Salicylic Acid 20% Peel


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Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, unclogs and reduce appearance of pores

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Expert Tip: Can be used in combination with glycolic and lactic peels to increase results and depth of peel.

Advanced Treatment for Improving Skin

Salicylic Acid is the new generation of products for improving the appearance of aging skin. Dermatologists now agree that Salicylic/20 peel is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin

Being Oil Soluble, Salicylic Can Penetrate the Outer Layer of Our Skin

Salicylic can be used several times a week, because it is oil soluble. The outside layer of your skin is covered in oil, and being oil soluble, the Salicylic acid is able to penetrate this outer layer. However, under this outer most layer is the dermis, and this layer is made up of mostly water. Oil and water don’t mix, and this keeps the Salicylic acid from moving down past the outer most levels of the epidermis. This is what makes it safe to use several times a week, and for some even daily.

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Can Be Used More Often Than Other Peels

Salicylic/20 peel breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin, which is why a much quicker peel can be achieved. For acne, the Salicylic acid has several properties that make it a very effective treatment for acne. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce the inflammation of the acne. Salicylic Acid Peels are effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. It has been found that Beta Hydroxy, Salicylic Acid is effective with as little as one-fifth the concentration typically found in products containing Glycolic Acid.

Very Effective Treatment for Acne

Salicylic acid is highly effective for acne and oily skins. It is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone, and prevent future outbreaks. Salicylic acid blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It can be used more frequently than the other peels without much risk for irritation.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath. If you have many years of sun damage accumulated on the skin, the progress will start off slow.If you apply the peel after bathing it will penetrate more deeply as the protective oils will have been washed away, so be careful as you run more potential for causing irritation when applying.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin is not Achieved in One Night

Remember to not get frustrated…exfoliation is a process that takes some time. You are beginning your treatments with pores that are clogged with embedded dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. As you begin your treatments the sebum just under the surface will likely emerge as blemishes. This is normal. Breakouts may seem more pronounced since the acid is cleaning the pores more quickly than with regular cleansing products. Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts. Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a ‘process’ which takes some time to work. After the skin has cleared, It is also important to continue weekly treatments to keep the pores from becoming clogged.

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Salicylic Acid 20% Peel SKU UPC Model
Feb 18, 2011 by danij1975

I have been using this product for a week now. My first treatment I left on for a miniute as directed. With each treatment, I increased the leave on time by a miniute. By the third day of use, there were dark patches on my day four, the dry d

Feb 16, 2011 by AZGal

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have paid hundreds of dollars for peels at local spas and I was tired of it. I needed a product that would deliver the same results without the outrageous price. I found it thanks to this peel! I get the same, if not better, results from this product! Just make sure to follow the instructions step-by-step and you will be good to go. I use it once a week and it has saved me time, money, and hours trying to cover up blemishes. I have zero blemishes thanks to this product. I will definitely be re-ordering!

Great for Acne
Feb 16, 2011 by Veganman

I bought this gel peel for a family member with acne. It was easy to apply with a gauze pad and caused minimal discomfort for the 8 minutes it processed. The results were immediate. Dead skin was beginning to shed and excess sebum had been pulled to the surface to be rinsed away. There was some flaking for the next 48 hours. We are very happy with the results after 3 applications.

Feb 11, 2011 by Bumpy in Canada

I????????m a 44year old male, and I have had bad skin all my adult life. It ranged from cystic acne in my teens and 20s, to oily skin with hard white bumps (milia) in my 30s and 40s. I have used other 2% or 5% Salicylic Acid products with ok results, but I on

this is magic
Feb 10, 2011 by Khalil Noe Pineda

Even the burn in this is great. Really, it's not like it burns your face and you can't stand it, it's more like a "this is kicking the ass of all my pimples" burn. It's magic, after just one use you will see it making the giocconda out of a pizza face in a matter of seconds!

eh' its okay.
Jan 29, 2011 by tatateresa08

I went to school for Esthetics so I have been subjected to "the real deal" I felt as though my skin looked/felt great the very next day but through-out the week there was nothing. Usually with peels your skin gets better day by day.I probably wont purchase this particular peel again unless I go for a higher level.

Really works!!!!
Jan 26, 2011 by Tonyah242 "carib242"

I have used three applications so far and i am amazed at the results. Immediately after the first treatment my face got brighter and my pores had gotten less noticeable. So i am excited to see the results after 6 weeks. I would recommend this product, for sure.

Jan 25, 2011 by kbever

Cleared up my face right away. Pores are so much smaller, face is clean and radiant. I use prescription Retin A as well and this works so much better. Make sure to use lots of moisturizer and try to use something all natural.

You have to see to believe
Jan 25, 2011 by Lucy Van Gogh

Incredible Results!!! I'm buying one for each one of my close friends. Cheap,efficient, and just plain wonderful!! I recommend buying a ph skin neutralizer to kill the burn after the peel. The seller ships very fast. This is a must for people who want to diminish their acne, pore size, acne marks and oily skin. I'll be using it for life and giving it as birthdays and christmas presents for a whiiiile...Great!

Why don't other companies make this?
Jan 24, 2011 by Kyle Engstrom

Long story short been trying everything under the sun. I didn't change anything to my system (I wash my face with a Salicylic acid face wash morning and night and follow with face lotion). I started this twice a week Mondays / Thursdays. I've gone for about two weeks and the results have been simply fantastic. I haven't had any zits at all! Sure, it burns like crazy but I think the results are worth it. I usually go for about five minutes then wash it off. This little bottle also seems to last forever.

Good product, just follow the instrutions
Jan 23, 2011 by Santi

This is the best anti-acne product that I ever buy, it works just in 1 week, the only thing you have to do is use a cream fro hydration.

Excellent peel
Jan 23, 2011 by K. Vanesian "queenksv"

Use this once a week and I guarantee you'll have smoother skin in less than a month. However, do not give in to the idea that keeping this gel peel on your skin for more than the recommended high of 8 minutes will get better results -- this stuff is potent, so start out keeping it on for one or two minutes at most, then work your way up to the longer treatment. You will experience slight stinging after application and that's entirely normal. I will be using this product on a weekly basis from now on. Scaley, rough patches on my cheeks have almost entirely disappeared.

Salicylic Acid 20%
Jan 22, 2011 by greatcustomer

I have suffered a lot from acne and had some hyperpigmentation spot from that so I needed this peel to work. I used the 20% salycilic acid peel and I applied it once in two weeks,It was very hot after I feel the burn then I go rinse my face with cool water. You dont want to go to sleep after applying it, You will have a crack face. It dried my skin out then I notice that it starts to exfoliate the top layer of my skin very gently. But I expected a miracle result, It did not have a magical effect at all and I dont want to damaged my good cells so I used it once every 2 weeks for 10 mins. I spend about forty dollars for only a 3.4 OZ bottle. Other than gel peel being to expensive. I think it works good and I will give it 3 stars.

It works!, January 15, 2011 By Me
Jan 15, 2011 by Me

This is an entry level gel peel and I recommend it if its your first time undergoing a glycolic acid treatment. You will see results after 2 or 3 applications. If you take the price of this bottle into consideration, it is a miracle cream. It really works!

MIRACLE product
Jan 14, 2011 by judith cooper

I've used this product for about 6 weeks, once a week, and without the slightest exaggeration, this product has CHANGED my skin.I'm 17 years old and have very sensitive skin. When I was younger I suffered from SEVERE sun damage in Florida that has plagued my skin ever since. My biggest complaints about my skin (before this product) were : BLACKHEADS, enlarged pores, blotchiness (resembling rosacea, but not), lost elasticity, oily shine, and tons of underground bumps on my forehead. It's not that I had a face full of acne, I just have never been happy with the quality of my skin. People told me that it was genetics, and nothing could ever change the way my skin was, and it really freaked me out because my skin was the source of a serious lack of confidence. But THEN, I read great reviews for this product, so I decided to try it out.I didn't really notice much change until maybe 2 weeks ago, and each day it keeps getting better. The first 3 times I used this product, I was in total shock because it took off dead skin that was still just sitting there in the crevices of my nose.Now, my blackheads are virtually gone.....I thought I would never be able to say that. I don't have to wear make up anymore to feel pretty, in fact, I feel better without it. I swear, I'm just an all around happier person because I'm not always feeling self conscious about my skin. People have come up to me and asked if I underwent some laser treatments or something because it looked like I had a different person's skin.I really hope you try this product! You will not regret the purchase. I cannot believe that it is only 18 dollars. EIGHTEEN dollars. Man, if only I found this product years ago so I could have saved hundreds.

OH. MY. GOSH. amazing.
Jan 09, 2011 by af

This product is nothing short of amazing. I am a 25 year old female, and throughout the last 3 years I have had major on and off problems with acne. I don't know why, and it has severely bothered me seeing as before the age of 22 my skin was almost always perfectly clear. It was something I was regularly complimented on. SO these mini-breakouts I've been getting, mainly appear on my forehead, in clusters of very small little zits. Nothing would make them clear up. If they did, new ones took their place. I wash my face every morning and night, I mosturize, I tried many different exfoliants...Even my visits to dermotoligists, and taking prescription Retin-A did not clear my skin. Nothing. Has. Ever. Worked. Then, somehow I stumbled upon this product. It has changed my life. :) My skin is back to how it once was, pre-mid-twenties. I am simply amazed. Now, I can walk out of the house and I don't even need a speck of makeup. As of right now, using the product only SIX times (once every 5 days) there is not a single zit, red mark, bump, or pimple ANYWHERE on my face! :DOf course, as other reviews say, the product does slightly burn. But DUH. you're putting an ACID peel on your face. I also have only experienced minimal flaking. I just be sure to moisturize after the directions state.BUY THIS!

Ive tried a lot of products
Jan 05, 2011 by Cesar Paul Galvez

Ive tried a lot of products and this one didnt really work for me... I read other peoples reviews and was excited but didnt clear up much and I stop using it

Great product!
Jan 04, 2011 by AP595

This product is really fantastic. It can be quite uncomfortable at first, but, it really seems to do the trick. I had pretty much the worst breakout of my entire life, and this stopped it in its tracks. I have done this peel three times in about two weeks and I have barely had any breakouts at all, maybe one pimple every five days. Also, the pimples that do show up are very small and almost invisible when I put makeup over it. I don't know if this will work long term or not, but, for now, it's pretty fantastic!

Seeing some results
Dec 28, 2010 by eggsovereasy

I decided to try this salicylic acid gel peel because although I mostly have scarring from old pimples all over my forehead, I also have occasional breakouts of two or three in random places on my face. This stuff seems to be working, and I've only been using it for a little under 2 weeks. My old scars are lighter, and the pimples that occasionally pop up dry out pretty quickly. Also, my skin doesn't feel super tight or dry after I use it as long as I apply a moisturizer. With Murad, no matter how much moisturizer I used, I still felt "creaky." My only complaints are the peeling skin and the sting factor when applied (although based on other reviews, these were expected).Also, please note that as other reviewers have said, you will SEEM to break out more when using this for the first few times. But it is simply "under-the-skin" pimples coming to the surface. For over three months I have had a small patch of bumps on the left side of my face that were definitely pimples but never came to a head. After using this peel 3 times (once every other day), I suddenly have white heads on that side! Sounds gross, but NOW they'll dry up, pop, and go away, rather than sitting under my skin like glorified goosebumps. :D I couldn't be happier.Tips for this product:1. Test out how often to use this for yourself (I use it every other day unless my skin gets too peely)2. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! It would be good to get a face moisturizer with aloe, because it may irritate your skin at first.3. Have patience. It may look bad at first, but keep going!

HOLY CRAP this stuff is awesome
Dec 27, 2010 by Fifi "Fifi Myers"

I bought this peel after trying a series of lactic acid peels. The first and most important thing I can express with peels of this nature(glycolic, salicylic, and lactic) is that you need to be PATIENT. This is not a miracle overnight cure for hyperpigmentation, acne, enlarged pores, scaring, and superficial wrinkles and lines. It will make these problems MUCH better with time.I have mild acne and some clogged pores and the winter season makes my face flakey red, and more prone to breakouts, especially not being in the sun, pool and tanned all the time. I was looking everwhere for something to work. After a lot of research I started trying the lactic acid peels, which are very moisturizing. I wanted to combat the dry flakey skin first. I tell you what I BROKE OUT LIKE CRAZY. I was so upset, but I kept at it. One peel a week, or sometimes less if I felt I needed it. Soon, my skin started looking a lot better, smoother, and the tone was more even. It also hurt less to put on the peel. So I decided to try this peel. WOW EVEN BETTER. My skin has never looked so good. I use the peel about once every three days, but I only leave in on for 1-2 mins at a time before i rinse. Then I follow up with amlactin (a lactic acid moisturizer) with a few drops of hyaluronic acid. If I am having more acne issues I will follow up the salicylic acid peel with Benzoyl peroxide, but nothing more than 3% or it is too drying. I think someone with the same skin situation as me would really benefit from this product and for the really great price, its worth its weight in gold. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

its a ok product if you know how to use it.
Dec 25, 2010 by alwayzonpoint

This product is very tricky to use. It seriously depends on your skin type. I have sensitive & acne prone skin. It works to a certain degree, but it burns your skin sometimes, and drys your skin out bad. Please note that you can't use this product often. So, the acne will return. Which, defeats the purpose. I recommend letting the professionals handle the facial peel only. If you don't know what your doing your face will be so dry & peeling which will give u wrinkles fast, cracked skin & an uneven skin tone.

I'm undecided
Dec 24, 2010 by Julie

I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. I haven't noticed anything dramatically different. I use it about 3 times a week and leave the product on about 5 minutes each time. I noticed some peeling on the left cheek and a lot of peeling on the right. Its work well on new white heads, but does not do anything for cystic pimples. Its just dries the top layer of the skin but the cystic pimple is still underneath.I may have spread it too close to my lip and nar my chin that it burned those parts and left some scarring.My old scars are still dark and very visible.

Great product, but you must be patient
Dec 19, 2010 by jillian

I've used this product 6 times now, and I've seen significant improvement of my overall complexion. My skin is smoother and clearer.Like other reviewers have said, at first blemishes seemed to emerge immediately after doing a peel, but then also went away faster than usual. Now after several applications I have fewer blemishes than ever.Pros- Fewer blackheads, pores appear smaller (actually just cleaner :), skin is smoother, fewer blemishes after several uses.Cons- Burned during the first few applications, can be drying (must moisturize!)I will keep using this stuff, and definitely reorder again.

Dec 19, 2010 by Nikket

I started using lactic acid peels about two months ago. I saw really great results from those, then I added alternating weeks of the Salicylic skin has never been so clear, so clean, or healthy. I feel like I have found a miracle cure.VERY IMPOR

Dec 19, 2010 by angel

they have the worse customer service ever. They will tell you someone will contact you and they never do....Do not deal with them. They cannot follow simple instructions. Never will i buy from them

Excelent for Acne!!!
Dec 14, 2010 by Gabriel V

I purchased the salicylic acid about three months ago. If I were to review this product after using it for a month I would definitely give it a bad rating. After using the salicylic acid three times I got a really bad break out. It was probably my fault for leaving it on for about 5 minutes. My skin was all red and there were cystic pimples everywhere on my face. Especially the forehead and around the nose. It took about 3 weeks for these to subside, while I did not use the product. After these three weeks reluctantly I used the peel again, but only left it on for about 2 minutes, every 4 days. Then i increased to about 4 minutes also every 4 days or so. This seems to work perfectly. My skin has never been this clear. I never had a lot of acne, but I have a lot of white heads just under the skin that got infected very easy. This peel will slowly clear your pores and leave your skin more even and acne free. It needs time to work.I think its very important to emphasize that initially your very likely to get a bad break out. By giving your skin time to heal, and a little patience, you can get almost perfect skin. I highly recommend this product, especially to people who have a lot of white heads. Will definitely purchase again.Ps. - Make sure you use a good and light moisturizer after the peels, otherwise your skin will likely get very dry. I am using Cetaphil and it works great.

After a few uses I gave the rest to a friend who needed it more
Dec 12, 2010 by Couple years

I bought this product back in August of 2010 and used a few times. I started having fairly bad acne and needed something to help it out. I bought this along with Dudu Osun black soap. I used the peel a couple days a week for about a month then just once a month. I haven't needed to use it for the last 2 months. Since then I gave it to my friend, who has the worst acne I have ever witnessed (cystic, infected, blackheads, you name it), in hopes it will do a little something for him. (I'll see how it works for him and update in a couple months)I don't know if it was the reduction in stress in my life, getting more adequate sleep, not being a teenager anymore, eating more fruit, or just the soap and always using clean cloths to wash, but I only get spot breakouts that are small and go away quickly, which I can live with. My skin seems to always be improving with just using the soap, literally only the soap. I don't moisturize, use the salicylic peel, face masks, nose strips, or any acne wash or cream at all anymore. Just the soap everyday in the shower. I do think the salicylic acid helped give my skin a jump-start though.

Dec 06, 2010 by Tara

My skin does not slough off on it's own...even using otc exfoliators and loofahs both gentle and abrasive. My problem area is my back, which at nearly 40 years old is not a problem I really need to have...bottom line is that when it's clear and smooth af

Painful...but definitely worth it
Dec 03, 2010 by irv1n88

I'm 34 years old and I have really sensitive, semi-dry skin. I have some hyperpigmentation from sun damage and monthly blemishes. I have maybe had 2 facials in my life so my skin was not used to such a high concentration of salicylic acid, or any other kind of acid for that matter. I have used the product about 4 times now. The first time I used it I literally felt like the skin was burning off my face. After the fourth use it's at the point where it still burns but it's not unbearable and I can last the whole 10 minutes.Although the peel is painful it has definitely been worth it. I was afraid I would have a lot of dry skin on my face which would show through my makeup since I have semi-dry skin already but it honestly wasn't that bad. There were probably 3 small dry patches but you couldn't see them through my makeup and after the second day I used a dry washcloth and wiped the dry skin off. My skin is very smooth now and the hyperpigmentation is almost gone. Before I would never go out in public without makeup on because I felt like people could see my age in the condition of my skin but now I have no problem going out with a clean face. I have used a number of products of all price ranges in the past to minimize the hyperpigmentation and nothing ever worked. This is the first product I have ever used with success.If you can't stand the pain and can only tolerate a minute or two the first couple times you use this product you will still see outstanding results. Also, it says to use lotion after using the peel but I have been putting on toner and that has really been a more effective way of moisturizing my skin immediately after using the peel.I gave this product 4 starts out of 5 due to the pain. As far as effectiveness is concerned it deserves 5 stars but the stinging is really unpleasant.

Most effective for evening skin tone
Dec 02, 2010 by Dio

Just as effective as dermabrasion surgery - but less painful in your pocket - in smoothing out lines and wrinkles and in even-toning your skin. I use it every other day until peeling takes place. Then, I slough off the dead skin to reveal a fresh layer of unblemished and fresh looking baby skin. Followed the process with a high SPF to protect the new me. No regrets!

Give it a week or two and you will be pleasantly surprised
Nov 29, 2010 by Mansoor Ahmed

My Problem: I am 28 years old and from south exposed to a lot of UV rays from Sun. The back of my neck, just below the hair, I had signs of aging (wrinkles, big ones) and the whole area was BLACK. I am light brown by complexion. I had a little bit of itching in that area (probably, skin irritation). All of a sudden, one day I noticed that it was black. Then in a couple of days, it got worse, the skin got thicker. I have done a lot of research and found out that the skin was asking me to take care of it since it was black and thickening due to sun damage and improper care.Ideas: After a lot of research, I bought a sunscreen with SPF of 50. Applied for 3-4 days, no change, the skin was still thick and black. Then, I ordered Palmer's Skin Lightening cream, it seemed like my skin was getting better at one time but would return to black when I looked in the mirror other times. Basically, it did not solve the problem.My Solution: I do NOT have sensitive skin because I have used almost a lot of stuff on my face in the past but Chemical peel is not something I had ever used. Instead of spending 100s of dollars just to get the diagnosis, I thought I would give this a shot. If I do not see a difference, I might be visiting a dermatologist anyway. Ordered from Amazon, came on time. Applied once, no change. Applied twice, no change. Applied thrice, no change but skin thickening seemed to be becoming normal. Applied the fourth time, I saw the WHITE FROSTING on my skin, Viola. In the next two days, my skin is medium brown and the thickening that shows the sign of aging is TOTALLY GONE. I am going to stick with this therapy for few more days till my skin becomes in tone with my neck.Procedure: If you are going to try this, PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE. THERE IS NO MIRACLE DRUG OUT THERE. PLEASE TEST IT ON YOUR ARMS BEFORE YOU USE THIS ON ANY PART OF YOUR BODY TO SEE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY CONTENTS.DO NOT SHAVE OR EXFOLIATE THE AREA 24 HOURS BEFORE OR AFTER APPLYING THIS ACID.DAY 1: Clean you area where you are going to apply this using an unscented body wash. Gently clean off the water using a cotton cloth (DO NOT RUB). Use a Gauze pad or cotton ball to apply this onto your skin. Use only one coating, don't apply over and over on the same area. Wait for 2 minutes. Wash if off with cold water (DO NOT RUB). Clean with a cotton cloth (DO NOT RUB). Apply a moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.DAY 3: Repeat the same process but leave it on for 4 minutes.DAY 5: Repeat the same process but leave it on for 8 minutes.DAY 7 and On: Repeat the same process and leave it on for 8 minutes.DIFFERENCE: Some people might see the frosting right at the first time while others like me will see in few applications, that is because it is doing its job from top to bottom. So be patient. I am not a nurse, but frosting is what seems to clear up the skin, so if it does not frost, chances are you are not getting rid of your problems. You just need patience till it does.RATING: I give it a 5 star because this has saved me ton of money. I am going to order few more for my friends too. If you need more education, research on youtube for a channel called "DermTV". This doctor gives great tips on skin.THANKS FOR READING.

Not for me...
Nov 28, 2010 by Laurentiff

I've never suffered from acne - which I think is important to mention for the purpose of this review. I purchased this particular peel in hopes that it would decrease the amount of blackheads on my nose and chin. I don't have an abnormal amount, just a few here and there, but I've always hated them and wanted to see if this product would help. Salicylic Acids are supposed to help in that area, from what I've read. Additionally, the info on this product actually mentions a decrease in pore size as well as unclogging pores, so I figured this was a win-win.I'm almost done with the bottle and have used this peel 2 to 3 times a week for about a month now. The only difference I've seen in my skin is dryer, flakier skin :( My blackheads have not decreased at all and my skin tends to become irritated with the peel. Ultimately, this is just not the peel for me. I would not recommend this peel for someone with sensitive skin. I have not had good results for in regards to what I was personally looking for.I hope this helps.--- I should mention, regardless of my personal results, skin laboratory is a wonderful seller. They ship quickly and with good packaging. I just ordered their 35% Glycolic peel two days ago and have already received it. I'm looking forward to trying a different type of peel - perhaps my results may vary :)

Nov 19, 2010 by SkinMN

Backgroung: Age 19, MaleI just got this product yesterday and just had to try it out! it works just like the peels i get at my dermatologist but with out the heavy price tag. because my skin is use to peels i left this on for the whole time and you can

Fantastic Product
Nov 16, 2010 by Jack

My experience with this peel has been consistent with many of the other customer reviews. It will take your skin time to adjust. Your skin will be sensitive and red immediately after use and will then become flaky (using a moisturizer helps greatly but will not prevent this). After this passes your skin will look and feel significantly better in every way for a few days until you use it again and the process repeats itself. When I first started using this product, the amount of time after use before my skin would look better was around 2 days. There is little you can do during this time to hide these temporarily negative results. I was fairly disappointed. However, encouraged by the positive reviews, I stuck with it and the amount of time these negative results lasted has gone down considerably (less than a day and during that time it's less noticeable now).I have also found that if you have acne under your skin that has yet to come to the surface using this will bring them to the surface. So the next day after you use it you may see some whiteheads that weren't there before. Don't be alarmed or discouraged, in the long run this is for the best. It is a temporary setback that will be gone once and for all if you continue to use the peel.There are two other points I'd like to bring to attention. (1) The instructions recommend using it 2-3 times weekly. For me this is much too frequent and I don't feel that there is much benefit to using it this often. Using it every 5-7 days (I use it every Sunday) is sufficient for great long term results. (2) The price is a steal for what you are getting. I have been on the same bottle for 4 months. From the looks of it I won't have to buy another bottle for another month or so. So for me it has been much cheaper and much more effective than anything else that I could have used during that time.I have struggled with bad skin for several years. It is dries out easily and is naturally oily. I have tried many other products including Proactive. Nothing else comes close to this. After much searching, I have finally found the solution and instead of being embarrassed by the way my skin looks, I often receive complements. I hope you have the same experience.

Nov 01, 2010 by jez50

i have very mild acne and clogged pores throughout my face for the last couple of years and have tried sooo many things and wasted so much money. i found this and decided to give it a shot. according to directions keep using continually for six weeks then

Causes more pimples than you already have
Oct 28, 2010 by Sam Chester

Well I'm 18 years old and I barely get pimples. My face is almost completely clear most of the time, but recently I've been getting some pimples hear and there..nothing big though. So I used this product to get rid of the pimples and I've only been applying it to the pimple areas and not my entire face since its already clear... So far I've never had any peeling around the pimple area and I've been using large amounts for up to 7 minutes and this is my third time using it. Basically what happens is that the pimples became much smaller and turn redish when the acid is applied. After water is applied it turns extremely white. Is this suppose to happen? Afterwards when I dry the water out, the pimples become darkish. So basically this product turns the big pimples into dark more scattered pimples that look worse than starting. Maybe I shouldn't be using this. Also I wanted to know if I could use this for my back?Update: 3 weeks after product. This literally has done more damage than harm to my face. I honestly had only one or two pimples that were getting irritating and forced me to use this product. It has literally made pimples grow all around the area that I've used it and they pimple still haven't gone. I would not recommend for people who are young or minor pimples. I'm really hoping the pimples will be gone soon...

Not only for acne.
Oct 27, 2010 by Kayla Paige

I don't have acne, I have a different skin condition, Keratosis pilaris, so I decided to give this a try, because as many have mentioned, for the price you really have nothing to lose. It has definitely decreased the redness that comes with this, which is awesome because I'm not particularly fond of looking like I'm blushing all the time. It is also reducing the bumps on my face which is also fantastic. I have noticed a slight increase in zits (and I mean slight as in one or two zits every two or three weeks), but many reviews say this will subside, and I believe them. Plus, since this dries out skin, the zits are gone in about four days so it certainly doesn't bother me. I've been using this for about a month and definitely would recommend it.

Great product from a great company!,
Oct 26, 2010 by maserati4porte

Well this is the 3rd bottle of this, that I have purchased.I was skeptical at first, and did have some redness and dry skin the first few times I used it.Now my skin has adjusted to it and I'm using it about once a week.My skin has never looked better and been so clear.This product doesn't seem to have much effect on skin discoloration, I plan on purchasing the glyco/lac peel to take care of that.I definitely would recommend this if you have mild to moderate acne.this company is great, the peel always arrives earlier than quoted.

love it, but expiration date is too soon
Oct 22, 2010 by moni*burk

I saw results right away with this product, its amazing. my skin looks awesome, the only bad thing is they sent me an old batch expires in 4 months.

Really works!
Oct 18, 2010 by Jennifer

This stuff is great! After my first use I could already tell a difference in my skin. I read another review on here where someone used this peel and then used a Biore nose pore strip so I decided to try the same thing. And WOW! It got so much out, it was unbelievable. This stuff will burn and sting a bit though. I can see peeling already. It's great though, I will definitely be back for more when I run out.

The best ever used
Oct 15, 2010 by nany

I will tell you the truth about this solution it really works wonderfully trust me no more.

finally something that works!!!!!
Oct 12, 2010 by mishikwest

Other than accutane (which only worked for the months I was on it), this product is the ONLY thing in over 25 years that has worked! Highly recommended. Worth it's weight in gold.

Not So Amazing For Papular Acne
Oct 09, 2010 by California Girl

I was really excited to use this product due to the high reviews. So far so good but to be honest ive used it maybe 4-5 times and I cant see a big difference. I have mild papular acne and I think this product would benefit those who have pustule acne alot better since that lays on the surface as opposed to underneath the skin like mine. I am taking Minocycline and just started so hopefully this peel will help with the red marks left behind.As far as the peel on your face, yes it does sting but its manageable! I leave it on for 2 mins max. then add cold water for a mintue. I have a combo skin type but more on the dry side so I do experience flaking of the skin. Use an spf most definitely!Overall: I would say to give it a try and see for yourself since its much more cost efficient then going to spas as I have in the past!It does make ur skin feel nice and smooth but the peeling part sucks. Hope I can see some results soon!

I got my nose back!
Oct 04, 2010 by Phil Oregon

Well, I suppose my title got your attention. What does that mean? Let me start at the beginning and walk you through this. I developed Rosacea as an adult, about 40 or so, I'm 58/male. At first it was just some redness that was no big deal. Well one of the side effects is that Rhinophyma can start to develop. That's what happened to me. It starts slowly, you don't even realize it is happening. If you have "normal" bathroom lighting it actually masks a lot of the first stages. I went to Vegas for a wedding and the bathroom at the hotel had fluorescent lighting. If you want to see something frighting, go look in a mirror and use fluorescent lights. Holy COW! The skin on my nose looked gray! I also had one place on my nose that was a stubborn pimple. It wasn't red though so I never paid it a lot of attention. I like to think that I'm not narcissistic, but my nose got to the point that it was starting to call attention to itself. There would be times that I got pimples also, make no mistake about that! I tried OTC acne products,not much difference, heck I tried so many things I can't list them all. Sure I'd get some peeling but nothing really changed. So, I ordered this and Glycolic Acid and got them the first of August. I wanted to use it for 2 months before I reported back. So here I am. I have not used the Glycolic Acid yet, I've used 1/2 bottle of the Salicylic.O.k. here is what I did. I have used it almost exclusively on the nose, along with a couple other problem areas. First the results on the nose. Like the title says - I have my nose back! It is a normal looking nose as smooth as you would expect for someone my age if not smoother. The excess gray (dead) skin is 95-99% gone at this point. It is flesh-colored and has no bumps anymore. I figured the bump was a cyst of some time, deep in the nose. It took a lot of work to get it out, even with this product. When I had finally removed enough layers of dead skin then an amazing amount of fluid came out. I hope I haven't grossed you out too much but if there is anyone out there that has gone through this they understand the frustration. BTW I've been to dermatologists in the past, ALL of them told me that it would cost thousands of dollars to apparently do what I've done for under $20.Here is exactly what I did. I used this product every day, sometimes twice a day for two months. Did it sting? No,not for a LONG time. There was so much dead skin that it didn't make a dent. Does it sting NOW? Yes, but nothing that I can't handle. Mild stinging. I used a cotton swab(Q-tip type) to apply it. I waited the ten minutes then used COLD water to remove it. Patted it dry with a towel and then used jojoba oil immediately after. I highly recommend the jojoba oil in conjunction with this. I produce a lot of Sebum btw (probably had a Sebum cyst.) You can get the jojoba oil right here on Amazon too. It seems to balance all kinds of skin types.You will get some peeling but I saw a lot less peeling on areas of my face besides my nose. The other areas I mentioned are another problem area that also had an old acne scar that looked like a small punch hole. This area improved so much that one day I went to apply the Salicylic and I was unsure where the area was. THAT was very gratifying. You DO have to keep using it though. Based on my results you can't just stop using it. I have gotten to the point where I use it a couple times a week now. I think that I will switch to the Glycolic Acid next since it's a longer interval on that regime. The Salicylic instructions say that you can use it every day. I'm also going to use a bit over the rest of my face because it DOES smooth out the flesh very nicely.At any rate, that's what I did and that's what I got. My nose back!

Gradual but effectve
Sep 28, 2010 by danceuntilwedie

I've been using this product for about two weeks now, though not on a regular schedule. The first day I got it, I used it for two consecutive days. I try to use it about every three days depending on the dryness of my skin. When I first used it, it burned very badly and I left it on for a minute. Initially, I saw no changes in the clearness of my skin and it actually made my skin very dry at first, then very oily even when using a good moisturizer. There was quite a bit of peeling on my nose after the first couple uses and I wouldn't recommend wearing makeup after using this unless you want to look cakey and flaky. I typically use it on Fridays and leave it on for the maximum 8 minutes then let my skin recover over the weekend. My skin looks quite a bit clearer with a few minor cystic blemishes here and there. Overall, I would recommend this product. It works better than most other acne products I've tried. Just be patient and persistent. :)

Sep 26, 2010 by Lilian

I am in my twenties and is of Chinese heritage. I've used this at least twice now, about 4 days apart. On my first application, the product stings and I was not able to have it on my face for more than 1 minute. The pain easily subsided after I've washed

Sep 14, 2010 by Happy Now

My daughter and I have both been using this product. For me, I wanted to even out skin tone, and it has done that. My daughter had moderate to severe acne and we are trying this to see if we can avoid antibiotics. WOW! She has had a dramatic clearing of h

It's made a difference
Sep 14, 2010 by Marilyn Rawls

I am African American with very oil skin and hyperpigmentation left from using Proactive serveral years ago. My scars are primarily on my cheeks & a few on my forehead. After meeting with an esthetician who suggested I spend $980 on Obagi & an additional $500 on chemical peels, I thought I'd try this peel first. I also purchased the Glycolic peel which I've only used a few times and Kiss My Face Pore Shrink which I've tried and love. I no longer have reoccuring breakouts on my cheeks & forehead. My skin tone has improved significantly. Previously I had raised bumps (that hurt when inflamed) on both my cheeks. These bumps would go from inflamed to non-inflamed, but pretty much never healed or went away; they are gone. I apply a baking soda/water mixture to my face to deactivate the acid. I cleanse with African Black Soap & add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to my face while cleansing w/the black soap. Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer that actually penatrates my skin. After researching I learned my skin is oily b/c it is over compensating for dryness. The Jojoba Oil has balanced my nautral sebum (oil) production. In adddition to topical changes, I've completed a 5 day liquid only cleanse, twice in the last year. I've implemented Zinc Supplements & Flaxseed (fresh ground or oil I go back & forth) which is really good for your skin as well. These things have worked wonders for me. I am pleased with the product.

Milder than expected.
Sep 10, 2010 by Ruth

I am 51 years old, with oily skin, moderate breakouts, mild acne scarring, forehead wrinkles, and slight jawline sagging. I have been using store-bought SA products for decades with no noticeable improvement. This product makes all the difference! It was much milder than I expected during and after application. First application, I had it on for 8 minutes with minimal to moderate stinging and redness. On the second application I had it on for 10 minutes with minimal stinging. I had no noticable peeling or redness afterward, and a slight improvement in the texture of my skin (smoother). I hope to see smoother, clearer skin after using this regularly over the next several weeks.UPDATE: I am now 53 years old, and have been using this product as a weekly peel and daily spot treatment for about 2 years. After using almost half the bottle, I diluted it with witch hazel and added a few drops of tea tree oil. It is an extremely effective spot treatment and weekly peel. It keeps my skin clear and smooth, and is mild enough to not need rinsing off. After 5 minutes of application, I just add my other skin-care products. A homemade anti-oxidant serum and oil-free moisturizer. I have happy, clear, refined skin, FINALLY!

a must have
Sep 08, 2010 by Nadia

this product is absolutley fab! its been about three weeks now since ive started using this product and the results are remarkable.

4.4 5.0 835 835 The product would have been better if the thixotrope had been increased. It is too low in viscotity and has a tendency to run. Salicylic Acid 20% Peel