am ordering some more when I use this. IT WAS WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

this's very professional product..
May 26, 2011 by LOL

this is NOT lotion or skin..this is Medical product..20% is not low position. 5% and more is very serious to your skin..Carefully consider to use..

May 26, 2011 by K. Kane (woodland, washington)

Product works great, arrived in three business days. Could only leave it on for a minute, because its so strong. I noticed my blackheads clearing up, smaller pores, and no oily skin, in a day. Product is great, i cant wait to see my progress after a month

May 24, 2011 by S. Michel (Syracuse, NY)

This is my second bottle of this product. I dropped the first one and broke it. It works wonderfully, that is it keeps my acne as far away as possible. Finally, I am not worried about pimples showing up in my face everytime I wake up in the morning.??

May 19, 2011 by tinyim

I can't recommend more! I already told a friend to order one for her. You'll notice the difference just after one use. Great product and very fast shipping!!

May 19, 2011 by Jade

Great product I have just used it once but can feel the difference my face feels smooth and less oily, I ordered the cellbone pH neutralizer along with it and they actually give a free 15ml sample of the glycolic 35% peel. The shipping was really fast too!

Just like a profeshional peel!
May 19, 2011 by E. Stenger

I have had bad acne since I was in elementary school, a decade and a half later I finally cleared most of it up with proactive. That would have been fine if it weren't for my obsession with picking every pimple that I have ever had. To date I have probably wasted around $15,000 on peels, laser treatments, creams, and derm abrasions, only to have the acne flare back up and have scars return.I bought this product a few weeks ago and was extremely hopeful yet very apprehensive. If $15,000 can't help the scars what will an $18 bottle of acid do? Magic, that's what it will do! I have done 2 peels so far and have seen a large reduction in the red scars, and the deep pock marks have a less cavernous appearance. I continued to use proactive and only had a small amount of actual peeling. On the other hand, my skin is very tough.So far I love it! It is gratifying to watch the scars fade with each peel, even more exciting knowing that that same peel would cost me upwards of $150 if I were to go to a dermatologist.

more even healthier skin
May 15, 2011 by Z. Francova "Zuzana"

I first got a glycolic acid and started to use it and it worked pretty well, my skin was much more even and healthier.Definatelly saw an improvement and my forehead wrinkle is less visible/at least a day after the peeling/.Then I needed another bottle and realized that the salicylic acid is more specialized for acne so I ordered Salicylic Acid 20%. Every time I use it my skin looks so nice, even,and what is the most important, I don't break out that much...I used to break out every day and now it is maybe once a week, but it is getting better....I have/had bumpy skin but with each peel I can see a lot of progress and it looks like my skin is smoother and less bumpy. Well, I love this product and it definatelly help me have a better skin. I am not saying it made my acne vanished, but it helped me way more that any other product that I have tried before.Ps. Build up your tolerance slowly.

4.4 5.0 835 835 The product would have been better if the thixotrope had been increased. It is too low in viscotity and has a tendency to run. Salicylic Acid 20% Peel