Salicylic Acid 20% Peel


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Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, unclogs and reduce appearance of pores

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Expert Tip: Can be used in combination with glycolic and lactic peels to increase results and depth of peel.

Advanced Treatment for Improving Skin

Salicylic Acid is the new generation of products for improving the appearance of aging skin. Dermatologists now agree that Salicylic/20 peel is a superior exfoliate that improves the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin

Being Oil Soluble, Salicylic Can Penetrate the Outer Layer of Our Skin

Salicylic can be used several times a week, because it is oil soluble. The outside layer of your skin is covered in oil, and being oil soluble, the Salicylic acid is able to penetrate this outer layer. However, under this outer most layer is the dermis, and this layer is made up of mostly water. Oil and water don’t mix, and this keeps the Salicylic acid from moving down past the outer most levels of the epidermis. This is what makes it safe to use several times a week, and for some even daily.

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Can Be Used More Often Than Other Peels

Salicylic/20 peel breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin, which is why a much quicker peel can be achieved. For acne, the Salicylic acid has several properties that make it a very effective treatment for acne. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce the inflammation of the acne. Salicylic Acid Peels are effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. It has been found that Beta Hydroxy, Salicylic Acid is effective with as little as one-fifth the concentration typically found in products containing Glycolic Acid.

Very Effective Treatment for Acne

Salicylic acid is highly effective for acne and oily skins. It is oil-soluble and lipophilic so it penetrates sebum filled follicles and helps to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone, and prevent future outbreaks. Salicylic acid blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It can be used more frequently than the other peels without much risk for irritation.

A Safe, Controlled Peel is the Way to Go

The goal with a safe peeling regimen is to cause the skin to come off in a controlled way, with each peel taking off a few more layers of accumulated skin. With each application of the peel, the results are incremental. You should notice results within the first couple of applications, and the tone and texture of your skin will continue to improve as the layers of old skin are slowly removed to reveal new skin beneath. If you have many years of sun damage accumulated on the skin, the progress will start off slow.If you apply the peel after bathing it will penetrate more deeply as the protective oils will have been washed away, so be careful as you run more potential for causing irritation when applying.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin is not Achieved in One Night

Remember to not get frustrated…exfoliation is a process that takes some time. You are beginning your treatments with pores that are clogged with embedded dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. As you begin your treatments the sebum just under the surface will likely emerge as blemishes. This is normal. Breakouts may seem more pronounced since the acid is cleaning the pores more quickly than with regular cleansing products. Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts. Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a ‘process’ which takes some time to work. After the skin has cleared, It is also important to continue weekly treatments to keep the pores from becoming clogged.

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Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 100ml Professional
Sep 05, 2010 by Jackie

Thank you Amazon for allowing customers to purchase this item at a great shipping prices. Thank you Skin Labories providing Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 100ml. This is worth every penny. I would suggest when using this product. Use with a cotton ball. Use one cotton ball each time you apply it to your face. You don't want to contaminate your Salicylic Acid fluid and wonder if it does not work any more! My skin is 90% better. I use Witch Hazel as my cleaner/toner. I use a little vitamin E oil. Just a little don't want to have a greasy face! When I have a spot coming on I put a a little clarasil cream in the palm of my hand and mix a little yellow sulfur power I purchased at CVS. I apply to to spot/bump. Next morning my spot has shrunk or dried up. I use a timer each time I apply this. I am leaving on 7 minutes with timer. started leaving on from 2 minutes and now I leave on 7 minutes and then I wash off. I am using this on my 14 year old girl. Her skin is looking great.

Sep 05, 2010 by Leon

I am a black male with a light/medium complexion. Unlike many of the people who have reviewed this product, I do not have problems with acne. In fact at 35, I am often still mistaken for being in college. Despite the compliments, however, I felt that m

Nice Product and waaay cheaper than the professionals
Sep 02, 2010 by S.K.

I decided to order this product after spending way too much money on professional chemical peels. The product is exactly what I wanted. I have had some very light peeling and i feel like my skin has improved after a couple weeks of use. Hopefully, it will continue to as time goes on. my only issue with this product is the unclear directions. There are multiple places where the information on application frequency varies.

Aug 25, 2010 by Jenny

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that while I have a few small zits consistently, my acne is not that bad compared to some of the other reviews. This may be why the acid hasn't worked well on my skin yet. I want to use it because i have random blotchy darker spots all over my face and a lot of acne scarring and blackheads and whiteheads galore. I've used this peel four times over the course of a month. All that's happened is that my nose has gotten flaky and i got two random dry patches on my cheeks. My blackheads seem to be more pronounced but i think it's because they're closer to the surface due to the peeling of my nose. Hopefully with continued use, I will see better results. I shall update when i do!

Acne since Highschool, Significantly improved skin
Aug 23, 2010 by Chia-chun H

I had very oily skin, especially my nose. Before using Salicylic Acid (SA), I was using Neutrogena's acne gel to reduce acne and make my skin dryer. I've also tried other brands of acne gel with benzoyl peroxide, but they didn't really work. In addition to acne gel, I've tried facial cleaning product from Clean and Clear and the Walmart brand benzoyl peroxide cleaning pads.I've gone to a dermatologist and she told me to clean my face daily and just use the general acne treatment products and I would be fine. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at keeping up with these routines and I even thought about getting an operation to reduce the size of my pores. That didn't happen due to the expanse.Finally, I came across Amazon and found this product and read the reviews. At first I tried to follow the instruction to apply the acid on cosmetic pad and then my skin, wait for a few minutes and wash it off. However, it worked better for me when I just applied it directly on my skin.For the first minute or 2, after direct application on my nose, I felt a slightly burning sensation and my skin turned a little red. However, after 5 minutes or more the acid is neutralized and I could see immediate improvement on my skin, smoother and the redness was gone. I didn't even have to wash it off.In addition to this product, I washed my face with warm water to open up my pores and then I used Neutrogena's pore refining toner to reduce the size of my pores and to clear old skin. I applied the gel peel on top of the dried skin toner.Instead of using acne gel, I used Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Oil-Eliminating Foaming Cleanser to keep my skin dryer. Depending on the condition of my skin, sometimes I would only use the skin toner and not the peeling gel. However, when I saw mild inflammation from acne, I would use both. The oil cleanser should not be used twice, it would really dry up my skin and irritated it.In conclusion, I've listened to many stories and tried many different products to make my nose not look like Rudolf the Reindeer. For my skin, the key was to reduce the oily condition and the size of my pores. It was the combination of skin oil and dust that clogged up my pores and caused acne. With the help from Neutrogena's pore refining skin toner, oil-eliminating cleanser, and Skin Laboratory's gel peel, my skin looked a lot smoother and had a healthy glowing feel.

Aug 18, 2010 by Stacy

I bought this product to help even out some redness and solve mild acne. burned a little after being on for 15 minutes, but once I rinsed I couldn't tell any difference in my skin, nor could I after 2 weeks of using this product every other day! What a scam!

Doesn't feel like 20%, but still works
Aug 09, 2010 by Aaron L. Morgan

I got this stuff for my feet. Long-story-short, I have plantar warts on my soles because of an HPV infection I picked up from a locker room (wear flip-flops everyone). The warts are very itchy, and they spread into patches. After researching, I found that an effective treatment for plantar warts is to use a Salicylic Acid peel. I didn't want to spend $10 a bottle for the acne stuff you can get in the store. I needed something stronger, so I ordered this stuff and it works great. It doesn't feel like 20% though, but it's stronger than the 2% stuff you buy off-the-shelf for acne.

Aug 07, 2010 by DeeDee

I have used this only two times, but I already see a huge difference in the fine lines diminishing and it removed a stubborn blackhead that I've had for over a year!!!! I cannot wait to try the other products. Instructions are very clear and easy to under

This stuff works!
Aug 06, 2010 by K. Hess

If there was such a thing as a "magic" acne solution, this would be it. I'm a 26 y/o male and I've been having these outbreaks for awhile now. I've tried Proactive, Natures Cure, everything in the face washing section and nothing has worked until this peel. This product has dramatically decreased breakouts, cleaned and shrunk my pores, and helped my overall skin tone.If you are a beginner, start off with the 20% solution and buy a skin Neutralized/pH balance. I use cotton balls to apply both the Peel and the Neutralizer.First week: I applied twice that week giving a few days in between applications. Because I didn't know how my skin would react, I left the Peel on for only 2 minutes (this is plenty for the first few times).Second week and On: I began increasing the time by 2 minutes every so often. Now I'm at 8 minutes per peel and still only using it twice per week.This chemical peel is a remarkable product that is worth the time, money and a little pain.

Aug 04, 2010 by Deborah

I am so grateful to you for this product. I had seen two dermatologists who diagnosed my skin eruption as an 'enlarged' oil gland which couldn't be treated - except perhaps with a $600. laser treatment! I had never had acne, nor any other kind of painful

Jul 31, 2010 by Workout Diva

I recieved my shipment very quickly with just standard shipping. Was a bit cautious about putting it on my face so I put a test swab on my wrist. No sensation no burning just a white haze of dried up dead skin once the application dried. So I thought to myself COOL no problem. Within seconds of just dabbing with a cotton ball my forehead it starts to burn. A fan will not help it makes it burn more. The sensation is similar to Hot Sauce on your tounge. A burn that you can't just rinse away although once I started to dab it away with water over and over it slowly stopped. My hope in result is to achieve a more even skin tone.I am African American female dark skin on day 3 One application so far and WOW it really does tighten your pores and evens your tone. It can be stronger if you apply fade cream twice a day. This stuff is nothing to play around with. I can only imagine the agony of getting this stuff on your lips or eyelids so be careful. I always had this dark spot under my eye and upon applying the acid it brought this dark mark to the surface and now it is slowly peeling away and looks like dried blood (Gross I know....Sorry) And now it looks like I got socked in the eye. Walking around the grocery store and running errands I forgot this under the eye mark LOL. It really brings out your imperfections. Not all of your skin will peel just areas of your face with dead skin. People can be cruel especially where I live so make sure you have no place to go while your face is under construction ENJOY.

good so far
Jul 29, 2010 by amazon_converted

Been using it for 3 weeks, 1-2 times per week. Makes my skin smooth. Not sure about long-term effects yet. If you're use to spa facial treatments, then the tingling isn't too bad.

From an esthetician's point of view
Jul 20, 2010 by Maddy Wilfley

This peel works great! I used it on my clients and myself and have seen great results. For those who know what they're doing and have used active treatments before, this is a great weekly peel to keep major acne outbreaks at bay and smooth out the skin's surface.If you're thinking about using this peel and you've never used anything but hand soap on your skin, I would say put the credit card down and do some research before you buy. The treatments really work, but if you haven't built up your skin's "readiness" with some home treatments, even over-the-counter acne washes with 2% salicylic, the burning this peel will produce will be too much for you.

Worked like a charm! Molluscum Contagiosum gone in 3 days!
Jul 19, 2010 by #1 Consumer "Consumer Reports"

I bought this stuff for my sons molluscum contagiosum. What typically takes 12-18 months to get rid of, is nearly gone after only 3 days! I can't say enough good stuff about it. Simply apply it with a Q-tip 2-5 times a day to the molluscum areas & they miraculously begin to dry up & go away. This is our second bout w/ this molluscum stuff as my kids are both on the swim team & my daughter got it last year. Unfortunately, I couldn't use this stuff as the molluscum was on her eyelid. I used an herbal product that worked, but was quite expensive and took about 6 months to see results. I highly recommend this stuff!

Great stuff
Jul 18, 2010 by Jason R

Great stuff, as described. Can't believe I can get this stuff :-)

Great shipping
Jul 17, 2010 by Bebhinn H

The product arrived quickly, and it was in perfect condition.

Great for Persistent Acne
Jul 16, 2010 by Marissa Chamberlain

My struggle with acne is much the same as everyone else's-persistent acne that refuses to quit despite medication and special washes and creams like Proactiv and skin i.d. (which by the way don't help much unless its very mild acne). I was skeptical to go so far as Accutane because I already have a history of depression without it being egged on by yet another medication. When I discovered this on Amazon and read the other reviews, I decided to give it a try since so many others seemed to have success with their serious acne and skin issues. I know they recommend the 200 as best for acne, but it seems to dry my skin out so badly my skin overproduces oil and makes it worse. This is the best balance for me, as well as the glycolic acid they make. On first use it can burn quite a bit, but after several uses you don't notice it so much. And as other people have said, you want to wash it off your face with the coldest water you can find! I am absolutely astonished that after so many years of battling and trying to hide my acne, it is gone for good, as well as all the scars and pock marks from picking and squeezing to get rid of blemishes anyway I could. If you have any doubts about buying any of the peels to help with your skin issues, squash them and don't look back! You'll love what you see in the mirror!

Jul 15, 2010 by Kelli

I ordered this product almost two weeks ago and have used the peel several times since then. While it stings a bit, it gets better as I keep using it. I notice a huge difference in skin clarity and my blackheads have been greatly reduced. I got a little p

Definitely Worth a Try!
Jul 14, 2010 by Pebbles - S

My background: I am very light skinned and in my early thirties. I have oily and sensitive skin with facial acne since high school (many blackheads due to oil & large pores, random small bumps all over my face and infrequent cysts). I have tried countless over the counter and infomercial salicylic acid products for years with ho hum results. (I've always liked how salicylic acid makes the overall appearance of my skin look better. However, in the past I've found that a strong benzoyl peroxide, even though it burns, was better at treating my skin problems.) Also, I have never been to a dermatologist for prescription treatment and have never had a chemical peel mainly due to the costs involved.That being said, I tried this product for the first time today and already love it! After years of dealing with scrubs and acne products I already know where my sensitive spots are, so I kept the acid away from the area surrounding my mouth. By doing that I was able to keep the product on the rest of my face for a couple minutes with minimal discomfort. (I used a paper towel folded into a triangle to apply and my favorite healing lotion since I couldn't wait to buy gauze and the recommended non-comedonic moisturizer.) I was amazed to watch my blackheads start to "melt" away and my pores shrink. (This instant gratification alone makes it worth the price!) I am sure with repeated use (it says 6 treatments for best results) the product will continue to dissolve the small bumps as well and keep away any nasty cysts. This peel impressed me so much it prompted my first ever Amazon review. Thank you for making such a strong and effective salicylic acid available!

The Adult Acne Miracle Cure
Jul 14, 2010 by postnobills

I have never been so pleased with a product in my life. I feel like I've finally found the secret to amazing skin (sorry for sounding like an infomercial). I am 25 years old and in the past year or so after never really having severe acne all my life, I developed severe cystic adult acne. No matter what I did it would not go away. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I've spent on beauty products at your usual beauty store claiming to get rid of adult acne. Tried various medications, everything. THIS STUFF IS ONLY $18 and it's been AMAZING. To get my skin used to it initially (be warned, I don't really know the correct usage of this stuff but this is how I did it), I applied it every three days starting at a minute and increasing by one minute every three days it was applied, working my way up to eight minutes. I noticed very minimal peeling, but my skin improved drastically, even not being at the eight minute mark. Two days ago, I finally made it up to eight minutes, and my skin is peeling significantly today! Not enough where someone could really notice, unless they stood directly in front of me. I am excited because I see amazing new skin emerging underneath, and at this point since I only have acne scars left, I am hoping to see them fade over time. I will continue to do eight minute peels once a week and see what happens. As far as the burning goes, it wasn't as bad as I had expected based on the other reviews I'd read here. It feels more hot than anything else. I actually find putting my face in front of a fan more irritating than without. But maybe I'm just the exception. I will warn you though.. if you get cold sores, do not apply this stuff on the areas you've gotten cold sores.. you WILL get new ones if you do. I learned the hard way. But I've since avoided the area and I seem to be doing fine so far!I've never reviewed anything on Amazon before, but this stuff was just too good not to say something about it. BUY THIS! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Jul 13, 2010 by Susi Q

Great product, awesome price. Fantastic results.

This stuff works!
Jul 12, 2010 by Shaf

I have been using this product for over a year and a half, off and on. I have South Asian brown skin that is very acne prone and I have alot of dark acne scars that make my skin look uneven. Every time I use this product, I notice some tightening and of the skin with a natural glow as soon as I wash it off. After a couple of days, I can see my darker, scarry skin peeling with fresh, glowy skin underneath. If I'm expecting to go to a party or an event, I make sure I use this a week and a half prior to the event because that is usually how long it takes for me to get the ultimate results. It is a great little bottle of magic that works wonders for my scars, although I wish it would permanently remove my acne which is the only reason I rate it 4 stars. Granted, I don't use this product as often as I should (usually 2-3 weeks between application). I've recommended this product for all my friends with acne scars and I've even gifted my mom and my aunt a bottle.

Jul 05, 2010 by Bradley A. Thomas

It would have work if it didn't cause me to breakout all over my face. At fist I thought it was just normal breakout. A couple here and there then by the second week I had pimples all over my face which I never had. I decided to discontinue using it and my face started to clear. I had such high hope for this product.

best find excellent product
Jul 04, 2010 by Lovely Latina

I am a lovely Latina. I have had hyper-pigmentation around my mouth. I was embarrassed at times to be seen. I bought many products cover up, concealers, foundation. Nothing worked as well as this product. I have used this product each time my skin improved. I am a work in progress. I see this beautiful skin appearing. It has also erased fine lines, extra plus. I wish I would of found this product a year ago. It would of saved me heart ache and lots of money. This product is worth the money. It was a miracle I had prayed for.

Can see a difference
Jul 04, 2010 by Ashley O

Have only used 2 times but already I can see a bit of a difference. Was delivered on time and packaged wonderfully. Will order from again!

Great spot treatment
Jul 01, 2010 by Leticia

i love this product its a great spot treatment has soon has you feel a blemish coming on if you put the product on there it pretty much never fully shows! love this.

Jun 29, 2010 by dottie

I just ordered this product along with the glycolic 35% and can't wait to get started. I'm African American in my 30's and I never had acne until I hit my late 20's, and especially on my back. I've spend hundreds at my dermetologist office getting peels t

Finally Something that really works! Amazing
Jun 28, 2010 by Babyblue

This stuff is amazing. I am 32 and have had consistent mild acne since I was 11 - nothing could control it! Laser treatments, antibiotics, proactiv - you name it I tried it. I was hesitatant to try something else since nothing ever worked - but for less than $20 it was worth a shot. I added this to my regime of items that had seemed to help a little in the past and saw some results after every treatment. It was not immediate but my face got a little better after each treatment - Then after the first complete round of treatment (6 weeks) the results were amazing. My face is 99% clear and I can get rid of/prevent more acne with the solution if I feel a problem area starting. For the first time I am in control of my face - my skin tone looks much better too. It is amazing and the price is even more amazing.So no pain no gain right - so it stings/burns like crazy and I had to slowly increase the time to the full amount -(careful around the nose and mouth) stand with your face in front of a fan that helps, wash really well with water and then immediately use moisturizer and the burn goes away. After the first few treatments I felt a little sensitive to the sun so I tried to stay in the shade the day following but that went away with use. My skin tolerates spot treatments as needed but be careful and make sure your skin can tolerate the extra treatments. I wish I had found this years ago I will never go without it again.

Loving It Already
Jun 26, 2010 by Rooibos_gal

Having acne-prone skin is sooo frustrating. I'm 28 and can remember just a few times in my life when my skin has been clear--after taking oral antibiotics, after having a terrible sunburn, and after two runs of (scary) Accutane. The effects of the antibiotics are short-lived, getting a sunburn is just asking for trouble, and Accutane made me lose hair and was really no more effective than the antibiotics.I've used the Salicylic acid twice--one minute the first time and three minutes the second time (over the course of a week). The day after the first usage, my acne started drying up and a lot of the red marks left from healing zits looked lighter. I used it again three nights later, and today I have to say I'm amazed at the improvement in my skin.I've had a couple of little pimples pop up, but I zapped them with that Zeno device and now they're GONE.

Same results as a dermatologist
Jun 22, 2010 by Bobbie B

This product did exactly what it advertised to do...made my skin soft and took off the dead skin layer. I use it once a week with the same results I get from my dermatologist at $100 per session. Highly recommended product and seller.

excellent skin care
Jun 17, 2010 by V. Leary

I love this product. I get cystic acne and this is the only product that works. It not only shortens the length of time I have acne, but keeps me from getting scarring and makes the overall condition of my skin far better. Improves elasticity and tone! I use it as needed, and I complement it with lactic acid peels for anti-aging. The two work so well I have postponed my trip to the plastic surgeon indefinitely-- for collagen injections!

Totally effective, not too harsh
Jun 13, 2010 by Jen

Followed the instructions, and after gradually increasing the time i left the peel on my face, at the four minute mark, the peel just dissolved all of my blackheads. It was amazing! I'm glad I stuck with it, because the first few times, I just got some mild exfoliation from it. Build up to a time that would be effective for you, and it will give results.

Dramatic Improvement in My Skin
Jun 13, 2010 by Ozzy's Wife "A"

The item was carefully packed and got here before the scheduled arrival date. Kudos to the seller! Anyway, I never had problems with acne when I was a teenager; however, I turned about 25 and bam, I suddenly have blackheads and pimples. The blackheads are most bothersome because they're exceptionally noticeable on my nose and chin. I have tried every scrub out there to no avail.Then I purchased this peel. I've never tried one before in my life so it was a novel experience. I will say that the first time I used it, there was significant discomfort. IE, it felt like someone was holding a blow torch to my face. The mask stayed on for only a minute. I got a little bit of redness, a little puffiness, but no peeling. I followed up with an oil free moisturizer. When I woke up in the morning, many of the blackheads had decreased in size or disappeared. Per the instructions, I waited 7 days and went back at it. This time, I was able to leave it on for about 3 minutes. My face is seriously peeling and now, there's not a blemish on my face. I've been cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the same as I always do.I would say that this product has been miraculous for me. I know the results aren't permanent; nothing is. But this is something I'm willing to add to my weekly skin care regimen because the results have been so dramatic. Even the women I work with have been complimenting me on my skin.

Great for sensitive skin
Jun 07, 2010 by Amy H

i love love love this stuff. i have very sensitive acne prone skin and this stuff is amazing. if you have any kind of skin irritation, do not get this stuff on it, ooooow! but so far, my skin looks much much younger, all nice and soft and dewy-hate the word but it's true.

Simply amazing.
Jun 06, 2010 by Y. M. Chai "Sunshine"

My friend were raving about how their skin become smoother and clearer after using the peel but i was skeptical at first because i understand that Salicylic Acid is not for everyone but i decided to brave it anyway. Am so please with the result. Like the instruction said it would, it stings a little. I washed it off with plenty of cool water aft 1 minute and my skin feels so smooth. I applied moisturizer as advised. The next morning, i saw that my face peeled a little at the side of my mouth ( probably missed the moisturizer there ) but the white heads dried up really quick. Plus, my skin looks baby smooth! Will be purchasing another for my mum to try!

Great product for sensitive skin
May 22, 2010 by Lauren O

A great, great product for acne. I have really sensitive skin so I only used it once or twice a week for a minute of two but I really see a big difference.

Gradual but effective results. Be patient!
May 21, 2010 by Marie C. Poling

It seems to me like the most common complaint is that nothing happens with this product. Perhaps these folks need a stronger peel. It is definitely a process to figure out what your sensitivity levels are, but I think it is certainly wise to start on the low end of peel intensity and work up from there. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. For me personally, the 20% peel is perfect. I put it on for a minute and peeled ever so slightly for the next day or so. Three days later, I tried it again. This time I tried five minutes. It took about two days for the skin to start peeling and it flaked noticeably for about four days. It's not the same type of deep peeling that I got from the peels I was getting from my esthetician. In that case, I didn't really want to leave the house for days. With the 20%, there was still obvious flaking but I didn't look like I had a skin disease. I definitely prefer more frequent but less intense peels because I don't like having to drop out of my life while I'm doing them. I am thinking you could probably get the same results if you stick with it and stay patient. With more intense peels, you can only do them once every three weeks to a month, but with this peel you can do it weekly. According to the instructions, you can work up to several times a week, but if I did that I'd probably hurt my skin. If you have the extra money and a weekend to stay home and hide out, the benefits of a deeper peel done by a professional is definitely worth the time. You can see pretty dramatic results from just one peel. This isn't that peel, but stick with it and do it weekly and I think you can probably achieve something similar. Just don't try and leave it on for ten minutes the first time or you might burn yourself.As for the effectiveness, there's no doubt that peeling your skin yields results over time. I started using this in the midst of a breakout and it has definitely helped clear me up. I starting using peels to control acne, but I don't mind the fact that it helps with aging skin as well.

Excellent for the price
May 19, 2010 by Brenda R

Excellent peel for the price. A little goes a long way.

Fast results
May 18, 2010 by M.Nicholson

Excellent product! I saw results after the first peel! It arrived rapidly, was well wrapped and will be happy to do business with Skin Laboratory again. Thanks.

May 10, 2010 by Angie

This I use every day mixed with something. I sometimes add vitamin E. My skin looks great. I will purchase the 100 size next time. This is the second time I have received the sample and I am impress with my skin. I have one spot to go appose to 10-12

Just what I was looking for!
May 06, 2010 by Angela Williams

I don't use this all over my face. I did a couple times, I didn't like the result too much. I dab a little bit from a Q-tip right onto an emerging pimple and it disappears so fast. I love it.

Works! But not what I hoped it would be.
May 05, 2010 by kut17

I bought this salicylic acid peel primarily for the resistant blackheads I have. Nothing I have tried can get rid of them. I thought this would finally do the trick since the description said that this peel is one of the best for blackhead control. It also supposedly helps with large pores, acne, and acne scars (all of which I have).First of all, this company (Skin Laboratory) shipped the product impressively. It was double packaged with bubble wrap inside of a cardboard box. Shipping was SLOW. I assume that is because I ordered it with the available Super Saver shipping, though.I don't have sensitive skin at all and it really burns putting it on. In fact, I get extremely uncomfortable with this product on but after about 11 minutes, it starts phasing out. Washing it off is a pain, too. The first time I used it, I could only tolerate it for about five minutes. When I went to wash it off, I could still feel the stinging making me believe it wasn't coming off or my face had been severely burned. It eventually came off, but it took a couple of minutes of intense washing. I personally didn't need the moisturizer afterwards as I have a very oily face (hence the blackheads).I didn't see results for the first week. I used this every other day (even though the instructions advise against that) and my acne scars started peeling. At the end of a month, they were almost unnoticeable. I also had a lot less new acne marks forming.One question I had before buying this product was "how much will your face peel"? In my experience, it peeled a lot. You could notice it standing about three feet away. Any farther back and it wasn't noticeable. I had large flakes of skin coming off all over my face, especially my nose. In fact, if I pinched my nose, it would separate the dead layer of skin and make it fall off. It was pretty awesome.I was excited that the top layer of skin on my nose was peeling off. I have had my blackheads for so long, I was worried that new skin growing over them was making it impossible to get rid of them. Unfortunately, this product did absolutely nothing on my blackheads. They are still in full force.I used this product for two months and finally gave up with it. I did see improvement but this product is so high-maintenanced. What I mean by that is the fact it takes several minutes to use and you CANNOT go outside without expensive, specialized sunscreen because you're at a higher risk for skin cancer using this product. It's just too much work and worry.This product is good to get your acne under control but after you've done that, I would use a different, less time consuming product to keep up with your acne.

Apr 29, 2010 by eb

I've been using this peel for a month and it's done a great job with the two monthly breakouts, has improved tone, shrunk pore size, helped take the redness out of scars and maybe even reduced fine forehead wrinkles. I have sort of alabaster skin, which i

Nice strong peel for first time peelers
Apr 25, 2010 by D. Cohen

I'm 37 and have had acne since age 9 and still do. I have been a smoker for 18 years (quit 3 months ago-wish me luck), so obviously this has taken a toll on my skin. I have been using Retin-A since I was 16 years old. I have dark marks where previous acne has been. I have a few tiny dent-type scars that blend into my smile lines mostly. I also developed "melasma" 3 years ago...SUDDENLY when I was on a Caribbean cruise (obviously in the sun). Even though I had been using VERY high SPF and very water/sweat proof, on my face for many years...and was wearing it FULL TIME on this still appeared and never went away. It is less noticeable when I haven't been in the sun for a very long time (winter time), but even with high SPF it still appears MUCH DARKER as soon as the sun hits my face and doesn't go away at all during summer months. I also have had very dark circles under my eyes for many years due to my olive skin complexion. I also have had redness around my nostrils and on my chin for the past 7 years. 7 years ago a derm told me that the red stuff was also sun damage (I was expecting a rosacia diagnosis). I have also had large pores for a long time especially on my nose and chin...but they all look big to me. I also still have an oily T-zone.Ever since I developed the melasma 3 years ago I have been searching for a cure that I could afford but I never found anything. My wrinkles and acne I have learned to live with...not happily but as a matter of nature. After researching I knew that the only fixes would be expensive salon or derm procedures. So I gave up and tried to embrace my new marks all over my face...(ARE YOU KIDDING?). I have not been able to do this so THANK GOD I RAN INTO THE REVIEWS OF THESE PRODUCTS ON AMAZON!!! I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!!I purchased THIS peel, the Lactic 35% & Glycolic 25% Combo Gel Peel, the 206+ (to use in the future - once I have a tolerance to peels), and the pH balancer. The balancer is worth the [...] bucks!!! I did buy all but the ph balancer @ [...] because it was a tiny bit cheaper and I like the applicator gauze that they sell which I couldn't find on Amazon. It is only [...] bucks for 200 and they are perfect for this use! More sanitary than using a brush over and over also. They are not very absorbent so you don't feel like the gauze is sucking up/wasting the product.5 days ago I got the purchase in the mail. I used the Salicylic first because it was a Saturday and I therefore knew I would have a little healing time, if needed. This Salicylic 20% was stronger than the Lactic 35% & Glycolic 25% Combo Peel. Today is Sunday (a week later) and I just used the combo peel.So, I put this mask on and could only leave it on for 20 seconds. The feeling I had around my nostrils (the most sensitive part of my face) caused me to remove it. I KNOW that the peel was effective even in that short of a dose. Both masks make pores smaller IMMEDIATELY! Especially the biggest ones so THAT IS AWESOME!!! My skin felt/feels and looks very smooth, clean, brighter and tighter than prior to using (experience after using both peels). I can't wait to work my way up to the 206+ since that is the one that is for "dark marks". This Salicylic peel did make my darker areas of my face look a tiny bit brighter (including the redness, scaring, under eye circles and the melasma). This shocked me in a wonderful way, because this peel isn't supposed to improve these things specifically. I had a mild breakout on my chin and forehead after this peel in areas I always have acne (about 3 days after using the peel) therefore I'm assuming that it was acne already underlying my skin that the peel "brought out". I'm used to this when ever I restart Retin-A so I'm not worried about it continuing. I had some redness and peeling only on my most sensitive areas of my face about 36-48 hours after using the peel. This only lasted for a day and was very mild. There was one tiny place that a thick piece of skin came off but I didn't know it was there until it peeled off (happened to the area that "stung" most when peel was on). Today when I applied the combo peel I applied all over my face without putting it around my nostrils and left the peel on for 3 times longer than I was able to leave it on around my nose. From now on I will apply this way: face first, then sensitive areas for reduced time. I wouldn't have guessed properly exactly where my sensitive areas were before using the peel all over so just try it out the first time and wash it all off as soon as one area has been stinging for a couple of seconds. This way you will have a gauge for what areas to be most careful with. I am looking forward to using this peel again and leaving it on full face for longer. I am guessing that I'm going to like the results of this peel better than the combo peel because it is stronger and my face can handle it...but only time will tell. I was able to leave the combo peel on for 5 minutes on non-sensitive areas. I was shocked after starting with this peel. I would have even left the combo peel on longer had it not been my first use of it. I DO SUGGEST THE PH BALANCER ALSO!!! I have been using Cetaphil moisturizer since it is so benign.I'll post an update in a month or so. Happy peeling!!!! Read the directions and don't worry!!! Just make sure you have a very warm and wet washcloth waiting for you in the sink before you start and you won't have a problem.

improves skin tone
Apr 21, 2010 by Kodi W

finally i found something to lighten all the freckles i have and i didn't have to wait to weeks to see a difference, it shows right away...thank u

Apr 15, 2010 by Line Kj?Lstad Gran

I have tried this product three times now. I see a little diiference in my pores but I have not had the results I expected after reading the reviews it got.

Finally!! the search is over!
Apr 06, 2010 by S. Pace

I've used everything to get rid of my adult acne. My skin is combination so I have dry spots and oily spots and frequent breakouts. I'm also getting fine lines. Every anti aging cream has made me break out and every acne medication has made my wrinkles worse. I thought I was a lost cause...until i stumbled on this! Wonderful stuff. I applied the first treatment for 2 minutes, it had started to sting a bit at about the 2 minute mark so I rinsed well with cool water and the stinging stopped. Immediately my pores were tightened, NO redness what so ever. Skin looked slightly firmer after one treatment, and every single one of my blemishes had shrank. The redness on my zits was reduced also. By day two, my skin had broke out slightly again but I reapplied the peel on day 3 for another 2 minutes and the results were even better! skin is so baby smooth! acne was "zapped" immediately and fine lines were less. Didnt have another post treatment breakout after that. Every single day my skin looks better. I cant even imagine what it will do for me after the recommended 6 treatments for full results!! I'm so excited about this! After 2 treatments my old acne scars are even fading, and old blackheads that have been embedded forever suddenly "popped" out!! I cant find a single blackhead on my face. amazing! I'm recommending to all my friends. My neighbor commented on how great my face looked on day 3. I told her my secret! after 3 days I look like I did 3-5 years ago (wrinkle wise) i cant wait for the full results :) finally something for aging skin that has teenage acne! It is drying, so put on lots of a non clogging cream. I'm using a vit e cream that has no pore clogging mineral oil in it. seems to work well with the peel.

My pimples dry up and heal quickly
Apr 06, 2010 by Thuy P

This is only my second application and I've experienced amazing results: the pores are substantially reduced in size, my face is less oily, and the existing pimples dried up and heal quickly. However, I do feel a little bit overdried on the cheek areas, so I will try to moisturize these areas more.Overall, I'm very happy with the results.

helped unclog my pores
Apr 03, 2010 by Jennifer F

Excellent product to reduce milia, clogged pores before they become pimples, and ingrown hairs. Tried the smaller bottle and then bought this larger one. Repeat customer for glycolic and lactic acid peel gels as well. Highly recommended.

Mar 30, 2010 by Cassandra

I'm a licensed esthetician and have studied about many different peels and treatments for the skin. Salicylic Acid is one of the only chemical peels that can dissolve oil and is the best treatments for breakout. I recommend using it a few minutes every 5

4.4 5.0 835 835 The product would have been better if the thixotrope had been increased. It is too low in viscotity and has a tendency to run. Salicylic Acid 20% Peel