Salicylic Acid 20% Peel


4.46 out of 5

Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, unclogs and reduce appearance of pores

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Expert Tip: Can be used in combination with glycolic and lactic peels to increase results and depth of peel.

Advanced Treatment for Improving Skin

Salicylic Acid is the new generation of products for improving the appearance of aging skin. Dermatologists now agree that Salicylic/20 peel is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin

Being Oil Soluble, Salicylic Can Penetrate the Outer Layer of Our Skin

Salicylic can be used several times a week, because it is oil soluble. The outside layer of your skin is covered in oil, and being oil soluble, the Salicylic acid is able to penetrate this outer layer. However, under this outer most layer is the dermis, and this layer is made up of mostly water. Oil and water don’t mix, and this keeps the Salicylic acid from moving down past the outer most levels of the epidermis. This is what makes it safe to use several times a week, and for some even daily.

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Can Be Used More Often Than Other Peels

Salicylic/20 peel breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin, which is why a much quicker peel can be achieved. For acne, the Salicylic acid has several properties that make it a very effective treatment for acne. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce the inflammation of the acne. Salicylic Acid Peels are effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. It has been found that Beta Hydroxy, Salicylic Acid is effective with as little as one-fifth the concentration typically found in products containing Glycolic Acid.

Very Effective Treatment for Acne

Salicylic acid is highly effective for acne and oily skins. It is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone, and prevent future outbreaks. Salicylic acid blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It can be used more frequently than the other peels without much risk for irritation.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath. If you have many years of sun damage accumulated on the skin, the progress will start off slow.If you apply the peel after bathing it will penetrate more deeply as the protective oils will have been washed away, so be careful as you run more potential for causing irritation when applying.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin is not Achieved in One Night

Remember to not get frustrated…exfoliation is a process that takes some time. You are beginning your treatments with pores that are clogged with embedded dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. As you begin your treatments the sebum just under the surface will likely emerge as blemishes. This is normal. Breakouts may seem more pronounced since the acid is cleaning the pores more quickly than with regular cleansing products. Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts. Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a ‘process’ which takes some time to work. After the skin has cleared, It is also important to continue weekly treatments to keep the pores from becoming clogged.

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Love, love, love this product!
May 14, 2011 by Jenna

I have used many many facial products, but not one as good at this one. I would highly recommend this product. After just one use my acne scars were much lighter, and my skin felt like a babies. I was totally amazed that I got the results that this product promised. I followed the directions exactly, and used witch hazel as my toner as recommended. I don't think I could say enough good things about this peel. If you are having problems with acne, and acne scars you just have to try this. It really did work for me. I have very fair and sensitive skin, so I was a bit worried about redness, and peeling. I had none after the frist use, and to this day still don't. Great product.

Now, I have about 4 different black spots all around my face.
May 13, 2011 by sk

This product completely burnt my skin and left me with 4 different black scars here and there.Now, I might have to go for a laser treatment to recover my skin color.Worst product ever used.[...]

Just like the skin care clinic
May 10, 2011 by A. Brown

I must admit I was sceptical about the product's claims - but it has definitely helped decrease my acne breakouts and has helped to get rid of some bumpy clogged pores, especially on my forehead. I bought a Groupon recently for a salycilic peel (right before I bought this product). Well, I went to the skin care clinic, and their peel felt and acted _exactly_ like this product. For $20 this is a great deal, now I am excited about trying the glycolic peel too! Oh and great shipping, it arrived in just a few days.

May 10, 2011 by A. Hartelust (Salt Lake City, UT)

Love this product. It leaves skin renewed and glowing. Only suggestion... it stings very bad. Only leave on for 1 min to start to avoid burning. Do not repeat less than 5 days apart. Skin will be very red and flaky, but after 5 days skin is vibrant! Follo

Finally A Serious Product to Get Serious Results!!!
May 08, 2011 by mikecart1

Problem:Slight redmarks/leftover spots from shoulder acneAttempts:Tried tanning indoors and outdoors. It only left me with darker spots and unhealthy burned/tanned skin.AHA cream. Left my shoulders oily and my clothes stained.BP cream. Destroyed several shirts from the bleaching.Nothing. Did nothing lol.Those scar removal patches. It sucks that they are expensive and the results are negligible at best.Solution:Got in this as it is serious for serious results. The first time I put it on 8 minutes. I usually alternate between shoulders in case I get a bad reaction and don't go sleepless from the irritation on my back. I have been doing it 2x a week per shoulder area. Since the skin on the shoulders is a lot thicker than on the face, I've left it up to 20 minutes. That 20 minutes burned lol but my marks are fading quicker than ever. I have some raised scarring that is fading also for the first time from these peels. My method is using a Q-Tip and dabbing it over the area and try to cover the "shoulder pads" of the shoulders. Just imagine the area football shoulder pads go on. The redness disappears within a few hours and the peeling occurs the next couple of days.My only complaint is that I didn't get the 100mL version! I will next time!

A must have for your acne and scars!
May 07, 2011 by Five01

Ok, first I read all reviews on amazon before buying and I must say for acne, I don't understand how people can post a review after just 2 or 3 days of use. I have used this for over 1 year and at first I was very unsure it would work. I actually stopped for a few weeks. I have a ton of moderate to occasional severe acne for about 15 years now, yes the type where you hide for a few days, but after using this, I must say it is not a cure, but the best solution I have come across to keep your skin looking great! Yes, I have tried a billion products. There are two things that work on my white, male, oily skin. This Salicylic acid and clean and cure's benzoyl peroxide. I use that cream every night, and I use this acid 2 times each week. Yes, every 3-4 days I find is right on. At first I used it just once a week. I had massive stinging, and it was very very painful. I frosted, etc. When you are new, and have that much dead skin on your face, you should use very very little. On day 3 after using this acid, you will have peeling going on. When I first started, I used more then I should have hence the pain and frosting, to the point that 3 days later when I peeled, it was not good to see me in public even with lotion on. I mean I was shedding like no tomorrow and red around my mouth. I was losing so much skin it was not a good thing. After applying this acid in smaller amounts each week for a few months, yes months, the pain went away, my skin shedded a ton of dead skin, and I could not believe how great my skin looked! Did I still have acne. Yes. Was it visible, hardly. Now if you do it and feel very little pain, you do not have moderate acne, most people have mild acne out there, so you will think it is not working. Let me tell you, if you use this, and benzoyl peroxide like I do, you will clear up. This acid needs time to get deep down to do it's work every 3 days and the cream to help kill the stuff when you are not using the acid. Now that I do one treatment every 3 days, I am and have been mostly clear of acne. About 90-95 percent. I feel and look awesome. However, if I let it lapse even one week, I will start to get breakout acne again as all that dead skin is being piled up by the cream which alone can't keep it at bay. Without the cream, I break out some, this alone is not going to clear you 100 percent if it is active acne, but with help of the benzoyl peroxide, it is the perfect solution to freedom! What I mean is no more glossing looking oily skin, you may now workout and sweat without worring you are going to break out massively due to your clogged pores. You actually sweat because your pores are not clogged, and you don't break out if you continue using this acid with peroxide. Also, I have had tons of whiteheads on my back for many years until this acid and this has been slowly making them go away as it dissolves them a little each time I apply it. I do not peel at all when I use it on my back because it is not active acne anymore, but just old dead acne whitehead bumps under a new layer of skin that won't go away on it's own since it is protected by the new skin. This was the first place my acne started when I was 15. It stopped breaking out at about age 25 on my back. I am now 31 and my acne is just on my face now but still moderate if I leave it untreated. The new skin on my back is not dead so it does not peel when I use it. However the acid gets under and disolves the oil. I just see shriking and smoothing skin appearing slowly as the whiteheads go bye bye. I can finally take my shirt off without looking horrible. It has taken months, but it is worth every penny this acid is worth! Amazing product, best I have in my solution to fighting acne. The less dead skin you have on your face when you use it, the less pain you will feel. I do it every 3 days so I feel very little more like a itch for about 15 minutes then I wash it off and the pinkness of my face fades away by the 30 minute mark. You must get this, forget reading the people that tried it once and stopped. They didn't give it time to work. It needs time to exfoliate all the garbage on your skin which is plugging your pores. That is why you break out. Don't give up! Oh, and the shipper is awesome, super fast!

I am amazed!
May 06, 2011 by Jessica

I am a 25 year old female with fair/oily skin. I had severe acne as a teenager, and did an antibiotic and Retin-A treatment with a dermatologist when I was 14-15. Since then, I still get the occasional pimple, but my problem now are my pores and scarring from the acne. I have tried almost every scrub at the drugstore, buff puff sponges, and a Clarisonic brush, but using them daily only seemed to keep my pore problem from getting worse. I also tried Mederma on my scars, but it did nothing. I haven't seen anyone with pores as big as mine. Years ago, I accepted that I am going to have oily skin with huge pores for the rest of my life.Last week I stumbled upon this product. I had tried 2% salicylic acid creams when I was younger, but benzoyl peroxide worked better for me. I thought I would give this product a try since it's not very expensive. I did some online research of different acids and how to apply them, etc. before buying this. This one seemed to be the one for my skin type. It arrived very quickly and the first day I read the instructions over a few times, cleansed my skin, applied alcohol as a toner (recommended), and then the peel with a cotton ball. It started to sting and burn but I could tolerate it for about 2.5 minutes, and then washed it off with a lot of cold tap water. My skin was a little red and itchy. This was all normal since the instructions recommend you first apply it for only a minute, but I toughed it out a little longer. I applied Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin - 4oz and the sensation and redness were all gone in less than 10 minutes. My skin was very shiny and smooth and my pores already looked smaller. I took two days off and pampered my skin with my moisturizer and Neutrogena Fragrance Free Liquid Neutrogena, Facial Cleansing Formula, 8-Ounce Pump Bottles (Pack of 4). When doing peels, I read that it is good to keep your other skin care products simple- no fragrances or active ingredients for acne or wrinkles except for your sunscreen which is essential. I do think my skin has been a little less oily since the peel.Today I was out shopping, so I picked up some Neutrogena Spectrum+ Face Advanced Sunblock Lotion SPF 100+ - 2.5 oz., Olay Complete Night Fortifying Night Cream, 2 Ounce, and a e.l.f. Cosmetics Foundation Brush for future peels. Tonight I did another peel using the foundation brush for application, I preferred this to the cotton ball because the cotton ball soaked up and wasted more product. The brush worked great at spreading the product evenly, I think I'll continue using it instead of a standard fan brush or cotton. I left the peel on longer this time, about 4 minutes, my skin frosted a little around my nose and chin, so that told me it was time to rinse it off. I was really red and still stinging so I mixed some baking soda with water and patted that on my face and rinsed it off. That was very soothing. I then applied the Olay cream liberally and my skin gulped it up. It has been a little over an hour and I am still a little red, but the irritation is gone. I found that putting a slightly damp washcloth in the freezer for about a minute and then laying it over your face helps with the discomfort and redness afterward (this is what I do for sunburns). Close up my skin is peeling a little, but my skin is even shinier and smoother than after the last peel. Even better, I would say my pores have shrunk by about 50% after these two peels. I might try using this for spot treatments too when I get that occasional pimple. My scars still look the same, I might try another type of acid in the future.I think this is a great entry level peel for oily/acne/large pore skin because it is easy to use and fairly priced. Do your homework and find the right peel for your skin, and follow the directions carefully. My advice would be to be patient with your treatments, if you can only leave the peel on for a few seconds the first time, give your skin a break and some love, and try again in a few days. The results are supposed to be gradual. It is hard for me to wait until my next treatment because I'm already noticing positive results, but I have to remind myself that this is strong acid that I'm putting on my face and a lot of care should be taken with it. I am excited about how my skin will look once I'm done with this bottle.Thank you for reading this really long review, I hope it helps!

May 06, 2011 by J. Hill (Plano, TX)

Fast shipping, and product is just as described! Professional formula. I've used it twice now and the results are amazing, I already notice a lot of improvement in my skin. I thought I would be stuck with my huge pores for life. I highly recommend this se

May 05, 2011 by msparkle

I don't really use this as a peel. I apply lightly to breakouts. I still got my acne but this really helped to dry them off a little. Not perfect but just O.K.

May 04, 2011 by Jennifer Hollers

This really works. I followed the directions the first few times, but I went to a salon and got a peel and they told me to leave the peel on overnight. I tried this last week and it's even more effective. My cystic hormonal acne cleared up over a series of weeks. I never had acne as a teen or adult, but turned 30 and got the most unsightly, deep painful and scarring acne all of a sudden. This the only thing that has worked! I love it!

May 04, 2011 by Ash

I am 28 and I have had acne and black heads for as long as I can remember. I also have sun damage and some slight scarring. I have been using this product, along with the glycolac peel, for almost one year and it has changed my life!!!!!! I didn't tell an

Third Purchase of Salicylic Acid 20%
May 03, 2011 by The Lost Raven

When I first started using the Professional gel peels my skin became dry and flaky, and would flake for days at times. It also brought out the pus deep in my skin, making me breakout more. I don't think this step in the process can be avoided, with any brand!! BUT...Better days DO come!! I promise. I feel that the way my skin reacted is a probably a pretty normal skin reaction. Best thing you can do, which will hopefully minimize the "cleansing" time your skin will take... acquaint your skin to their level 1 peels (salicylic acid, glycolic acid 35%, etc.) before moving to level 2. When I first started using their gel peels I was mixing in a level 2 peel while my skin was still adjusted to a level 1 peel. I feel that alone increased my duration for having "scaly" skin and breakouts. Also, I don't think I could have exfoliated enough!! Exfoliation will be your best friend. :)Now, I have reached the point where my skin no longer breaks out when I use the different level of peels. I do still notice some flaky skin, but nothing that is noticeable and a nice scrub can't take care of. I am in my early-20s and never had a serious problem with my acne until the beginning of college (when I was 17). My breakouts kept getting worse and worse and nothing seemed to work. I tried the major infomercials cures for acne, went to a dermatologist, researched online, etc. Nothing seemed to permanently get rid of my acne and leave me with a clean-looking face! It became even more frustrating when I started using their gel peels, but I was determined to stick it out for 3-months after reading other reviewers with this same scaly problem. Clear days started coming after many frustrating days. My skin has stayed clear (of course with the occasional breakout/pimple every now and then) for about a year now. Even though I have had the occasional breakout they have not been as severe as they were, which alone has been life-changing. Just make sure to find a good moisturizer (or two... or three...) that you feel comfortable using daily... morning and night, and every time after you use their peel.

It works only at begining of every phase
May 02, 2011 by LittleSnail

Since I do not study chemistry, I can not understand how this product worked. I got acne suddenly this year may be because I always stay up late and have great pressure(I have never had acne before). The acne is quite serious. The first time I used this peel, I felt my face was burnt. I only let it stay on my face for 30 seconds. Supprisingly, the next two days, the acne became dead. I continued to use it for about 3days. Then used it again the next week. The face did not react as strong as the first time. I let the peel stay on the face for 5 minutes. I continued to use this peel for a month, once/week, the acne was kept in a stable situation, which was not totally removed, but not serious as before. Later, my friends recommanded me Body Shop acne remove mask. Then I stopped using peel for two weeks. But at the begining of the third week, my acne sudenly tended to serious as a month ago. I began to use peel again. And my face reacted as strong as I first time used it. I guess I can not leave it until my life style become healthy.

May 02, 2011 by A. Shin (Orono, Maine)

I have very mild breakouts during the time of the month and this product made my skin the worse it had ever been in years. I still have scars left from it, which are slowly fading away. I don't know where it went wrong for me..maybe I have an allergic rea

Excellent Results!
Apr 29, 2011 by jmhow

I told a friend I was going for a peel and she told me her secret. Buy the peel from the Amazon website and follow the simple directions to a "T." I love the results, I peel once a week and will taper off to once a month soon. My pores are nearly non-visible, my face is so smooth and soft. There is very ,very little discomfort if you can even call it that. Rinse very well with cool water and apply the lotion they suggest. I love this product and will continue to use it forever!!! Amazing results!!

Helps with Hypertrophic Scars and Acne Scars
Apr 28, 2011 by E. Manning

This stuff works fast. I wish I had tried this a long time ago. I am African American and I have been struggling with a hypertrophic on my face for a couple years. After doing massive research, I decide to use a derma-roller, super cop 2x, and salicylic acid peels on the scar. I started out with a 5% salicylic acid cream, then I moved up to this 20% peel. Every few day, a layer would peel off, and the scar is almost totally flat now. Using the copper along with it (peel in the morning, copper 2x at night), the scar has become much more like the normal surrounding skin. I decided to leave this review for anyone out there who is struggling with a hypertrophic scar and doesn't know what to do. I searched for the last two years and nobody had a real answer for what African Americans can do for this type of scar beside laser treatment, which is very expensive. 2-3 months of derma roller plus copper at night, and a gentle peel every other morning, can literally remodel the scar and allow you to rebuild more normal, healthy skin in place of it. Copper is crucial because it helps prevent the skin from re-forming the type of abnormal scar tissue that is typical in hypertrophic scars.

Outstanding product!!!!
Apr 27, 2011 by hookahlover

Hi. I bought this product hoping to clear my acne. I am 18 years old and had some acne in my chin area and a little bit in my forehead. Nothing serious but i just wanted to have clear skin. I have used this product twice and have seen lots of improvement. The ane scars dissapeared and the acne breakouts were much less frequent. Recommend this product 110%

Amazing product for troubled skin
Apr 21, 2011 by JH

I thought that this product was amazing. I have had acne since my teenage years and as an adult it is now even more frustrating. This product was amazing! It cleared up my skin really quickly and made it nice and smooth.Be careful, because it can be really drying so I highly recommend a good moisturizer or night cream. Also, I found that it was better to use it every other month or so, just so the skin wouldn't get to used to the product and start breaking out again.

Apr 20, 2011 by D. Parratto (Michigan)

item was not what i wanted and it was burning the skin so it was not even worth $5, you can use aspirin with water, mix it up and you will get the same results! then they make you to pay twice for shipping and returning the item!??

Apr 20, 2011 by H. Meadows (Virginia)

This stuff is awesome i am starting my second peel I am already seeing Great results! Acne is starting to decrease and dry up! Scars are fading I love it thanks so much, I am recommending this stuff to friends and family!??

Great Product
Apr 16, 2011 by KK

I have used the peel twice and my skin is amazing! I always have blackheads on my nose and a couple of whiteheads on my cheeks. Biore would temporarily get rid of the blackheads on my nose, but nothing ever got rid of my whiteheads. I've tried all types of inexpensive to expensive facials, creams, and gels. I can only stand leaving the peel on for about 30 secs to a minute. Afterwards, I wash it off with a ton of cold water. I use moisturizer and that's it! Right away I could see the difference. My blackheads got a lot smaller, and my whiteheads weren't as bumpy. I'm hoping after a few more treatments, they'll be all gone. I also drink lots of water, cause I remember my esthetician telling me to do that after facial treatments.

An excellent gel peel
Apr 16, 2011 by Zhanna714

I have never used a gel peel of this strength before - so when I first applied it - the burning sensation was a huge surprise. Afterwards, my skin started peeling slightly around the chin. I am pleased to say that after only one use, my acne is starting to fade. I wouldn't use this product more that once a week since skin needs time for new skin cells. I am very pleased with the results! It is a very strong gel peel.

Love this peel. Does the trick!
Apr 15, 2011 by Caroline-Schrupp

This peel is fantastic. Does exactly what it claims... My acne scars are fading after only 2 peels, and it dried up the current acne really quickly. I love this stuff- what I expected+++

Good stuff
Apr 10, 2011 by A. Sakoi

I'm a 33 year old suffering from acne for the last 15 years or so with some minimal ice pick scarring on my cheeks. I've tried everything from meds,prescribed topical solutions, 100s of face washes, homopathic natural approach etc etc. Nothing seemed to work for me. Bought this 20% solution about 2 weeks ago and gave it a try.The 1st time I applied this stuff on my entire face which was a bad idea. I started on my forehead and by the time I got it applied to the rest of my face I was 2 minutes in on my forehead but only 1 minute in on my cheeks which made it difficult to time and to have it work evenly. Alot of "frosting" occured on the sensitive parts of my face such as cheek bones just under the eyes, my nose and around my mouth. For 2 days my face was severely red in those areas it looked like I got a black eye or a good beating. My sensitive areas peeled quite a bit and underneath revealed very smooth, perfect lookin skin. My Ice Pick scarring looked slightly less deep after 1 peel too.On a side note my acne actually got worse on my forehead before it got better. I guess that has to do with the toxins coming to the surface? I suggest applying this peel to your forehead and jaw 1st because those areas can withstand a longer burn, wash off, THEN apply this stuff to your sensitive areas 1 at a time ( below the eyes,nose,around mouth) or you'll seriously burn yourself like I did.Also the instructions said to wash off with plenty of water but maybe a PH neutralizer would be better. My face start to burn and frost over and I will dump my entire face into icecold water in the tub and it still continues to burn for 20-30 seconds after. So if you dont have a PH neutralizer I'd suggest washing this stuff off BEFORE you reach the painful point.Also I'd like to add in that I never take the time to write reviews but this peel worked so good I had to share it with everyone. Good luck guys!

Apr 10, 2011 by S. Din (D.C.)

Been using it for about 3 weeks two times a week and has made my nose and the areas around my nose very clear. It's made only a very small difference on my cheeks which is my biggest problem area but it has been doing something.??

Apr 07, 2011 by nunyabiz84

Although this product scared me at first and can be quite drying, it still deserves all 5 stars. After my first time using it I noticed a much improved appearance (red acne marks faded, bumps diminished, etc.). My skin has quickly and drastically improved- existing bumps reduced, no new bumps to speak of, oiliness solved, etc. I even had a couple of pimples seem to, well... fall off. I already feel much more confident. I am so glad I found this stuff!!

Miracle Worker!
Apr 06, 2011 by J. Krivanek

I am 34 and still have breakouts. I have seen multiple dermatologists. I've been on oral medications and topical medications. Nothing was working. I was desperate to find something to help me get rid of my acne and I came across this product. I have only used it 4 times and WOW! What a difference it has made already. My face is clearing up finally. I only wish I had found this sooner. Surprisingly it has not dried out my face however the first time I used it, I did break out, but it cleared up quickly. My only suggestion would be to do the first application when you have no plans to be anywhere just in case you break out like I did. The breakout quickly went away and my skin is looking better every day!UPDATE: I have been using this now for about 3 weeks. After several uses, I did start to peel and my face was dry in certain parts (especially my chin, around my nose, and at my temples). My face was a bit of a disaster for a few days - some pimples mixed with dry skin but I found an amazing fix and my skin looks! Use a little bit of vaseline (yes sounds weird I know but I googled this) on the really dry parts (just a thin layer). Also, if you add a little vaseline to your moisturizer, your skin will be amazing in the morning (no dryness and no pimples)!

Apr 05, 2011 by SkinQueen

Fabulous product. I am a professional Licensed Esthetician and am accustomed to using salicylic acid compounded by a pharmacy. This is a wonderful "substitute" for a professional chemical peel. Kudos, Skin Laboratories!!

No joke
Apr 04, 2011 by shilbert "shilbert"

This stuff is not a joke. But I like it. I'm 39 & have been suffering w/adult acne for way too long and have tried so many products. I believe my problem is probably internal but this peel helped clear me up some regardless. The first time is recommended at only 1 minute & I thought that'd be no prob since I've put myself through such torture in the past to get clear skin. OMG it was more than uncomfortable & I couldn't wait for a minute to be up. I didn't see or feel any results right away but it did bring some yuckiness to the surface right away....a bump under my nose (ouch). You shouldn't apply again in less than 5 days. Three days after I saw results. I was peeling around the edge of my nose & it was kind of gross & I was in a restaurant (very classy!) & even worse!...I had no idea other than my nose felt weird & dry. The second time I could stand it much easier. It really depends on the cleanser you use prior to. The first time, I used a gel (Neutrogen Grapefruit "something") that was very drying & the peel just aggravated that dryness. The second time - I'm not gonna tell you I forgot it was on! - but it was much less uncomfy & I could leave it on longer. The cleanser I used that time was a Cuticura bar soap ( & that's a lot less drying. The third application was no problem. This does dry up/heal stuff you may have messed with (like I do). My "polka dots" are fading & I have hopes that this will take care of some minor sun damage as well. This is not a miracle end-all be-all cure but I'm glad this stuff exists...I had kind of given up hope for any topical treatments!

Mar 31, 2011 by M. Sly (Chatsworth)

I recieved my Salicyllic Acid on time. I'm very happy with the results of this product. I do my own facials at home now, I bought a steamer, high frequency machine and a couple of high quality pro-products. The combination of using them once a week has re

Mar 30, 2011 by J. Scotland (Bellingham)

So far so good with this product. I have noticed my skin is slowly clearing up over time with my redness fading. The peel does burn, but I haven't experienced any dramatic peeling like I do with other products, so I am very happy. As long as you understan

Mar 28, 2011 by L. Flanary (Newport News)

The item came before the expected date and I only paid for standard shipping. I used this peel for a month and did feel it was good for my acne prone, but aging skin. The first use was the most dramatic result for me, since I had a large break out which s

Mar 25, 2011 by M. Rod (New York)

5 stars for the Very FAST delivery service! Love that! Regarding the product, I've used Topix Salicyclic 2% pads in the past. It's good for someone who's starting out with peels. However, I can't give it a rating since I just started using it. I'll post a

great starter peel
Mar 23, 2011 by HoneyBunny

This peel is really amazing. Prior to using the peel, my skin was so damaged with blemishes and painful zits, to the point where makeup no longer covered them, and my skin was so patchy it was embarrassing. Nothing was working for my acne. Finally, I tried this peel and it has changed the way I feel about my face. It diminished the size of my pores, completely gained my natural skin tone back, and almost completely got rid of the zits only after 4 weeks of use.The first time I used it, I followed the instructions carefully. Leaving it on only 1 minute. There was a stinging sensation but nothing too painful or unbearable. After rinsing it off with cold water I dabbed the Neutralizer skin pH balancer by Cellbone and rinsed that off...then pat dry face. I immediately saw a huge difference in the size of my pores. They were completely closed!Continued the treatment every two days and about 2 weeks later noticed that my skin tone was no longer red from all the acne, my face didn't hurt due to acne, and my acne was completely gone! Now, due to my high stress levels I got two measly little pimples but they don't hurt or look as massive as they used to. I am very excited to have found this peel. I'm on my 5th week and will stop shortly after next week. I recommended it to my friend and she's in love with it also.You should definitely try this product! you've got acne to loose! :)

A Little about 200s
Mar 22, 2011 by LD Boldt

This product has done EVERYTHING it claims. Absolutely less scars, my fine lines are GONE, FIRMER skin, evening out my skin tone. I am in LOVE with this product. YES it is harsh and YES it will make you peel. But it is somewhat controllable. If you want better results than last time (resulting in more peeling) you leave it one a little longer. If you peeled too much last time, then leave it on a little shorter (resulting in less peeling). Pretty basic. I use this product for 7 minutes. The peeling (in my case at least) happened two days after use, and lasted for two to three days. But i am always able to exfoliate it off easily and conceal it easily. The day after use, your skin feels like a sunburn, a little tight and red. Then the next night you will see flakes. But the flakes are very kind and easy to remove. Then a couple days later when you thought your face was finished shedding, it starts flaking again. And I'll tell you why: 200s are different in the fact that they go DEEPER into your pores than AHAs, because they dissolve oil (they LOVE that stuff). So because it is going deeper, it is going to shed the deeper layers of skin as well as the top layer. This is why you get better results with Salicylic Acid (200) than say Glycolic Acid (AHA). Definitely try this over ANY AHA. I've used Glycolic and Lactic Acid before and it was more irritating than effective.

Mar 21, 2011 by Ally H

I have mix feelings about this product. I bought it after reading so many positive reviews and I was really looking forward to have my skin dramatically improved....but it did not work as well as i had expected. And it is not that I am not patient. I've been using it for 2 months now. And i use it religiously for 2 - 3 times a week, 5 minutes each time. My exiting pimples are gone faster then usual but they leave red scar for a long time while the new ones keep popping out. I remember some of the reviews describing the occurrence of the new pimples so it did not bother me too much since i thought it'll stop eventually but after two months, the new ones still come out near the area where the old ones are and it is ANNOYING! I also have questions about whether or not I should use mask (from other brands) or acne cream in between the usage of the Salicylic peel. And if it's ok to use the facial wash brush like Clairsnic mia the day after using the Salicylic peel? Did anyone know? Thanks for sharing!

practical and easy to use home peel
Mar 21, 2011 by M. hallman "FunGal5"

I'm trying to get my mid life skin looking smooth and even so thought i'd try this. I've got oily skin and it is sensitive so I read the directions and started a time line to peel,(ever so slowly) back the hands of time. I have sun damage on my chest and so when I apply this stuff I do the chest/neck and face. It does tingle a little bit but I followed the time for each peel and I'm up to the 4th peel now and my husband and friends remarked how smooth and pretty my skin looks. I'm going to keep with it and work up to the 8 min. max time allotment. I have a very oily t-zone and I highly recommend that you use a nice potent moisturizer (natural of course) to soothe & keep your skin from revolting. I allow at least 3 days between peels, use the highest SPF for the face you can get your hands on, (I use AVEENO for the face spf 70), be vigilant about wearing a hat. So far it's been easy, subtle and gratifying.

Mar 16, 2011 by A. Perez (FL)

**BEWARE OF THIS PEEL** I have mixed - ethnic skin and the first time that I put it on was for 2 minutes. skin is used to peels. Suddenly, when I washed my skin I see white spots all over my face. It burned my face and I hope that they will go aw

Mar 12, 2011 by Girlgirl

I have been using this peel several times a week for 3 weeks. It has drastically improved my skin tone and texture. I was hoping to reduce some of my acne scarring, and this has definitely helped. I can't wait to see how my skin looks in another month! It does burn a bit, and it is imperative to moisturize after. I hope it helps your skin, too! :)

Very Goood....requires patience!
Mar 11, 2011 by Davalen

I bought this product about a month ago, and have been applying it about 2-3 times a week. I keep it on for about 10 mins. Even till this day, it stings for the first 5 minutes and my skin has not gotten used to the harshness, but I continue to apply it. The results are......slow! After the first week i noticed i was breaking out with more than average acne in my cheeks and chin. I was alarmed because I thought it was doing the opposite than it was supposed to but after reading some other user reviews, I noticed it was a common thing. But thats why i gave it 4 starts because the acne it created was not MILD, rather it was extreme and left me scars (i didnt even poke the acne). But, right away i saw my skin getting firmer and clearer. I have a light brown complexion, so i had some discoloration and it has been somewhat cleared. The acne, it was reduced...i currently have 5 pimples that are in the process of diminishing slowly. Ugh...But it is better than before. Before I would break out with 8-11 pimples on my face and now they have decreased dramatically. I still have acne scars, which have not decreased AT ALL. I have not seen any difference in my acne scars which are still red/purple. But then again, i have only been using this product for about 4-6 weeks and I cannot really determine its effectiveness. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because it has reduced the amount of breakouts I have gotten. Overall, I would buy it again....not soon though because i have only used 1/8 of my bottle, so I'm guessing it will lasts me months.

gentle, no. effective, yes. worth the pain.
Mar 07, 2011 by A. Brannan

This review is from: Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml (Professional) (Health and Beauty)I have somewhat sensitive skin anyway, so I wasn't surprised that this burned rather ferociously the first time I used it. I'm not very bright, so against the instructions, I used it again the next night. If I thought the first time was bad, I then became acquainted with what I'm sure is similar to the sensation of 50 bees stinging your face over and over. It was brutal. I had to cold water it after a couple of minutes. I've since used it several times (every 2-3 days) over the last couple of weeks and it works. It peeled my skin, and as another reviewer mentioned, it made my skin a bit worse before it started to improve. The pores on my nose have all but disappeared. The sensation is still slightly uncomfortable but it's obvious that the longer you use it, the less it stings. Currently it feels like I spread a thin layer of Icy Hot on my face. I also notice that when I sit and think about it, it's worse, so I recommend doing something to take your mind off of it. Apply and play a few games of BubblePopp on Facebook or something less lame. Overall highly recommended and worth it. Also - you can't beat this price!

Mar 06, 2011 by candieskx

This product is amazing. I wasnt expecting much, but the results are unbelievable, i have used it 3 times so far. My skin is so much clearer, smoother, and pores are so much smaller... totally worth the 18 bucks. The first time i left it on for 5 mins with slight burning on my cheeks. But the consecutive times i first clean my skin of all dirt and oils by swiping it with rubbing alcohol and then apply the peel. It works so much better and I dont leave it on past 3 mins cuz the burn is more intense. I have used so many products to try to control my acne (moderate) but nothing until this has come close!!!I actually purchase this along with some emu oil so after the peel i use a tiny amount to keep the skin moisturized ( a little goes a long way). Awesome!!!!

Salicylic Acid 20%
Mar 05, 2011 by Damian

I've been using this for about a month now. First of all, this is very painful to use on the entire face. It hurts like hell :(...Second, I would only recommend this for spot acne treatments. It works good on getting rid of acne and clogged pores. DO NOT use it on your entire face, you'll be in sheit load of pain haha.

Feb 26, 2011 by L. Ferguson (TN)

The delivery was excellent; I received the item the next day. The product itself is not working for me, but that is not due to the quality of the product; I probably will buy a higher strength from the same seller.??

Love it! Love it! Love it!
Feb 25, 2011 by amazon customer

I had severe acne before I started using the Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel. Before I used this product, I tried everything! I had gone to many different dermatologists and have done everything from being on birth control, taking antibiotics (which killed all the "good bacteria" in my body and left me with severe yeast infections), and even having a laser peel on my face. I even used Accutane twice, and still I was left with severe cystic acne. I gave up on any kind of help from the medical professionals and started reading up on what alleviates acne. My acne before was so bad that I was breaking out even along my jawline. My acne was very persistent, I felt hopeless. I came across this gel peel and tried it out. At first it peeled and flaked my skin. The first application had a burning sensation on my face. However, I stuck to using the product faithfully and what a difference! My skin is so clear that I have gotten compliments from people at work. I have been using this product for almost a year. I also use the other acid peels on this website. The amount you get lasts a very long time. My husband also uses the peel for his face and it has done an amazing job on his skin. His skin looked rough before, but now it looks smooth. I have found that I do not have to use the peel as often anymore, but I do still need to use it for maintaining my clear skin. Another great thing about this product is that it evens out my skin tone. I had brown blotches on my face after having the laser treatment and being put on birth control. They have since faded into oblivion! I can't say enough good things about this product. One last thing I have to say is that this product is cheaper and more effective than the $500 laser treatment I paid for and all those doctor visits and useless prescriptions I paid for! It has been a real life saver for me!

Fast results!
Feb 23, 2011 by barginstar

I ordered this product a few weeks ago from amazon. After 3-4 times of use (second week) I noticed the results. I had very oily skin and acne issues. this product has dried out all my acne, COMPLETELY with in such a short period! I notice spots on my face where my skin is peeling; bringing out new skin. I love it! I look forward to every use with excitement! I have never seen results that work so fast in treatments. For the first time in years, my face is clear and I am starting to enjoy not wearing make-up. This makes me Love Amazon!

Feb 23, 2011 by D. Nguyen (CA)

Best product ever! I wish i spent money on this first, i wasted hundreds of dollars and now i regret it. Anyone reading this and is buying a bunch of products, just try this out first. If you have sensitive skin like me, this is a perfect gentle peel.??

Feb 22, 2011 by R. Barrie (MI)

I have very sensitive skin with moderate acne, this does help, but I can only keep it on for 4 min at a time because the burning is almost unbearable. It has not stopped the acne but it does clear up breakouts alot faster. I try to use it once a week all

Feb 22, 2011 by S. Beibitov (Washington)

First time leaving feedback ever. I think this thing works! it's not magic but does it job. Skin looks better. It will burn as hell!!! skin will start peeling off after couple of days. But after all that skin looks better.??

Patience is a key thing to remember!
Feb 18, 2011 by ag

If I had rated this product two weeks ago, I would of given it a 1 star. This is because after applying this my skin broke out even more. However, I read some reviews and they stated that the reason it broke out was because it was bringing my future breakouts up top. So I didn't give up, I applied this peel twice a week for 3 min. This is my third week and right now all the breakouts are drying and clearing away.It's true my skin starts to tingle when I apply the salicylic peel, but it's good because I know it's working. Overall I am impressed with this product because it helps clear my dead skin and regenerate new skin.P.S: I am an asian, if that makes a difference.

4.4 5.0 835 835 The product would have been better if the thixotrope had been increased. It is too low in viscotity and has a tendency to run. Salicylic Acid 20% Peel